Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Turn in the Road Truckin On

I don't know if you noticed,
but my Blog here has taken 
a bit of a turn.
You know this 
New Direction
Will probably lose me 97% 
of my Three Readers.
Not sure what that comes to.
But here's the Thing.
We're Here
("Blues Brothers")

To Be Our Unique Selves

That's It dudes and dudettes.

And we have to Express our Truth
to the World.

That's our Gift

"who I am"
Has always Freaked People Out.

"What the Heck's he talking about?"
" I mean that dude is saying stuff that is so outside my Reality
Well, it just scares the Crap out of me."

Probably why my Mom Hated me so much..
I scared the crap out of her.
From Day 1.

Just thought of that,

I always just figured it was the fact that I totally had her Number
when I was 8 years old..
and she knew it...
And that must have freaked her out.
But then here I'm talking about past lives 
as soon as I can talk,
I'm seeing things clearly....
that they don't see,
I hear things that they don't hear.
I saw angels...
And Fairy like Creatures..
There was one dude,
 more like a Dwarf.
And every time he'd show up,
I'd hear music.
I'd ask my parents where the music is coming from...
They didn't hear it.
I couldn't believe them..
How could they not?
Then Rumplestiltskin would appear in my room later.
I saw the same guy, over and over.
Actually he kind of wore like those Swiss Pants with built in suspenders..
And I was pretty old the last time I saw him,
Like 5th or 6th grade.
It was during the Day
I don't know where everyone else was...
But the Music came.... Then he appeared.
I was always afraid...
and I feel bad about that..
Because that day I chased him through the house with my bee bee gun.
And as he morphed through the Glass Door,
(with my bee bee close behind)
.... I got in trouble for that.
But in that moment,
as he went through the glass..
looking back at me,
firing at him out of fear....
I felt only a sadness from him.
Haven't seen him since.

So anyway things like this....
on probably a constant basis...



I've spent my Life Hiding
Hiding from my Loved Ones
Hiding from Others...
I mean I went as far as Doing
for my first wife.

But probably worse than all that
I've been hiding from Myself.

Hey, I don't remember much...


And most of what I remember,
I can't really talk about...

Because it'll scare the crap out of 99.9999999999999999999% of the population.
Things I have seen and done...
Just too far out there for most folks to even
want to think about thinking about thinking about it.

But I Have to.
I have to talk about it..

And what is in the deepest part of my Being is..

Block ...Block...Block

What I know, that I care the most about...
and feel is my Gift...
But what I have denied myself...
And Others.
Is the Knowledge of the Path.

There are many Ways of travelling the Path.
7 Major Ones
Within these major 7...
there are ...
as many as there are people..

And I know the Rules of these different Paths.
My Teachers made me travel them all....Lightly.

The thing about beautiful songs is,
They can get stuck in your head,
and deprive you the song that is 
going on right now.

So my Teachers had a Rule of Three.
Which was that of the Many Paths they showed me. (leading to Spirit)
I could only  follow each 3 times.
Then I had to go on to another.
It's like
there are Abilities that can be gained,
in the different paths.
Skills like Healing, Reading Auras, Astral Travel, flying, travelling through water, or a mirror.... Seeing the Future, Dying without being dead...
Walking through a Wall..
The list is a mile long,
and so many of these things can benefit Mankind...
BUT, once we stop in any one..
we are sort of captive of it.
Like that song stuck in our heads, 
we can't go on to the next thing.
It's like these "powers"
have a Momentum..
Like a Gravity..
That can pull you in.
And the other danger is that Glamour can attach itself to these powers.
And that is putting two opposites together..
and won't bode well.

You know, way back maybe 1972
My Teachers told me I was supposed to Teach these things..
That's why they played me the way they did,
the Rule of 3 and all.

But the other thing is,
My Mind had an excuse...
This is Not 1972
And due to the current rare state of
all of Creation.
That state of coming to 
Critical Mass.
It seemed to me that
One method was superior.
I cogitated that since the Goal
of All the Paths,
is the Light
Then why not just do Kriya.
The Yoga of the Light?
(or any of the other Yogas of the Light...
(Yoga of the Psychic Heat, etc.)
It just seemed to me
that since we are in a time
where the Light is actually Compressing
But that was just my Mind talkin I guess.

It's best to align folks with
what best fits who they are.
So I suppose to do this correctly will take some time.

But after Humpty Dumpty
it wasn't going to happen for a long time.
So what I believe I'm going to do, is start passing on some of these....
Various Methods of travelling 
the Path...

And I'm talkin


So the First thing I'm gonna talk about,

has to be Contemplation..


  1. Often I have been "too busy" to read & half way understand your writings, but this AM at an early hour, & the only one in my house up, I sat & read several of your writings & some more than once. I consider myself a "spiritual" being & try meditation & try to center more on "Being" than "doing" or rather allow the Being direct the Doing!! Your writing is deep & probably very opposite of how the majority of our population live today. Please know you are speaking to my, my soul, my Being, & I plan to work at more reading time of this. You refer to your Teachers - who or what have your Teachers been? I consider you on. Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann Cauthen

  2. Hi Mary Ann, Wow, someone actually reads this....Well, your questions about my teachers I wrote a blog post as a reply..Thank you for asking...and listening.



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