Monday, February 15, 2016

Words and the Two Kinds of Magic they Serve. Thinking and Contemplation


Just as with Science

Words can be used in Two Directions.
Actually words are Magical
The Ordinary Common way of using words,
is a form of Black Magic..
And the other way,
is White Magic.

Guess I gotta explain the difference,
As these Labels tend to Fire 
Erroneous Judgments
in most People.

Very simply
Black Magic 
ADDS upon what Is...
Getting further away....
from the Source..
White magic subtracts
what has been added
to become One with the Source...

Black Magic is that Magic Ruled by
that manifestation of the
that we have termed,
It rules the First Half of every Souls Evolution.
Then the wheel turns back upon itself...
And now we call the Soul,
"the Soul"
He he...
Point being, and make a note now....
The Ego and Soul are the very same thing.

I know this doesn't fit the Spiritually Correct Version,
where the Ego is the Horrible Demon we must destroy
to be able to function as a Soul.
It doesn't work like that..
Because they are the same thing,
just going a different direction with us.
And without the First Turn of the Wheel
there is NO RETURN.

It's All part of the Process.

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So, we can use words to create ideas and concepts so that we can elaborate upon what we know, share it with someone else, who can elaborate further.
Then we can cogitate upon it, get all kinds of new ideas about it.
And we can go on and on like this until we hit that delusional point where we,
Know what we Know..
We can do that,
that is the Ordinary....Black Magic Method..
of getting as far from the Truth as Possible,
And as Buried in 
Ideas about the Truth
as we can possibly get....
And we evolve in the Beginning
 by "Knowing" in this manner.
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But a point comes in every souls evolution
where it "hit's the wall"
It's "Knowing" need go no further.
The Soul has made it's 
Unique Separate Expression.
It has Fulfilled it's Destiny.
It has Filled in it's portion of
The Web.

The Wheel STOPS at this point.
And then begins to Reverse..

And the way that words are now useful to us,
are not as they Once were.
Now instead of Creating our Conception of things
through words and ideas.
We use words in the Opposite Direction.
We follow them back,
past our conceptions..
to the Truth
that Sparked them in the First Place.

In the past we used words to understand..
to "Know" about thing...

Now we must learn to use words....
To Simply Be
that thing.

We really understand Nothing...
Unless we can be 
One with It.

We can never be One with anything Real..
when we are busy being one with our ideas and conceptions.
Not possible.
You might have a Masters Degree in Everything
But you don't Know Shit
until you can
let what you "know"

And that's a fact Jack.

anybody who has read this far....
is ready for the White Magical use of Words...

The Pathway to....

What Is.

And it's pretty simple.

Contemplate Simple Words

That reflect a deep Truth..

I said "Contemplate,
not think about.

Contrary to General thought on the matter,
Contemplation is
kind of the opposite of Thinking.

Putting your Intention
and Attention
Whatever you intend to contemplate.

Excluding Everything Else.


Learn to Contemplate and you can Meet God
In Everything.

So I've decided to start making little signs,
just a few basic words..
That through Contemplation upon them...
can be quite Magical.

Words work in two Directions.The most common is to use them to go Forward....into Ideas and Conceptions, and Understandings and Knowledge...And that method has it's place...But there are those who have turned on the Road.And instead of Going further and further to Gain ideas of things....Now we follow the Simple Words....Backwards.We become SilentAnd Contemplate them.Through Silent One Pointed Focusand releasing the Descriptionthat binds usWe can Be One with any Thing.This will not take us to new Ideas, or concepts, or beliefs.It will take us to the Actual Awarenessof that which we contemplate.The Truth of a Thingis not our ideas or concepts about it which we have gained through our forward thinking...The Truth is only KnownThrough Sharing the Beingnesswith that thing.Be it through Contemplation upon it.Or better yet through Contemplation of It's seeds.We have seen how the seed grows....Through Contemplationwe see what Motivated the Seed.Everything man has done, he has built from a seed.But he has been building for so long,that there is little resemblance between what has becomeand where it came from.Specific Wordsalone or in sequenceCan carry us to.....The Silent Truth of ThingsAnd Holy States of Being.

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