Monday, January 25, 2016

The Vision that has answered all my Big Questions. (originally titled,Once upon a Lost forever"

A long time ago
probably 1972..
I was at this place I called
the Archetype Plane.
It's a place that exists...
at the Beginning of the Creation
of anything known.
Basically it is the destination
when one 
follows a Question
through it's Pattern
to the place right before
it came into Being..
HMM??, clear as mud...

Real Contemplation is a process that
when done on objects..
Brings us into Identification
with their Beingness
it merges us with 
what they are
at the Center.
But in that process of getting to the Center..
we learn the Truth of that thing.
(at the center is..Light/Bliss...God).

When we use contemplation
to follow a question...
it leads us through the pattern of the question..
The truth is that the answer to every Question
lies at the Source of that Question...
And the place
at the Center of all questions
(and answers)
I called
the Archetype Plane..

Well once upon a time long ago
in a little travel trailer I'd bought to 
I sat with two puppies
and went to the Archetype Plane..
I was doing that a lot those day..
there and the "White Hall"..

And from there I asked a question..

What is Life?
What is going on here?

I didn't mess around with the small questions...

Then I had a "Vision"

and for the rest of my Life
there was never a Big Question
that I had,
that this very simple Vision
did not Reveal Perfectly
the answer to. 

and this is that vision
brought down into the realm of Words.

The "Nothingness"
was Eternal.
For the Blink of an eye.

Then, like a Spark
It appeared.

This Light.

(it was shaped like a Paisley,
or comet with a tail)

It was Like a Memory
That had been Forgotten.

And it was Looking
for a place to "Become."

Across vast expanses of  Nothingness
it searched for a place to "Become".
But everywhere it tried...
it didn't quite fit
and in each place it tried..
it shuddered
And then split
into Two.
(or more.. this I do not recall)

The second one was 
to the First One..

It was like when the first one Shuddered..
It left a void
that was a Mold
almost identical to Itself..
And the mold 
began filling in
to almost Mirror
the First One.

The second one
appeared next to the first one
and was connected to it 
with a Golden Cord
of Light.

Then the second one
started looking for a place to become
and when it tried
it Shuddered
and a short distance away
another appeared
Identical to it 

They were connected by 
the golden cord.

Well  these guys kept trying to "Become"
and leaving "Offspring"
much like themselves.

And their "offspring"
kept doing the same thing..

All connected by this golden cord.
Expanding outward.

This Web
All Interconnected..
Expanding outwards across the Darkness.

At the same time It was expanding outward
Each of the Individual Things
was expanding within themselves
Filling up their mold...

This just kept Expanding
Exponentially out across 
The Blackness..

And once the First Ones
Filled their Molds
They became this total Light
and Merged with each other..
So in the middle of this expanding Creation..
was an also expanding Ball of Light.

Now, the rest of this Vision
came many years later...
It was interrupted the first time
by Jake and Ulysses
(two German Shepherd Pups
Chewing on my hand).

And this is the Big Surprise....

Are you ready for it ???


Well that ever expanding Creation..
Finally one day
Hit the Wall.

It could not expand any further...
That was as far as it could go...
those darn offspring of the offspring.
just could not stop Searching
and Dividing.

But it was different now.
They were no longer dividing
 out into empty open Darkness..
They were now held within a periphery.

Each new Division
Compacted the whole of Creation
just a little bit more.
Suddenly all the offspring..
and the growing light at the Center..
were being compacted..
Like the Earth
making a Diamond.
From the pressure of the Light..
Which is what they were made of...

The Whole of It
Got Brighter and Brighter
The Light at the Center
kept expanding...

Then Suddenly 

there was eternal Darkness..

An Eternity that lasted

 a couple of Seconds..

Then in the midst of that

 like a Spark

It appeared.

This Light.

It was Like a Memory
That had been Forgotten.

It was all alone
And it was Looking
for a place to "Become."

This cycle happened
over Eternities..
over and over..

And each Time
the First
carried a forgotten

that was

a whole new Dream..

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