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Contemplation for Scientists and White Magicians...

Where are we going tonight?
I'm not sure...
But it starts off with something to do with
There are 7 main 
lines of Force
That Rule our Paths through Creation.
We evolve through these in a certain order...
as well as within them,
in a certain order.
Everything in Creation
that is part of the Knowing here.
Has come to be,
what it is,
in a very specific order.
These Lines of force.
are like the Rainbow.
Distinct in what they are,
But a part of the Whole.
We call these 
7 paths within the Path,

The Order
in which they are listed.
Is like a Blueprint
of the Magical Process of 
Following that 
is like a  Blueprint
of the Magical Process
Of Ascension.
And it's all a Wheel.
It spins into Creation,
then Back

The Order
of the  Lessons and Practices
that my Teachers ...
gave me..
Was what made them so Powerful
and Easy,
and effective.

So I was going to put them out to you
 in the same order.

But we're all at different places
 on that spinning wheel,
Blogger always starts with the latest post...
Making whatever I share here,
in the opposite order...
So pulling that off is difficult....
and probably pointless.

But there are Two Rays,
where Order
is a Keynote.
Bunches of you 
are operating from One
 of these Two Rays.

So far we talked a little
about the First Ray
The Ray of Will.

We talked about 
Contemplation on this Ray..

We talked about the Second Ray,
Love and Wisdom..
And the contemplation method there.

But tonight it seems we are Talking about 

And the Fifth Ray,
The Ray of
Concrete Science and Knowledge
Is all about 
and Contemplation.

The 7th Ray
Ceremonial Magic and Order...
Is obviously partly about Order,
as that's part of it's Name.

We are all generally Ruled by certain Rays,
at different times in our souls evolution.
We basically Evolve through these Rays.
Our souls can be Ruled by one Ray,
And our Personality's...
by another.
Or both can be the same,
just depends on where on the Wheel
that person is.

So you out there
with a scientific 
or analytical.
or better yet
Contemplative mind.....

you should know who you are..

If you learn to Contemplate,
 you will switch from 
what I call, Idiot Science" to
Real Science...

I wrote about that here,

Idiot Science has it's place in Creation
But not in Ascension.
And we're here to Talk about
Which I call
So, just saying,
if you want to Evolve in your ascension
and you are the scientific type.
Learn to Contemplate within your Ray.

And How do we do that?

Starts off like all the others:

Be Quiet


Release and or Restrain your

Definition and Feelings of Things.

You are going to have to employ the Will Again
to focus
One Pointedly
Upon an Idea
a question,
Something Important
that you want to 
Understand the Truth of.
Hold this before your Mind.
Look into it
Look through it
to the Light Behind it.
This process will allow you to
go backwards through it's 
To Reverse it's Order
(Einsteins talent)
To get to where it Came From.
This is the only way you can truly 
Understand anything.
You gotta 
Roots to Branches.
This is what Contemplation is for.
It allows us to

For 5th Ray folks..
It's Being
the Essence
and Totality
of the Substance of
The Defined World.

Now the 7th Ray,
is quite similar.
The process of Merging is basically the same,
The focus is 
The Natural World.

5th Ray....Science
7th Ray....... Earth Magic meaning...

It's Being
the Essence
and Totality
of the Substance  of
the the Natural World.

And Contemplation allows us to
directly experience
the Order
of the Natural World
and the Order of the 
Defined World.

The 5th Ray Order  is
the Order of Thoughts
that create Concepts
that create Ideas
that create Beliefs,
that create
the World as we describe it
through our 
and therefore,
the World as we Know it..

Here in Contemplation
 you follow the Description,
back to the Archetype
it was built upon.
And then beyond that..
(The Real Prize)

The 7th Ray Order
is the order of 
Things of the Natural World
that exist
beyond our Description.
And here we follow
what we perceive,
in the Natural World
through it's pattern
It's Intention.
And then what lies before that..
(the Big Prize)

In fact it just occurred to me that,
as we follow
Backwards through it's Pattern..
Via Contemplation.
We are actually going backwards through it's process of Creation,
through the Rays.

The Creation of Everything..
Begins with the First Ray.
(right down to the Creation of
Creation Itself.)
Then it Goes to the 2nd ray, then Third .....all the way to the 7th...
Then it

This process through the rays....
Is basically the Blueprint of the
White Magical Process.
We Evolve through em,
into Creation...
Then back through them

If we have a sense of where we are on the Wheel,
which Rays are currently
Influencing our Higher and Lower Selves....
We can use the method of Contemplation/Meditation
specific for that Ray...
And gain the quickest and easiest 
Evolution through it.

I LOVE Contemplation
 on the 5th  and 7th Rays
It's exciting,
A little too exciting for me...
For me it has a momentum
not unlike Heaven and Hell Realms..
That'll Just totally suck you in
and carry you away before you know what happened..
Sure the Trip is very educational
(in the Real sense)
for me it becomes too Habitual..
I'm supposed to avoid that
 as it's not my current task.
But for some of you,
You Scientists
and Earth Witches..
I am Glad for you.

And when I talk about the 
of these different types of Contemplation.
The part where in the beginning I said,
"Release and or Restrain your
Definition and Feelings of Things."

That does not just apply 
in the Beginning of the Process...
All the way through.
Because .....
You will see and experience things...
Outside of your Box.
Nothing will fit
into your Description...
And this Scares the Crap out of people..
and is a major reason so many folks 
simply can not contemplate.

Our Minds not only want to maintain their Description...
But will protect us from anything that threatens that.
And most of the time
we don't even know it's doing that.
It simply will not allow us to
perceive things
beyond it's Definition...

And Truth
are beyond it's definition.

So you gotta Hang loose on your description
through the whole process


Contemplation is

Letting go of your Description

and Allowing the TRUTH

of Things 

to Simply Be. 

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