Thursday, February 18, 2016


Apparently there is One Person out there that actually reads this Blog...
And they asked me about my Teachers.
And since they do come up in my 
I'm going to talk about them.

But first there are some things I need to say,
heading into that.

Anyone who is actually reading this....
Has Teachers.
You may not Know it,
for almost the same reason we don't easily remember past lives.

It has to do with Frequency
Our enslavement to our

Our Description
That which we "know" about the World.
Vibrates at a certain rate.
Our encounters with our Teachers...
at a totally different one.

We've all heard the story of how the Native Americans
could not see the Ships of the Explorers
(until their Shamans told em and showed em).
They were just too beyond their Description.
I actually have that problem at Market sometimes.
My Work
and Me
are just so beyond some folks' Description
that they look...
and their eyes glaze over
and they walk on,
forgetting they saw anything.
(no lie, it's weird).
So, you all have Teachers
and the easiest place to 
interact with them,
and where we mostly do
is in the Dreamtime.
And of course this is because in the Dreamtime
we loosen the ties to our description.
We learn a lot,
have interaction with the Group..
Then wake up
imprisoned by the Frequency of our 
And promptly Forget.

So make no mistake,
Once you have changed Direction
Which if you are following any of this,
you have.
You have Teachers.

Now what I'm going to tell you next
Blew My Mind 
when I saw it.

So I've previously mentioned that on the day of my "initiation" on Mt. Helen.
I was led to some books.
And that Night began a period of time

Where on a Nightly Basis I met with a Teacher in the place I refer to as the White Hall.
(because it was nothing but White Light).
And I could not look at his face
without dissolving into Bliss.
But I saw his Hands
and white Robe.
OK, I'll make my point soon, but now will bring up another thing...
then I'll tie them together.
This is in regards to the one time I saw my 
(highest of Teachers)
as I call her
in the "flesh"
You can read about it Here
But scroll all the way down to 
 Meeting the Teacher...and .Returning from a Magical Journey 

Wow I just noticed I wrote about what I'm about to tell you there.
In concise form.

The Teacher you see here in this Picture
showed up on a Beach where a friend and I were sitting.
She was accompanied by Music
(coming out of Nowhere)
was surrounded in a gold Aura.
And kept changing from an old to a young woman.
My friend Larry recognized her from the above picture, drawn by a woman I had been travelling with,
who saw her face superimposed upon my face...
And I saw her face superimposed on her face.
So Larry is like,
"Dude, you better go talk to her.."
This was at the end of a long Vision Quest
chock full of so much intense Magic
I was ready to crawl into a hole and Hide.
Larry had to leave to hitchhike back to a city 
where he taught at Night at some College.
I got the heck off the beach, and sat in a tree on the cliff above it.
The Teacher spent the day
Diving into the ocean,
then flying hundreds of feet into the air.
It was some kind of demonstration about the "Cords of Man" and
"the Cords of God"
Which I have totally forgotten about,
and am supposed to teach about as well.
When will I find time to make a living.
I've been writing a lot lately because my family is away on vacation
and I have time and space that I am not afforded when they are home,
(without giving up sleeping).
So anyway I watched her all day,
Got FRIED in the Sun.
I was trying to get up my Nerve to approach her.
Finally in the early evening I made the decision to go down there....
Some dude in a straw hat and overalls just magically appeared in front of her.
I just this moment realized there was a lesson there I missed 
because it kind of 
scared the shit out of me.
But what I saw was this dude.
who was walking in front of her, maybe 30 feet.
And they were always the same distance apart as they walked,
like they were connected by some invisible...
solid cord.
She did a few more magical flying things that were like her,
"Goodby" to the Ocean.
And I got the Heck out of Dodge.

Now my point:

A couple of Summers ago I saw that dude,
with the coveralls and straw hat,

and he was looking back at me in the mirror.

It was me down there on the beach with her.
And the Teacher in the White Hall.
I don't remember when or how it dawned.

But that was me as well...
In the Future.

We keep hearing the Spiritual Folks saying how 
"Time is an Illusion"
But it isn't.
He he
Time exists on All Levels
It's a little different in like Heaven and Hell Realms,
I call it,"momentum" there.
But it exists.
But it is also Eternal.
We are captive in
points in time
because we are captives of our 
Agreed Upon Description.
But beyond that,
it does not bind us.

one of our primary Teachers
is Us,
in the Future.

But then there are the Others.
Close in our Grouping on the Web.
Just that they came a wee bit "before" we did.
We could have sprung from their 
attempt to Become.

OK, so my Teachers...

The Woman above that I call my 
"Highest Teacher"
that is how she "feels"
First came to me 
as an "Angel" when I was 7 or 8.
You can read about that HERE too.
First Chapter

I have 2 friends (at least) that fall into a Group with her in it.
The woman who drew the Picture, Jill.
And another who does not want to be mentioned.
This "Teacher" is usually Sky Blue Colored.
Skin and clothes
Told me once something Like,
"I'm here for you".
And her main "energy" is
Incredible LOVE.
Somewhere I wrote about my last encounter with her.... It was intense.
And I need to recapitulate that,
but not now.
I don't remember specific lessons from her.
I don't remember what she said or did that night when I was 7 or 8.
Just that the next day, I wandered away from home in the Japanese Countryside.
And had one of the most Magical Days in my life.
(although my parents I'm sure wouldn't share that sentiment)
It wasn't that long after the War, and they were nervous about me wandering about all by myself at 7 years old...go figure.

I feel her love, but not lessons.
Probably because her Frequency is one I never reach,
in my Description.

The other Teachers are like a small group.
They appeared the same time as 
the future me did,
in the White Hall.
But they were there during my waking hours.
But not in Physical bodies.
They were extremely helpful when I was doing all the various practices.
Actually saved my life at least a few times.
Pulled me out of Heaven and Hell Realms on the Astral plane during yoga of the Death state.
Turned off the Faucet when I was travelling in water....and got carried away and couldn't find my way back.
(my girlfriend was with me then...freaked out, gave me back the engagement ring). 
I mean she'd been with me on a few journeys, but when the faucet shut itself off 
(she was supposed to bring me back if I got carried away, but had no idea I was).
She came back for a visit a couple weeks later with a couple of guys,
I was running on the walls and ceiling then...
She didn't come back for a while after that.
Though we eventually got married.
And there was the time I was practicing walking through a Door.
It's really not that difficult once you've mastered Contemplation..
BUT I got stuck inside the door.
They saved me from that.
There was one that was always sitting next to me,
wherever I was.
And once when I was driving..
he gave me what I considered 
a most valuable lesson.
I was ,"going into the Light"
all the time
More than they recommended..
by a lot.
I was a Maniac.
But this makes very drastic changes occur.
Each time we come out,
it's like we're a whole different person.
I wonder if the origin of
"Being born again",
came from this.
Because it is literally like you are born again,
but in the same life.
Well this can play Havoc with the folks who know you...
But also with yourself.
You can find yourself playing old routines...
not attached to them, but like...
Being who you were,
so the world would not totally freak out about you.
What was happening to me was that I kept looking back
to things I had said or done,
before that last period of being
Born Again.
And  I couldn't stand who I was.
And I was sitting there driving in Milpitis to my girlfriends house..
And I said,
I gotta quit going into the Light
I can't stand what it makes me see about myself.
I was really depressed and 
Then that dude sitting to my right in the little souped up VW I had for a few weeks..
Said something like.
"When you look in the mirror
and reflect and see yourself.
You are seeing 
Who you Were
You are identifying with your Reflection.
And you feel pain from this.
Who you are
is the one who is Looking
and feeling that pain.
You are not what you see,
but the Seer."

This changed my life as I took it to Heart.
When we Judge ourselves
we are ALWAYS judging who we were.
Who we ARE
 is the One Judging.
So if we shift our Focus,
from who were were and our judgments about that.
And shift into the one who is Judging...
Then cease those judgments...
That is who we are.

That guy was not one of my Teachers from my Past life in Tibet.
They were the ones (two of em)
that guided me in all the wild and crazy stuff I was being shown...
And kept me out of trouble,
Until the Humpty Dumpty Affair,
When I refused to listen.
They were in bodies in Tibet in my last life,
but I haven't seen them in bodies in this one.
I believe they are the Master DK, and KH, who were responsible for Alice Baileys these were the first I was led to that first day,
and they were 
Old News to me.
Been there, Done that.
Even the Language style,
(which I was supposed to translate into something folks can better relate to these days).
Was second nature.

I also have "Group".
In the Dreamtime.
It was like the White Hall
evolved into this Group of folks there.
Then into actual "Real" settings.
In real Homes and Building and Meeting places.
The frequency there is difficult for me to bring back here. 
There are also some animals there, not like we know,
like a cross between a cat and a monkey..
And very "Sensitive"
And different "Groups" work together at times for some big lessons.
Pretty freakin Awesome actually.

But the Woman
I was told her name is Grandmother Spider..
Not sure of the source that told me that though,
some Hindu Guru teacher of my Step Son.
And the Tibetan ones are what I consider my Primary teachers.

But going back to my first points.
About the timeless Nature of our Souls.
I have many "guides"
For all Kinds of Stuff.
Carving Wood
Growing a Garden
even Cooking.
They show me stuff I'd never fathom...

But I am wondering if,
They are just myself
in other "Timelines"


  1. Trudy Abernathy-NeillFebruary 18, 2016 at 3:24 PM

    WELL now, I can assure you that you have more than ONE I read all that you write every single time you post. I smiled thru this entire entry. Being the "See er" sort of puts things in perspective. Your picture was I too have seen one similar. Sometime I will share some things with you too as well. Hugs....Trudy.

  2. YAy, I guess at least 2 readers.I sure wouldn't read it...not enough Pictures...But whatever time I do get, is away from work, or family. When the family is here I just don't have the time to write...and when they aren't...I still gotta work...he he. So I don't spend a lot of time doing pictures and back links.... But thanks for reading Trudy...When the subjects are so's difficult to know where to start.....and considering most of it is not inside the "normal" paradigm where most folks live... I sometimes don't know just how much lead up I need to make it ...just barely coherent. Love to hear your share. That pic is kind of messed up..My ex wife put a spear between her eyes.... Originally the gold I did from a stone I found on the same trip.....and the Blue was the color of her......



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