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The picture above I took of myself on a day in 1970 or 71.
This day Changed my Life.
I hiked up to the top of Mount Helen,
 or Ellen in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
On the way up the Mountain...
I was a "normal" sort of guy.
On the way down..
Not so much.

I got up there and it was so BEAUTIFUL
I started to cry.
I wished I could keep that beauty forever.
Then a voice in my head said to,
"Take it all into your mind...
Like taking a Picture with your mind  ...
I did this...BUT
I was in this Bright Light.
Then after a while I was
looking back into
It was this HUGE
going on Forever WEB
of Golden cords
all interconnected
and at each connection
was a Soul... 

Then I came back to my body
but feeling totally different.
I felt the trees and plants all around me..

It was like they were talking to me..
I went down the mountain
took this Picture..
And followed their voices back to Palo Alto.
They led me to this Bookstore, 
and the room in Back,
called the
"Seed Center".
Before that I was not religious or spiritual.
I suppose I was an Agnostic.

I walked right over and picked out some books
without even looking at them first.
They were books ....
that came from my Teacher.
In my last life.
I didn't really know that until later.

That night I found myself in a place I came to call,
The White Hall.
A man was teaching me.
I couldn't look at his face because when I did...
I found myself back in that Blissful Light.

I spent a lot of time in the 
White Hall 
Listening and looking at his hands..
And bright white Robe.

Life became Magical at that point.

This picture below
 was taken in my Girlfriend/future wife's back yard.
I was cleaning up Dog poop.
It was here that so much magic....

and then eventually
 my Humpty Dumpty episode occurred.

Once again changing me very radically.
You can read all about that in the third chapter here:

A lot of folks don't know that I went to Stanford.
Well after my Humpty Dumpty Episode 
and had to get away from humans
and all their, "STUFF"
So I quit my job and my now wife and I
moved far away from town
in a VW bus...

But eventually needed to make money,
so came into town
Stanford University
and sold things I made mostly from
shells and woods and pine cones and bones etc.
that we found. 
 Then we started doing shows all over the Western States

Here meditating on a dune in New Mexico

 Below at a camp in Oregon with my ex wife's sister, Merry.
We had upgraded to a motorhome by now...

We spit up
I moved back into the coolest old Building
I had lived in before we had to Leave the Humans.
My magical friend Larry Bolster took this pic and drew the arrow.
Probably 1978 or so..
Laying out Ivory to scrimshaw.

Flashing back further
Maybe 1969
My first car...
I loved it.
Bought a trailer and planned on moving.
As far away as I could get..
Knew of some caves in Nevada.
But my parents 
traded it out from under me for a tiny Toyota car...

Scratch those plans..

No Idea when this was.
I have very few memories of my childhood.

I do remember this
In the Garage with Cousins.

The Happy Family

Ha ha ha ha 

We were not a happy bunch
Never even talked with our parents.
Kids were to be seen
and not heard.
Except to put on shows for their friends at Parties.
(the cute kid in the pic isn't's my Brother).

Late 70's
I was living in a Tree House
set up between 4 Redwoods..
It was awesome..
Until a crazy lady burned down the house below..
And destroyed the vibe.

Out in a nearby field
playing my 12 string.

Pic taken by Gerda

That's about it for now.

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