Thursday, August 18, 2016

Follow it Back

This following is a reply on a forum to the person questioning how to deal with Past Life creations of Karma.
"I see good suggestions here.
 I would say, if you have a past life memory that you are conscious of and you feel is reflecting...or expressing itself as a problem in this Life.....Deal directly with that.
 But here's the thing...
all those,"past life" Karmic projections
 (painful past life experiences) 
 are what is at the heart of all the current Karmic expressions
 ( otherwise known as your Life). 

The Practice of True Contemplation"   upon the current "situation"....will lead the one who so contemplates to the Source of the Expression 
( Karmic TRIGGER).

 Pretty much Silence....and Will.
Learn True Contemplation....and eventually Everything is Revealed.  Patanjili Perfected the Science and passed it Down , often called Raja Yoga.  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjili are a good study source for anyone ....seeking the Truth that is...beyond Thought...and Emotion. 
 And contemplation is JUST SO FREAKIN COOL.
  Here's the Deal:
EVERYTHING has a Pattern...
and a Blueprint.
The existence we see around us,
 and as us...
is the current end result of a long pattern.
Humans lose sight of the Pattern...and the Blueprint, because their action has always been.....
adding to it.
That changes at a certain point of human evolution.
 We cease Collecting
"Who we are"
and begin
discarding the Pieces we have collected.

And contemplation is a Process that
now aligns with the 
"direction of the soul".
It is now Possible.
And it's really ...
in description
Basically :

Be Silent in Mind
and Body.
Let BE
 Simply BE.

Easy, See?

When you learn to do this
and focus your Intention (will)
upon the Current ...problematic aspects of your current Life...which is simply the current end result of a Long long pattern...
you will follow the pattern
back to it's Source...
through all the pieces that built the Form
that it currently exists in your world as.

Contemplation is achieved by one pointed , TOTALLY SILENT IN MIND AND BODY
 and then
 Letting Go To..
whatever we place our contemplation on.
Then the Journey is ....
Back through the pattern...
to the Blueprint.... 
and even beyond that,
(which is the Ultimate Goal).
The Source and the All.

So in summation I'm just saying,
Past Life Traumas reflect themselves in our current life's experience.
If we have a Coherent past life memory,
deal with it as you perceive it,
but if you don't have a distinct memory,
yet have reached that point in evolution where
you don't really feel like being Ruled by Karma anymore...... then
Contemplate your Life.
Follow the Expressions
back to the Roots.
And sit there Silently
with it for a While.

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