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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali...Part 1

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali...Part 1

Somebody just asked me this most Excellent of Questions,
"How is it best for us to "Listen" & what sources help us know where to study, look-up solutions for health issues."

That is a really Big Question.
Actually a few Questions...


Best Way to Listen




Now at this point those could just be Words,

Because to know what they Mean

it has to be Done...

So How do we do it?

Well there is an expression I used to use,

in some other Lifetime or something..
That said,

"The Key to Creative Magic
is the supreme ability to 
Let Go"

 is the Intentional 
Process of 
 Supreme Focus.

 is the process of
Supremely Letting Go.

Both are Answers to 

Finding Peace.

Well once upon a time 

Maybe 2000 years ago

There was a Master
 that created a Science of it.

Or maybe an Art of it..

Through "Aphorisms"

A Bunch of them..

They've been called the,

"Yoga Sutras of Patanjali."

And this is the Science of "Liberation".

This is where,
Raja Yoga
 came from..

This is the Science of 

"Union with the Soul."

It has been muttered that 

Patanjali was one of the Profit Jesus's teachers.
Ya never know..
...long time ago.

And personally I think it's the most Impeccable
 bit of Magic;
 the way it was put down into lessons
in the precise order necessary
to make them effective.
(that is important).

These are the things I'd like to talk about on this blog,
but they require a certain amount of Time
and Space.... Which I don't have much of....

But we will discuss the Process of "Liberation"
Whenever possible.
And these Sutras are a great place to start.
I'm sure there are a lot of Translations out there,
I've seen some that are awesomely well done and intuitive..
And those that were probably written to make a buck off of
those pesky spiritually inclined folks
that are desperately seeking
some connection,
in a very disconnected world.

My favorite was written back in the 30's by 
Alice Bailey and The "Tibetan."
Entitled, "The Light of the Soul"
The Yoga Sutras of Patanlili
It is Impeccable....
but many will not like the old Language
and "Thinking" style.
There is another one...
out of print,
I really like this one too if you can get it...
It's Titled, 
"This is Reality"
By Roy Eugene Davis.
I think Paramahansa Yogananda was a teacher of his.

It's a lot ....
then Alice's book.
But her's is
for lack of a better word.

We'll go into the lessons later.

As far as ,"Health Issues" goes...

Drat I wrote a lot about this,
then the power went out...
Lost it..

On One Level
I suppose it would depend upon the particular health issues.

 The thing is there are various levels of approaching this.

Modern medicine has devolved to the point
 where it treats physically manifested symptoms..
and avoids at all cost, 
the Causes.

It deals only with the Physical body..

and it does this very poorly.

In this area Diet is paramount
And a lifestyle that avoids
anything that isn't 

But in Truth we have Four bodies...

And they are all connected.

We have a Physical Body..
we all know what that is.

Then there is the Etheric Body.
This is the Energetic body
The Chakra System is part of this Body.
It's the electrical blueprint
of who we are 
at any given time.

We have an Astral Body,
Which I guess I'll call an Emotion/Desire Body.
This body gives us uniqueness in the world.
It is what colours us 
via our Fears, 
and Desires,
our Loves
and Hates.
But it also,
 in defining us,
confines us...
And when we are defined by our emotions...
and our desires....

There's always difficulty.

Then we have the Mental Body
Which defines how we view the world...

All of these bodies Interact.
Each one affects the others..
And these effects are manifested
in our physical bodies.

True Healing must deal with all four bodies.

Hopefully we'll get to this.

End of Part One:

Next we will get into
talking about
 the actual Sutras. 

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