Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trust Your Soul....Time for a Change Contemplation/Meditation

I'm going to tell you something,
that is completely true.
But you have been programmed,
(like all of us)...
to not believe, 
or even
Consider it.

The only REAL
In your Life

Is your Soul.

Everything you need to know
Everything you need to do
Everything you need to BE.

But our Churches convinced us that
we need a Middleman
and that Middleman
is Clueless..

Our Government will probably try to
Tax it, and will keep us too busy
just trying to barely survive
that we won't even find time
to Consider it. ..

And our Doctors will try and
medicate us against it.

So we've forgotten
How to Listen to It.

Instead we keep listening to the Government,
keep believing the Churches
we Pretend the Schools are Educating,
and we assail ourselves to the
Pharmaceutical Industry
via it's White Coated Salespersons
because of the dis-ease
they have probably given us .

This makes us
 Narrow Minded
and Sickly.

Time for a Change...

Learn to Contemplate...

It's time to get past the Thoughts,
 the Ideas, 
the Judgements,
and the Opinions
of the Truth.

And simply 

We must escape the enthrallment
to Idiot Science..
And Learn the Art of
Real Science.

And that is what Contemplation is.

Of course the Fluoride in the water supply
will make this impossible for many..
They don't want us knowing what is Real.

They don't want our minds,
functioning as they should be.

But for those of you that have figured out,
that the intake of all of their 
Prescribed Toxins..
All of their Poisoned Water and Air,
"food" and body care products
Are to be Avoided 
at all costs.

You have a chance to reclaim

your Soul.

And this can be done through Contemplation
and Meditation.

I've spoken (written) about this in the past
and will again in the Future.

But it's Time folks.
Gotta quit being Sheep.
Gotta quit letting 

Lead us.

Because they are Clueless.

But our Souls are not.

And what Freedom really is,
is having no Master
except our Souls.

And our Soul
is who we really are..
We are our only Master.

is Freedom.

A lot of folks have already bailed from this post.
They prefer to be led..
To believe in Fairy Tales of 
Super Hero's who look after them.
As long as they are subservient.

Of Governments to
coddle them in Illusions
of Safety against
the very Fears those Governments created.

Of  Doctors to hold their hands and give them Magical Pills,
to allow them to keep 
Consuming the same Crap
and live the same toxic lifestyles,
while believing this Magic Pill
somehow will protect them from
the natural outcome of their 
Self Destructive Habits...

And it Doesn't.
Yet they will Believe it
 to the Bitter End.

Because they didn't have to be

Time to 

Take Responsibility
for your own Life.

And answer ONLY
to your Soul.

The only REAL
In your Life

Is your Soul.

Learn to Listen


  1. How is it best for us to "Listen" & what sources help us know where to study, look-up solutions for health issues. I strongly agree with what you are writing here. Thanks. Mary Ann

    1. Hi Mary Ann, Meditation is the best way to listen...but meditation could be described pretty broadly. Anything know this reply could get extensive...i should do a blog post abut it...As far as solutions for health issues...First get as far from Mainstream Doctors as can be approached on different levels. Diet, Microbiome Healing, and on energetic and mental levels. Another Blog post. So thank you for the Inspiration? I don't get a lot of time.... working a lot to maintain our Simple Lifestyle..he he...But I'm gonna start a couple inspired by you...Thanks.



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