Saturday, February 13, 2016

Where it went wrong

Is it even Real
This Dream of Hell
they sell?
With a Promise of
Heaven on Earth...

We Believe...

But the Heaven they Offer
Is just the Flip side of Their Hell...

All in a Dream...

Eventually we must Wake Up.
And see that their Heavens
and Hell
are just the Flip side of that same coin..

They flip the coin.
And their Dream becomes, 
our Game.

We learn to chase after the Heaven
and Fear and Run From 
the Hell.

In circles in the Game.

As long as we believe in the Reality
and validity
of that Coin
we will be Lost.

The destination
is not Heaven
or Hell...

It is Eternity

It is Freedom

I wonder,
is that Bliss of Eternity,

Would it be accurate to say that,

It All is Love.

The Shadows Dance.
And we watch
Pulled in..

But you know
for there to be shadows
there must be Light..

How about we turn our Gaze
from the shadows...

to the Light.

Duality has outlived it's Usefulness..
for many of us.

It served,
it led us to that Unique Separate Expression
we were destined to Make..

We made it..
We filled that Void in


We can Dissolve Into 
It All..

It's time.

And it won't be long before.
Even those flipping the coin..

Must join in...

or fade away.

There is so much I don't say,

"what are his Credentials?

If only we taught
the Truth about Death 
to everyone...

an even Bigger Truth,
could be understood..

But now, in this time
when it seems virtually nobody
understands this,
or about the evolution of the Human Soul.

Steeped in Religious... 

The masses have it
right in their DNA
a belief
so distant from Truth...
Yet with Truth buried deep within it...
They call this Religion...
it enslaves their very reason...
Gives them easy lies,
keeping them from really looking
for what is REAL.
and TRUE.

They don't need Truth...
They believe their Fairy Tales.

But what people need to understand is...
Where it all went wrong
with religion.

How was it that the gleaming diamond
became encased in Lead?

The answer is very simple.

Archetypes were offered.
This is as close as one can get to 
"the Truth"
in this Dream we share.
But the Archetypes were built upon...
Instead of contemplating them.
THOUGHT about them.
He built upon something 
so Simple..
He thought and thought,
so that he could understand...
And everything he came to "Know"
only took him further from the Truth.

Until one day...
He accepted Stories
built upon Archetypes...
As the Ultimate Truth.
And became prisoner
of his own beliefs.

And their Religion
was the Jailer.

And for so long was the lie accepted
that it imprinted upon the DNA of the masses.

One of the biggest hurdles
a person comes up against..
in their unfolding into Truth...
are the Lies locked within their DNA.
Like black curtains
across the blazing Light.

Intellect can not save us..
We can not think
or "know" our way to Freedom.
Emotion will not show us the Way..

of Intellect,
 and emotion.

is a Key to The Path.



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