Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Light

I find myself with some space.
and I ask...
What do I need more than anything?
And before I was done asking.
The answer came loud and Clear.
I Need the Light
I need to Fill every cell with it
Bathe in it....
Let it BE...

Then Share It. 

If you've never had the experience of
Being in the Light..
or maybe I should say, 
Being the Light
You can't really understand 
what I'm trying to say..

But the Light
will make you Right..
It'll Heal you
It'll heal those around you....

Everything we "Do" 
and "know"...

is at least a partial Denial of this Light.

That is freakin Hard Core..

We Dance the Dance of Duality..

There is really no 
Peace there.
We think we Know this or that...
Our "Knowing" is what denies us the 
The Light
is the Truth.

The "Light" 
is like the

What we know....
Is like drifting Rainbows...
Without the Sun,
there are no Rainbows.
And ALL the Rainbows...
blended together....
Become the Sun. 

WE have to Replace our

Contemplation is a Magical Route to
the Light.
Because Contemplation takes us from that which we know..
To what is at the Center...
or you could say...
the moment of or slightly before the
of that which we "Know".

You see....
Every single thing that you know...
or see...
is actually the end result 
of a long ago planted seed.

And that seed has Grown
and been watered by your Life 
and Lives...
But the fertilizer
 that fed that seed
was made within

It's weird 
and might seem Counter productive..
But Duality was necessary...
Fact is, Creation was built upon it...

Duality was the Framework that Creation was Built upon...
And each and every Building Block
of this Creation we are part of...
Has at it's Center...
and Ultimate Periphery,
The Light.

And we come to this Realm
for the purpose of
completing a totally unique
piece of the WHOLE PUZZLE.
And this is done via 

There is no 
in this Duality
until ..
We All as God
Have that Millisecond 
that triggers another Yuga...
Reach Enlightenment..

And EN
is what happens when we

Let it BE.

Something I discovered
a long time ago is

We don't go 
Searching for Enlightenment.

It's Here..

and our 



Stop Knowing

Try Being...

It can be kind of scary...

Because every second our consciousness
is attempting to
the World...
That is what it does..
That is it's Job..

But the World it maintains..
though a necessary 

Is built upon clouds 
and Rainbows.

And if we were to let that Crumble
as we eventually must...
it can be pretty freakin weird
 removing what we know
from what we "see"

Eventually our "souls"
Make their Point..
fill their puzzle piece in the Picture of

And the Rainbows and Shadows..
Are no longer our
complete and total
We begin to See
Beyond the Description...

We begin to remember what came before
what we "Know"..

And that was

Absolute Truth...

...The Light.

We are like these
Shadow Puppet Dancers...

And what we "Know"
pulls the Strings...

Everything we do..
comes from what we "know".
Everything we see
is a product of our

And even if you have Everything
that the society that you are part of say's
will make you "Happy".

You don't have PEACE. 

Because as long as we
Dance with the Shadows...

There can be no Peace...

Peace is Before...after...
and at the Heart of all these Things that we know...

But we're right there..
in the middle of this Dream
and in none of those places....

OK, so our souls 
did their thing..
filled their spot in the Web..
Now they have changed Direction...
and are facing from whence they

And that is the Light
that is
the Goal 

There are so many Paths
that return us
to the Light..
And when I was younger
I traveled so many that I was Shown.

As many paths as there are colors...
and when you get right down to it..

And I saw how all these different Paths
were for different 
How each person has a different
Path of Least Resistance.

and I was supposed
 to Teach this...

that LIFE
dancing with Shadows ,
has distracted me.

Duality again claiming dominion
over my soul.

I never should have turned back
and sought my Construct..
You know
that is really the ONLY way
to Devolve.
In fact that would be the 
definition of Devolving...
(or if done at the time of 
It would be called,
Becoming a Ghost.

My life hasn't been easy on those around me,
I don't think..
Because ever since that day I looked back..
I've been a 
Living Ghost.

Only Slightly in this World.

I doubt there are many people like me...
I mean,
not in physical Bodies anyway..
Plenty of Souls
entrapped by their Constructs as "Ghosts".

I've not yet put much Thought into 
They are such a Big Piece
of our Astral Reality
that you would think that in 
Mystical Circles
they would be Well Known..
But I don't think I've ever seen 
any reference to Them..
So since I'm talkin here I guess I'll tell you what I "Know"...
then we'll look deeper ...

We have an Astral Reflection
of who we ...
basically were...a nano second ago.
It's an astral energetic expression of
Who we think we are
and who others think we are
and who we have been.
But it is 
Behind us..
It is that energetic astral expression
that is like a mirror reflection
of our soul..
It's also what some folks who have Near Death Experiences "See"
and believe to be
 dearly departed ones..
In the Tunnel
when they die.
These are not our Spirit Guides 
or dead loved one's Spirits...
These are the Constructs of those Souls
who have been drawn to us through the Magnetism of our Desire
or simply because of a Harmonic Resonance
 they have with us.

These Spirit Guides and Spirits of Loved Ones
 do exist
"In the Tunnel"

The "Tunnel" is Astral
(on one level it's the core of our spinal column).
And here what we perceive...
is all 
all Projections
of Shadows and Rainbows.
You get past that,
out of that tunnel..
And this is where you can see
the Guides or Group..

Anyway, back to the
So, it's like a reflection of our Soul
And when you look at it..
you can see it Shedding.
Like some of it's skin is falling off..
It's like the 
"Old Stuff"
that is no longer a part of your reality
and your consciousness no longer 
Maintains it's Reality..
Sloughs off of the Construct
and kind of melts away into
the Darkness.
The Construct is 
What we Knew..

Some folks "die"
and are so attached to something in the Past.
(which is actually rare because Souls have a very strong forward Intention..)
Souls don't look back...but rarely.
And if you are "Dead"
and do
you become a Ghost..

If you are living...


You freakin DEVOLVE.
You see, here's the thing...
and make a note,
because you will "die" someday.

When you are in the "Tunnel"
Right after you die...
Everything you "see"
is a Reflection
of the Shadow Dance.

AND, here's the Thing..
In that realm..
The "Law of Attraction"
is un filtered...
Where you put your attention...
You'll be..

And actually just your personal 
 energetic expression
will gravitate you towards certain things.
Behind you
and in my case 
to the Right
is the Construct.
In front and to the sides 
are a myriad of Heavens and Hells...
And over there
beyond all of this
Is a spark of Light...
Now keep the following in mind..
When you die there will be 
Like sometimes before you fall asleep..
And it jolts you sometimes.
Right after that point you
your Consciousness
 will be
first in your Brain Stem..
(where your "Life passes before your eyes")
Then you will be in your Spinal Column..
(and on the Astral Plane)
And it's a really good idea 
NOT to look at anything except that
pinprick of Light
on the other side....
Otherwise you'll find yourself spending some Eternity in Hell or Heaven
or usually BOTH
Another weird LAW of this place is
Once you "pull into" any one realm,
it kind of becomes habitual
to your
energetic consciousness..
And you can pull into a whole bunch..
Heavens and Hells.
And with the time factor in this realm being 
such that an eternity there..
is the blink of an eye
You can spend many eternities in these Alternate reality reflections of Mass and personal Desire and Fear.
But if you really want to EVOLVE
you will avoid these Eternal
and go straight to the
Just a Tip for those who are going to Die.
(all of us)..

Now what was this post about again?
Better go check..

OH Yeah
The Light
So anyway
Before I looked back at my Construc
(with all the best motives..I thought)
I could find my way
To the Light
Through so many Paths.
And then Finally
could just Let it Be.
But when I gazed upon my construct...
and WOW!!!
You know just gazing at it would Pull
 it back and into me..
But I actually set forth the Intention
to do just That.
OK, I'm going to Return to who I Once was..
Before the Light Dawned
and I became too weird/scary for my Girlfriend/future wife.

But here is the deal about us..
We are the end result of millions of very specifically ORDERED
We are very Intricate Creations...
What I did that Humpty Dumpty Day,
as I call it.
Is just pulled back everything that I saw...and even the "shedding skin"..
and what was the really BUMMER Surprise was..
When I did that...
The "Order" was gone.
The Pattern was no longer in sequence.

My life got very STRANGE at that Moment.

Got too "Psychic"
Had to quit my job,
Move as far from Humans as Possible.

That was 1974,
and it's taken me all this time...
to just barely ....
become Cohesive...
And Present.

What you see of me
is a Mask.

I don't expect anybody knows what the Hell I'm talking about..
but if some day, somebody does...

But the Truth is...
Even with those I love most in the world..
I am always so LONELY.

There were times I remember too
where I'd follow some path,
and I'd be right there on 
what I call the Threshold
of the Light
and the Next step was
Into It..
But on the threshold there
standing there Alone..
Loneliness was
Deep and All Pervading.

And I knew the Bliss of the Light
was one step away...
But I also knew that I would come back
and be on that threshold again..
and Alone..
And that Lonliness
even the Thought of it..
was more than I could bare.
So I stopped crossing that Threshold..
And I guess I've been waiting.

I feel the Group..
We'll step together...

Sooner or Later..

But I'm feeling ready...

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