Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Heart Disease The Cure

Heart Disease

Last night I wrote a post about healing,
and how all the bodies need to be dealt with.
Not just the Physical, 
but even more importantly
the Astral
the Etheric 
and the Mental.
Because all disease is rooted
primarily in the astral body. 
 I wrote that post last night because I was thinking
of a person I know who is pretty young,
and has heart disease...kind of major.
So I'm going to talk about where heart disease comes from.
Your Physician , 
who only deals with symptoms, and never causes
might inform you that your heart disease
is a cholesterol problem.
And thank God people are finally waking up to this.
Arterial Plaque made of Cholesterol,
is not caused by ingesting foods high in cholesterol,
or even from some cholesterol metabolism problem.
The cholesterol is trying to protect your arteries
from damages caused by CRAP that should never get
into your body..
I could go on a long rant about how this all works,
and why that theory is so terribly wrong,
but that info is "out there" now...finally,
and tonight I'm talking about causes....
not what isn't the cause.

So heart disease is very rooted in the Astral Body,
it exists in the Etheric body as controlled by the Mental, and or Astral body.
It is NEVER Rooted in the Physical body.
This is one reason why Physicians
don't really have a clue.

OK, the first rule about disease is:
It is always a lack of or over amplification
of energy within the major and minor chakras,
or energy bodies that lie ....etherically behind Glands and organs.
So, too much or too little juice,
and there will be a problem.
More often than not with the heart,
it is Too Little.

There are a lot of reasons for this....
energy deficit that causes eventual "disease" in the physical organ.

The person I was thinking of has strong heart energies,
Ignores them in favor of Thought and emotion.
If we ignore our Intuition
when it screams at us, we can develop heart problems.

Now I am a very good candidate for heart disease
for another reason. 
I have so freakin much love that it is scary.
I keep it locked up,
behind an energetic wall.
I'm really good at those energetic walls.
When I was in my 20's 
out of the need to survive in the world
while being way too Psychic...
I put one in the base of my spine.
(where the impressions entered my being..).
I knew then it would create serious problems..
and it did.
But that is another story, just an example.

We build walls within our etheric bodies,
based upon our astral bodies...
Karma carries these walls from Life to life until we demolish them.
I've written pretty extensively about this in relation to the breath before in this blog, because on an energetic level,
everything we have experienced
is reflected within us. If we judged the experience as "BAD"
we withhold our breath from it.
Experiences are tied to certain areas in our bodies.... our Judgments of "BAD" literally in time,
make us Sick.  
Because we withhold our breath from them, 
we tuck them away in dark places 
where we don't have to feel them..
we wall them off.... energetically.
Our mental body assisting our etheric body in the task,
as directed by our astral body.
This is why one of the most...or possibly the most powerful tool in our personal healing arsenal 
is right use of our breath.
If you do a search on this blog under the keywords "Breath into it", you will find 5 posts about this important Key.

So heart disease is generally rooted in emotion,
manipulated into being via the mental and etheric bodies...

Something that caused you to close off your heart, some pain,
could be lifetimes ago...that built a wall....
Fear of future pain based upon past pain.
Ignoring your intuition in favor of mind or emotion...
Ignoring Truth
There are many things that can cause heart disease...
and what your physician tells you,
is not one of them.

Some will say that it can be environmental toxins....
They will say this for many diseases of the body.
But it must be understood that these toxins
are not the cause...
they are a trigger.
You can ingest a toxin and get cancer in your liver, or lungs, or colon, or brain.... 
The toxin is an amplifier...
where the problem manifests is Astral,
If you have a problem with the idea of Karma
(which is understandable because the common ideas of it are basically wrong)...then do a search here...I'm sure I explained how it actually works and what it actually is somewhere here.
YEP, just checked, quite a few...
Most disease is Karmic...
either personal Karma,
or Group Karma.
Most communicable disease is Group Karma.
Most diseases of bodily systems,
Heart, Brain, Liver, Lungs...etc.
are personal Karma...
Your Doctor will never cure your heart disease...NEVER
he will treat the symptoms...
and you will be plagued with it from lifetime to lifetime until 
You gotta tear down the walls
you gotta let the Light into the dark places
where you've hidden the painful, or "Bad" things.
You have to let your heart speak
when it demands to be heard.

This is the only cure.

into the places you deny
into the places you hide
into the places you've tucked your pain
and fear, and hatred
into where you have put everything
every single thing you judge as, :Bad".



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