Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Young Man and the Teacher. And a valuable lesson in Meditation.

Turns out this became some lessons in....Raja Yoga.

I may have written this little story here before, but this Blog is poorly organized...and if I did, I'm not sure where. So I'll share this story again:

The Young Man and the Teacher

The young man had spent many hard months climbing the Mountains.
Somewhere in those icy Peaks.
Was the Guru.

Finally he found the Guru's cave,
and begged the old man for an Audience,
which he was granted.

It was freezing,
 but the old man wore nothing
 but a Loin Cloth.
(yoga of the "Psychi Heat"...very cool, well...actually Warm)
The young man seemed beside himself,
he begged a Question to the Guru.

"Revered One, 
I have sought Enlightenment
for all the years I've been an adult.
I have studied under Teachers,
taken Seminars,
read books.
But Still I find myself Lost".

The Guru took a deep breath
then said,
"Why don't you Just Be Quiet"?

The young man was startled bu the Guru's reply.
"Please oh wise one,
I am serious about this,
Look, I have traversed this Mighty mountain,
just to receive your answer....
I have spent all my money to come here.
Please answer me!!!

Again the old Teacher took a deep Breath.
and exhaled the words,
"Just Be Quiet."

The young man was devastated,
He spoke angry words to the Monk,
he stomped his feet
on the dirt floor...
"You are a Sham",
he said.
And he stormed out the door.

Behind him he heard the old teacher once again,

Simply Be Quiet.


Well , really....
Sometimes the answer is right before us...
But we can't see it,
Through all our Stuff.

Simply Be Quiet

Basically the First Few Sutras 
in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjili.

Quiet the Mind
Quiet the Emotions
Simply Be


The "Answer" is as simple as that.

Simply Be Quiet


When you are quiet enough

you can hear Eternity..

The Sound
Is the Same as the Light.

People have difficulty with this meditation
for various reasons.
One is that when they think of "Hearing",
they believe this can only be done with the ears.
BUT, the 
we hear
with our whole body
and beyond that.
The main problem folks have 
is their inability to relinquish
their Ideas
their Definition of things.

And equally there is the inability
to accept what is Beyond
and their
 of the World.

But here's the deal.
Our ideas about things
and what we feel about them...
Is NOT what they are.

What exists
without our Definition
is Real.
The rest is just a Definition.

So loosen that attachment to what you believe
what you know
and what you feel.

And Simply Be...

This is what some call Samadhi,
though not sure if I spelled that right.

It's scary at first,
letting go of your 


of things..
I mean, 'Heck that's the stuff 
we Live, fight and die for.

But it's not REAL.
In fact it is what makes it impossible
 for us to 
what is Real.

You gotta let it all go
(hey, don't can get it back
as soon as you are done with this

So Breath

Simply Be Quiet..


the Sound is the Path.

It will Roar
in every Cell of You
and Eternity.

Just Listen

And for those of you who can not connect 
in this Etheric/Auditory fashion.

Remember where I said the 
were the same thing?

So for those of you who are more Etheric/ Visual
the approach is a little different.
It could be surmised in the words,

"Simply Be Quiet

OK, so we've all heard of the Third Eye.
Don't think about that too much...
One problem folks have
is their Clinging to their old description
as listed above,
But also the idea that when we "see"
we see with our eyes...
And in this case,
when the Goal is
The Light..
We don't need our eyes.
But because of that human fixation I sort of figured out a "Cheat" that worked for me.
Now all the old teachers will tell you to close your eyes,
focus your attention on your third eye...
And go towards the Light you see.
This is Great

But doesn't always work 
with our Physicality Centered Western Minds.Which by the way we were supposed to have quieted by now in the meditation.
Simply Be Quiet...

So my trick was this..
actually there are 2.
The first one is to find a place,
that is just TOTAL darkness
not even the slightest speck of Light.
(I sat in the closet)
You can cover your eyes so your mind absolutely knows that your eyes can see no light.
Look in your mid-brain
And remember
no thinking,
no attempting to Identify things.
into the Light you "See".

You wanna meet God?
Well there you go...

This method might not work for some folks,
so here's another trick.
Sit in front of a totally White,
 blemish free Surface.
Have nothing but that in your field of vision.
You might need to sit really close
(brush your teeth first)
and have a good sized White Board.
Anyway after doing the 
Simply Be Quiet,
removing the thinking and feeling principles
from the Moment.
And look into the white.
Look at the Light 
behind it..
within it.
And Follow It.

Wanna meet God?

There you go.

These will work every time.
IF you follow the simple Rules.

Well, they sure sound simple...

Simply Be Quiet..
Totally Quiet
in Mind
and emotion.
And Follow the Light..

You want Bliss
Ecstasy beyond anything you have ever known
while in these Human Forms..

Well there you Go.

I'd like to meet you there. 

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