Thursday, February 4, 2016

Paradigm Shift

We been towin the line
wearing the Yoke
pullin the wagon
tryin not to choke.

Told who to be
and told what to do
By the Few that 
Hold the Power...
And don't care about you..

Except for the Profit
they make off your sweat...
dangling the Carrot
You ain't never gonna get..

They're makin the laws.
And telling you what to dream.
Tellin you how to "think"..
so you'll work for their team..

They own the money
they own the schools
where they're very mindful
to turn out drone fools.

They own the Governments
they own the Laws
They own the machine
that grinds you in it's Jaws.

If you want to eat
or have somewhere to live
you gotta pay them
till you got nuthin to give.

They will throw you some crumbs
and a piece of old bread
and have their Doctors
keep you payin...

Just short of Dead.

And we all play along
and accept what they say,
we jump through their hoops
day after day..

And they bleed us
and work us
and chain us to Debt..
And they get richer and richer
off all of our sweat...

But we're in a time now,
like never before
the Life is Compressing
and this opens a new Door..
for the many who have finished
out on the floor.

But what lies beyond it.
They don't understand
It's like standing on the edge
of some totally foreign land

Everything is different
nothings the same.
It can be kind of scary
when everything is New.
And it's a whole new game.

Our old Masters are fading
back into the Past
what lies ahead..
Is coming on fast...

Most look back at least once
wondering if it's safer back there.
where they knew what was what,
at least more than they do here.

Everything is New
But no need to hide
it's really all the same old stuff
seen from the 
Other Side.

The Direction has changed
the Light is ahead
subservience to the evil
to our life is now dead.

There are so many out there
wondering what to do next
their lives are their own
now they're no longer Hexed. 

We no longer accept your
self imposed authority.

We are Free People

And we're going Home.


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