Thursday, March 31, 2016

The White Hall

The White Hall

I'm writing this today because I've re discovered a better place to go than Facebook to Communicate those things that matter most to me,(which don't seem to matter to too many people in the General Population) at least I hope it's better. I went to this "Spiritual Forum) years ago but became disillusioned because there were so many people going there just to......wallow in their "spiritual materialism". People who had read books or were just making stuff up, and were spouting things that they knew nothing about with great authority. What bothered me most was in areas where damage could be done because folks had just enough information to make what they shared dangerous. This was most apparent in areas such as Kundalini Yoga and Astral Projection/Travel... Where the wrong info applied by a person with a decent degree of Intention Development could damage themselves.... ( I know, I cheated and did most of the things my Teachers told me not to.....OUCH ). Anyway this place is a Spiritual forum you can find here.
What I'm talking about now is going to be what I call ,"the White Hall" response to a persons query to my use of the word in a thread about Death and the "Afterlife".

Since my Teachers didn't really use Language to teach, but more a Guided Experience....I've had to make up terms for all the things I experienced, and this can be problematic. The "White Hall is a perfect example because there are two places where I use this term.....and I'm not entirely positive that they are describing the same place.  So I'll explain both.
The First time I remember in this Life going there was on the night of the day that I had what some call ,"an initiation".   
I was this Normal seeming was 1970, or maybe early 1971. I had hiked up this little mountain called Mt. Helen or Ellen in the Santa Cruz Mtn's.  This is a picture I took on that actual day.

Well the experience I had is a common one...well fairly common. I was just sitting there on top of the mountain overwhelmed by the beauty I was seeing...I started to Cry and thought," I wish I could keep this feeling forever" thought at the time was I wished I had a camera, that that would somehow save the experience. he he.  Then a little voice in my head said,"Take it all in your mind, like a camera".  I opened my eyes really wide and tried to see everything all at once.  Next thing you know I Flash into this Light...brighter than anything on Earth..or the Sun....It's Bliss, then suddenly it's like I'm sitting on the outer edge of Creation, looking back in....and.... and what I saw was this Huge Golden Web of points of connected Light. ( I hadn't taken any drugs for those of you who might like to think that, I hadn't tried them YET, but started smoking pot right after that.)   But Everything about me Changed then.  I could "Feel" the Trees....I could listen to them.....and they led me immediately to a Bookstore in Palo Alto where I re connected with a Teacher from my last life.   Blah, blah, blah..... Anyway,  that night when I went to sleep I found myself in what I came to call,"The White Hall"... I called it that because it was nothing but White Light and the only outstanding feature was a man in front of me, in a white robe, teaching me stuff I would read the following day in White Magic by Alice Bailey, and a book on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjili...and one on Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines.   I was only ever able to see his hands, each time I tried to look at his face I would dissolve into this Blissful White Light.... So I quit trying.  Well I found myself there every night, and it was so trippy how the Techniques he taught me, I'd read about the next day, then Practice....And it was so easy..... (wish it still was, but I didn't listen once when I really should have....and am still paying the price for that.) 
So that was what I first called ,"the White Hall".
I have to say though that it sort of Morphed over many years. At first it was just me and him....and all white.  But later there was a whole bunch of people (and strange animals) and the lessons were not just conveyed one to one telepathically, but rather as ....HMMM??? tests is a "real" world...and the Hall became very Ornate, everything was like a Treasure..... So, that is the first place I used the term.
Then I was shown what I came to call, "Yoga of the Death State", which basically was dying without cutting that silver cord.  And the main lesson here, the purpose of the whole teaching was to get me, "to the Light".....without falling into all the sidetracks (heavens, hells, constructs etc.) that tempt our attention in the "In Between Time".
Now what I have referred to here as ,"the White Hall" is that place you come into after you have spent as much time as possible in the Light.  The whole purpose of my learning how to die, was so I could get to the Light....and learn to stay there as long as possible... This is where Hyper Evolution is possible.   For those of you that have experienced this through Kriya or NDE's or whatever, you know what I'm talking about.    It was a problem for me because my teachers had a "rule of Three"....which I suppose I was supposed to follow, But in this case I didn't. And I did the yoga of the death state as often as I could.....and each time I went into "the Light"...I came out a totally different person.  This isn't so much a problem when you die, because folks in your new life have no idea who you used to be, and get to know who you are.  But when you totally change on a daily basis into a completely different person..... the folks around you, "here"....kind freak out.  This is a whole different story. Anyway after the time we spend ,"in the Light"... we come into this place that I have called, for lack of a better word, "the White Hall"....because it's all White and once again we are with Teachers and we are being Guided in creating the basic outline for our next outline that will best serve our evolution...and the evolution of our Group.... As this is our souls prime directive....evolution that is. 

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  1. Very nice carvings, beautiful. I'm a 60 year-old hippie as well, everything you're about here is right up my alley, heh. have a great day brother.



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