Friday, January 8, 2016

!! Huge Rabbit Hole Opens in Oregon USA !!!

There is a "situation" in Oregon Right now.
I was just asked,"what I thought about it."
So decided to write it Here:

It's a Test

To see how much the General Public
can be Manipulated.

What you "think" it is,
it isn't.

It's like in school where they make you do totally stupid, senseless, things..
Just to teach you to Obey.
The Dudes, (the Militia)
are pawns.
The men who wear the badges...
are Pawns.

Are you thinking what they want you to think?

Don't, that would be a mistake..

What you see
is Smoke and Mirrors..

When a Government Created to Serve the People..
Becomes so Corrupt as to exist to Control,
 and use the People, 
as cash cow slaves for a very select few...

It's time to take some serious Stock.

When this Government sanctions and promotes those things that are Destroying us 
as Healthy Humans...

and are destroying the Planet and everything that lives upon it...

To serve Greed...

It's time to take stock...

When the Government Murders
for profit,

and charges the People
for the killing bullets and machines...

And the Piggies sit on top 
profiting off the Misery in the World.
Via our hard earned Money (Taxes)

Gotta reconsider things.

Who is your Government for?

Who do they Serve?

Dang Rabbit hole is sooo freakin deep. 

You know any of you Sheeple out there that might say,
"Well we need the Government,
they give us all these wonderful things".
 Medical Care...
(within a System that promotes Sickness).
that we are forced to participate in
even if we don't believe it has 
anything to do with

Here's the thing about all those wonderful programs
 that your tax dollars pay for....

They are Crumbs
Discards from the Piggies table
to keep us crawling down there
trying to feed ourselves.

And we crawl
what  choice do we have?
We have to pay for so many things
things we never asked for
and never would
Yet we pay, and pay, and pay...
so we have to join a system that is set up
so we can make money
so we can pay...
so that we can barely get by.

That way we won't be having much time
 to see how we are being

And we're so Freakin 
in a stupor..
we don't know it.

It's time for the masses to,
Just say NO.

We are not Buying it Any More.

We fail to recognize your
self imposed authority.
I do not authorize your authority...

My Soul is
my only real Authority.

This Government is Corrupt to it's Core.
I can not be in Integrity
with my soul..
And condone, or even Recognize
The Government.
If there was a Government
where those who were meant to represent us...
Represented us..
Hey, I'd jump on board
we could get some stuff done if we got organized.

Our Government does not serve us.
It does not serve Humanity
or the Planet.

It serves Greedy Pigs...

And they
via us
 are destroying

No man or woman with Integrity 
can get on board with that.

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