Friday, February 19, 2016

The Most Important Nutrient...Will Heal ANYTHING Prana

The Most Important Nutrient..


OK, I've written about this Before

But I need to Revisit It.
This is an important Key
that I just rarely use.
And it should be used 

We carry Lifetimes Within us
But mostly what we carry the distance
Is Pain..
Or Rather
Denial of Pain.
And we carry "Events"
in certain places in our bodies,
that must have had some relevance
back when we put them there.

And we have been so in the Duality mode of
Chasing Pleasure
and Shunning Pain
for so freakin long
We learned well
long ago
How to Stuff our Pain...

Some of those ,
"New Agers"
and myself in the past
say, "If it doesn't feel good,
don't go there."
They are the Professional Spiritual
Denial Specialists. 

We all Are

That is what we were trained to do.

My Mom was the Master of this 
Twisted Discipline,
and she did her best to pass it down to her Children.

And I became a Master of it...

And here is the thing...
all that past pain that we Stuffed
like planting bad seeds in the Earth..
Have Grown,
into Festering Sores
that we still Ignore...

Until the Doctor tells us we have 
Cancer or some such other thing.

Cancer is a Karmic Disease...
probably most are,
And yes...
toxins and all the Crap 
of Civilization
feeds the fire...
Are not the Cause.

The, invisible to us,
festering sores of our
eternal Stuffage..
Are simply Manifesting,
and telling us...
"Can't ignore me any more."

So you can do all the Good stuff,
cut out all the crap...
Put in the Nutrients...
Eat REAL Food
You still gotta deal with
the Roots.
The Cause of the problem.
You see,
Is Not
 those GMO's and Vaccines,
 and Chemical Crapstorms 
in what folks eat and call "food"....

But The Causes attach to these...

they facilitate it's emergence.

So what do we do to save ourselves,
from the demons 
we created from our
 Fear and Pain. ?

The Very Best Thing 
is to Properly Breathe.

You know the process by which we 
 our Disease creating Stuffage 
We withhold our Breath from it..
We don't give that thing,
 that event or action or whatever,
that hurt us, or scared us greatly...
any Breath.

We deny it by denying it our Breath.

And if we accidentally do Breathe into it...
We push it back real quick,
and cut off the Breath to it.

The most important Nutrient
is Prana..

And the Breath is like....
one level of that...

Prana follows the Breath...

Prana gives us Life.

Denying Prana,
by withholding Breath to areas that
might give us some nasty flashback,
is a major disease Causer.

Every cell in us,
Needs that Life.

By denying the breath/prana
to parts of ourselves
that harbor past tribulations...

That will

kill us eventually. 

So Breathe Deep

And Breath Into 


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