Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Contemplation. In the First of Seven Paths


As mentioned in the Previous post.
There are Seven Major
Life paths.
And therefore 7 Major 
Paths to Spirit.
And different Souls
and "ego's",
at any given time in their Evolution.
Are travelling primarily
upon 1 or 2 of these.
Sometimes our Mask
travels a different road than our soul.
Sometimes the same.
But once we know the Path our soul has an affinity with...
Our evolution will be greatly hastened.
So these different Methods
will be specific to 
certain of the 7 paths.
And my hope is that folks,
if any are ever to read this ..
will be able to figure out what Resonates with them the most...
And pursue that ...

So the First Path
Which also just happens to be the First Step in any Magical or Creative Process is.
The Will
I just realized that my Teachers put me through them in Order.
But hey, that's the way to do it..
So I'll do that here.

I feel Will in my core...

Contemplation works well for folks on this Path...
But there are methods  of contemplation that will also fit those on the Second Path.

The path of
"Love and Wisdom."

(Now these path lines aren't totally definite)
In fact I'd say that the Wisdom part is about 2 1/2.
But that's just me.

So we'll talk first about Contemplation for a person that has a strong Will
a strong power of intention..
Whose Path is upon the First Ray.
(we will call it that since that's what
 my Teachers call it.
7 Rays
Seven Paths from
...and to

First I will define Contemplation.

As I've said before,
the common translation of the word...
is that it is the Mulling over of things in the Mind.
Not by a long shot.
In fact it is the opposite of that.

In Contemplation
The Mind
and emotions
Are left out of the Equation.
This is the Key.
No Mind involved.
No emotions...
Just silence
and FOCUS.
And you focus with your Will.
Upon whatever you are contemplating.
I believe I started with a stone
then went to a lighted wall...
Now Contemplation does not fall under the ,
"Rule of Three".
If it does
I sure broke it a lot.

Contemplation is not Thinking about a thing
or feeling any way about it.
It is literally 
Merging with it.
So the other part of the process,
has to be the ability to 
Let Go.
I mean
if you are contemplating properly
the World as you know it
will change in that moment.
And you have to let it.
We live in a DEFINITION
of the World.
And our obsession with that description
robs us of
the Awareness
of Reality.
You gotta be able to go with the change
not think or feel about them
And Focus upon One Thing.
And let yourself be Pulled in.
Let go into it.
And follow the Light you see
behind it all.
And then you will know the Truth of the Thing.
Beyond ideas, and concepts.
Because you merged with it.

My Teachers were there for me,
in case I got sidetracked in Weirdland...
Is me writing this going to make me responsible for everyone that reads..
and does it?



Well, I guess if people aren't ready for it...
they won't get in any trouble.

I mean I did so much of it in my past life..
And the Teacher did say that the reason we let the Chinese kill us
was so we could get spread out,

I think it's OK.

So let's consider the PROCESS.

Sit quietly in a place of Little Distraction
Well it will have to be ZERO distraction.
Have whatever you are going to Contemplate.
Start with ,"Things."
Natural things.
a stick, a stone...
I'd stay away from Flowers.
(those will work for the Next Ray folks).
Be comfortable in your body
Silence your Mind
and Emotions.
Nothing but Will
focused upon the stick, or stone.
Have it be one you just found.
With no previous Fixations upon it.
Let yourself be pulled in.
keep the focus.
No distractions.
And a point will come when ..
you feel like you are that thing..
Don't worry...
But look further ...deeper
you can see Light glistening in the distance..
Focus on it
Let Go to It.
Then Enjoy a bliss beyond anything you've ever felt before.
And say Hi
to God.

If you do this a bunch you realize that
that Light
that Spirit
Is at the Heart of Everything
And that
Everything is at the Heart of Spirit.
Everything is made of the same Thing
at it's Heart.
and into Eternity.

That's it..
That's the Process.
For a First Ray Contemplation.

If you feel that you have a strong Will
and this doesn't work for you...
It might just be the other part of 
Letting Go
of the Definition
that you have trouble with.
Use your Will
to Suppress the Definition.


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