Thursday, February 18, 2016

Contemplation on the Second Ray. Be the Glow

Last night I talked about Contemplation
on the First Ray.
The use of Will/Intention.
For the purpose of...
Tonight I'm going to talk about it
For the Soul on the Second Ray.
This is the ray of Love..and Wisdom.
The Second ray is also the second Aspect,
in any Magical or Creative Process.
And Magical...

OK, I'm going to Define
Magic here.
Magic is simply a Process
that facilitates.
Hyper Evolution.
Now as we've talked about before,
Evolution is a Two Way Street.
The age of the soul,
determining the Direction.
Black Magic facilitates the Ego/souls
Creation into 
it's Unique, Separate Expression
We collect and collect, 
using Duality as the tool
to Define our Place
In the whole.
Once we define it,
That energy that motivated us to 
Create ourselves into

This word needs Contemplation upon it.
This is the word that came after the vision
"Searching for a Place to Become"
The Desire to,
Because that is what all souls
That is the Souls greatest Intention....

Until the wheel Turns
Until that "Unique Separate Expression"
Expresses itself By finally "Becoming".
Finally filling the Mold
left for it. 
But once that task has been completed...
and the direction changes...
this is where our Soul/Ego
Pushes us, instead of pulling us..
and the Push is towards
Ascension is not a Personal Deal.
We're merging Together.

But I'm getting sidetracked.

Here's the Thing.
The Order of
the Science of the
Is important.
So I'm going to try to lay it out,
in sort of the basic order
as how my teachers did it for me.

They had me doing Contemplation
Meditation on the Light and Sound
And the Yoga Sutras of Patanjili,
(Raja Yoga)
White magic..
All sort of at once.
At night in the White Hall
the lessons were
what I would read the next day,
It started with the White Magic book from
my old Tibetan Teacher..
And I reconnected with him as well.
(Those were not the hands teaching me 
in the Hall though)
But it was 
whew! Lack of words.
Intensely magical.
Hyper Merging.

So I'll attempt to put it out 
in sort of the same Order.

Second Ray Contemplation
this is a nice one.
This is for folks who can
come from their Hearts.
Folks who can Love.. 

This one was not the easiest for me.
Guarded Guy
Armadillo Man.
he he
BUT, when I did it 
maybe 3 times.
It was ...
well the process felt better in the beginning
than any others.
It feels good.
Now, how to describe the process.
Well, I devised for myself a little Trick.
Once again you start by
shutting up.
Head and Belly
Quiet Down.


If you got some spare Will,
restrain your
Definition of the World.
Let IT be.

Then feel your heart and think of the person you Love the most.
Feel them shining in your heart.
Then think of another person
feel them shining there too.
Keep adding people
Just keep doing that.
Pretty soon you can stick 
Everything in there

Go into it.
Let that glow
Engulf you.

Be the Glow...

Where the First Ray person
Merges via Will / Intention
The Second Ray Person merges via 
But I still think it needs a tad of Intention
to move it along.

What we're talking about here folks
is the Path To Merging.
Back to Source...
Well, not exactly
More like
Back through who we
What we are 
All Connected.
The Path to Merging
Is the Path of
Releasing our Definition.
And embracing the Truth.
And here's a clue.
The Truth
has no definition.

You know the thing is
Once we've "Become"
We are gonna flat out Merge.
That's where we're going.
It's just a matter of "time".
What we're talking about here is,
the Science and Magic
(Which are Closely related_
of that.

Helping our Souls on their Journey.

Most of the time we're just gettin it the way.
he he
So these practices of Merging
are just a way to every once and a while..
Get out of the way of our own evolution...
and help move it along. 

So I want to make a concise word 

Blueprint for Second Ray Contemplation:

Be Quiet
Release and or Restrain your
Definition and Feelings of Things.
Feel your Heart.
Feel your Love.
Put your Most loved in There
Shining a Golden Light.
Then your next Bright Love
Put in there too.
Then all the Loves.
In there Shining.
Then all the Rest...
And then yourself...
Be the Shine
Go Deeper into it.
Let It Be.

Well I actually had a comment from a reader,
so I know I have at least one.
And they asked about my Teachers...
So the next post will be about that.

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