Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Total Healing A Shout Out to Healers

Total Healing

My Soul is compelling me to stay up,
 way too late to write this, so I guess I better.
The problem of modern medicine today is that it mostly
...well totally
only treats symptoms....
Not the causes.

The "Physician"
treats the physical body.
But the Truth is
we have 3 or 4 bodies
(depending on how you look at it.)
We have the Physical Body
the outward manifestation of
The Etheric Body
the Mental Body
The Astral Body.

OK, I'll briefly explain the different bodies
Physical: Pretty clear what that is, bones, skin, glands, organs etc.
Etheric:  The Electrical System of the body,
that body recognized by the Acupuncturis,t
the meridians and different energy centers (Chakras etc.)
The Astral Body: This could be called the 
"Desire/Fear/Emotional Body.
This body is also a body related to our Karma, and our DNA.
Shamen and psychotherapists deal mostly with this body.
 Mental Body: is that body made up of the mind and it's activity.
If we only treat one of these bodies,
the treatment is Flawed.
The Physician treats the Physical body..
if the "problem" is not purely physical,
due to an injury to the physical body...****
then the other bodies must be treated as well
to bring total healing.
**** it should be noted that even "accidents" very often have roots in the Astral Body.

Chiropractors and "Energy Healers" go a bit deeper than Physicians in that they 
are treating the physical body,
via the Etheric body.

Psychotherapists and Shamen deal mostly with the Astral and Mental bodies.

I would venture to say that most "dis-ease"
has it's roots in the Astral Body...
And in the....
Group Astral Body as is the case with Virus's,
and other communicable diseases.
Sadly unless we have a total mental freak out....
this body is rarely treated by Practitioners of Healing.
And even more sadly is that 
Very Often they do not TREAT it on the astral level,
but rather on the Physical,
via drugs that only affect the symptoms...
not the cause.
So as with Vaccinations,
which only treat a physical manifestation,
the cause will again manifest itself,
but not necessarily in the same old form.

So I would like to propose to you healers out there,
to broaden the scope of your Healing.
I don't believe that Healers that work in bodies other than the physical need to give overly much attention to healing on that level,
as I said, most manifestations of difficulty there,
are rooted in the other bodies.
But for you Etheric Body workers
( and it was you Lori that inspired this post).
I'd like you to begin to think of expanding
your arena. 
When you do the work you currently do on the etheric and physical levels,
and when you "release" the problem on those levels,
it creates a rare opening to the actual Cause,
the Astral Trigger,,,
So how can we dig deeper,
how can we release the Cause?

Is there currently a "science" out there
that would address this ?
That would be cool,
 and save us uncovering one. 
 This bears further contemplation,
which I don't have time for right now....

Consider and contemplate this my Healer Friends. 


  1. I have believed for several years that there are viruses which circulate in the Astral/desire vehicle and the mental vehicle, and past that most people don't need to concern themselves. Physical vehicle viruses are recognized, but the upper level viruses are not, yet. Inflammatory commentary propagates the astral level viruses. Violent imagery helps propagate mental level viruses. Only the touching of the Oasis of Light through Breath and meditation imagery can infuse the person with the energies necessary to help lift them above the fray of the mundane levels of living in the physical world. Daily doses of these energies are necessary to bring us ALL into the alignments we need to offset the world termoils.

    1. There you go spouting Truth again John



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