Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Little Thing, That's a Big Thing

A Little Thing, That's a Big Thing

There was a part of my Vision,
that I had remembered wrong..
I found this out when I went way back
to the first 
Translation of the Vision, 
as I wrote it in my Journal 
when it happened.
And saw that my memory was wrong.
and it's meaning is very significant.

In the vision,
 the ever replicating outward 
do so simply by their 
"Desire to Become"
And upon that Desire
another forms...
But what I remembered was Vague
an idea.
But here it is..
Each one, 
on it's ,
"Desire to Become"
a Mold
Much like itself.
I had thought/remembered
that it was like a seed,
that grew from small to large...
But the reality is
There is a Mold
That is to be Filled.


It's like the Cell Wall is Projected
Then it fills up.
It's not really Projected per se..
It's like the first
Jumps out of Itself
Like a Cicada.

And the next one 
begins to fill the void of the discarded skin. 
And once it does this
it too jumps out of it's skin
and a new one begins to form in it's discarded shell.
And they all keep jumping out again and again
and leaving the shells to be filled in.

So what does this mean?

It means 
for one thing that
there are basic Limits
to the portion of the whole
that we Inhabit.
We are Interconnected with
the Whole.
Put another way,
We are destined to our
Position in the Web.
But what we do in that position
which is freakin Huge
is up to our Free Will.


that feels better..

I wish the Vision could be made into a fractal.
It's really quite simple..
but would be good to Show.
An archetype of
What Is.

I call that the Tibetan Way
Offering the "Seed"

There is Magic
In Archetypes

If you offer an archetype
It's a seed
of a Truth.

The further you get from the Archetype
the further you actually get from the Truth.

We humans we employ our Minds
And in so doing
distance ourselves
from the archetype.
Science and Religion
quite excel in this.
Although there have been Real Scientists
like Einstein, 
And real Mystics.

At the Heart of  all Religion
there was a Mystic.
But just like the "Idiot Scientists"
people Thought about the Message,
which was an archetype.
And they Thought
and they Thought
 and they Thought.
And the archetype that was offered.
Was buried under a big Pile of Human Waste.
When the Archetype was given
for the Experience...
not for the "thought of it".

You know, contrary to popular belief,
at the heart of Science
and of Religion
you got the same thing.

Time to Go.

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