Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Spiritual Path is THE UNDOING

This started out as a reply on a Spiritual Forum...
but went beyond that...
Consciousness always MOVES ....
 But Evolution of Consciousness is Circularesque (h e he). 
A soul begins it's journey seeking to find it's place
 in the WEB of it All.
 This is every souls purpose...
To find it's Unique Separate Expression. 
 This is the First Half of every souls journey. Through Duality the soul collects that which will Define who it is in the Tapestry.  
 This is that part of evolution dominated by the "Pairs of Opposites". 
This is where Duality Reigns..
.....and through this ...
.. vacillating between the Poles..
..through searching for what feels good..
..and seeking that out..
.. and Fearing what doesn't feel good,
 and shunning that....
 ...eventually that soul makes it's
 Culminated Outward Expression
 in the Web.

  It culminates in Form, one could say. 

 And at that wild and crazy point....what we call the "Spiritual " Life....Begins, (though the Truth is, it's ALL Spiritual Path once we remove the Duality from it and we're just at that point here where the wheel has made it's full half turn, and  NOW,  the Building of Form, is Reversed.).   But it's "the wheel turning back upon itself "... the journey now, is Back.....through our "Collection".... and learning to  Perceive that which we had Accepted into our Definition via a Judgment made in Duality, 
with Love....
with out the Judgments .

You know our so called "Spiritual Path"
is just our Path into Form
Going in the other Direction.....

I just went out and picked some green beans
 by the moonlight....and it occurred to me as I came back to this that, The Evolution of a Soul is like
 Like rolling up a ball of yarn, (after you made that yarn from Fiber of various sorts that you had collected and spun during your with Eternity.
  And then.... you get to the end...
The ball is all rolled up.
And then you start unraveling it....
And you are seeing again the
Fiber that built it....
But now you see it...
with Love
Beyond Duality...
And you unravel that Ball of Yarn that is "YOU"
all the while knowing,
deep down....
that you are heading into ONENESS.

What had once Defined you...
judgments of Good and Bad.
Is now your path 
to that Oneness...
And it's always a test,
Because even once  "OUR DIRECTION" changes..
And we have been officially admitted to the 
"Spiritual Path". he he
You know one could say,
to be Concise,
The Undoing
of All we have ever
in this long journey through Eternity

The Spiritual Path 

he he he

And once you are Undone...

You are ONE.

Now I'm gonna take this to the next level here.
Forum Readers can stop here if they don't want this Rabbit Hole.

My Vision
that explains Everything to me...
that put everything in Balance and Focus...
There is a part of that Vision that
I remembered wrong...
And the Difference is Significant.
I think I wrote some about it a time back.
But it was concerning the Evolution of the Soul..
And in my Mind I had built a picture 
of the soul being ...split off (which it does)..
then it's fill it's position in the Web.
And I saw it expanding out to fill the space that was there for it....and it expanded until it basically was infringing upon the next soul to the Web...Which was Split off at about the same time,
and has been growing in size...just like the other...
and so at this point ...they Merge.
But I went back and read my original Translation of the vision...
This is Intense

The Boundaries of your "Cell"
are determined on the day you split off.
And you grow to fill that.

Holy Crap!!

It's like the "Cell wall" is the first thing
to "Become".
Then the quality of that cell...
Fills in the space...the endoplasm.
Then it's like the cell begins metabolizing things
and it starts taking on Hues and colors...
and it get's darker...
and darker in all these varied Hues...
Then one day it reaches critical mass..
it can not expand any further..
or become any Darker.
(is this the "ring pass-not")?'s all Clicking Now.
Then it starts lightening up..
Getting Brighter and Brighter...
Then it gets so Bright, that it's Boundaries, the Cell Wall......disappears.
And it Merges with
all those before it...and with it, 
that  have Merged.

They become part of what I call,
"The Spiritual Sun"
and that which lies
at the Center of Creation...

Next level is ...way too much:

Now, just as we are Cells...
That fill up....
then Merge.
So does,
God that is..
God Evolves
and Reincarnates
Just like each of the Cells
that Make God. 
God also reaches Critical mass...
And this only happened fairly recently...
And the repercussions are exponential.

So, once we Evolve beyond Form
and Merge with the Spiritual Sun....
there is still one greater state to Reach...
and that will be the Point where
reaches Critical Mass...
Then for a Brief Flash...
We know our Ultimate Truth....
The it starts all over.....
there is a Blueprint..
the DNA from Last time....

I've Bathed in that Spiritual Sun Before.
And that Bliss, that Ecstasy ...which seems beyond anything....
Well I can't Imagine what it'll feel like when the Whole is Illuminated.

The Spiritual Sun is the whole of merged souls
BUT there is still another ....Level..
Where EVERY single soul in existence
When God Reaches Critical Mass...

Can't imagine that one. 

But looking forward to it.  he he 

You know, Spiritual People" 
would like to believe that they 
have always been Climbing those Stairs,
always have been 
Ascending into the Light..
but until they face the fact that they
They once built their homes
within Dreams
 that didn't really exist. 
They Once Danced 
with Duality...

Until Spiritual folks Realize that
It's all Spiritual...

they will be Stuck.


  1. yes it is all illusion ,even the one who says its illusion-karl renz advaita you tube.hey jeff you remember me in palo alto at p0lowshare and at your dad's house.wont say name just I n case you accidently show know we talked don juan all the time. yeah it's me .freaking out the weed but no longer. weed all day ,sometimes but not like abusive americans excess everything. anyway, seen lots of ''UFO'S' the past decade in palo ALTo ,too no less.eveywhere. near midtown and other places. this little white disc with a black spot on it hovered over me in daytime near some isolated area in suburban palo alto. also saw 2 flying fake ''ufo clouds' fly by at about 800 miles per hour and vanish in broad daylight. as if it was a show just for me. saw multi color bursts of lightining like colored lights behind some clouds right near city hall one night. thought if someone walked by ,I would have to explain what it was.sure didn't want to have to tell someone we are being found by ''aliens''. but the lights stopped.those alien forms are doing things all over the world. palo alto too. they might know me , as a bird shaped form flew by me in a downtown alleyway and vanished in thin air. all those you tube light orb formations yousee are the so called ''phoenix lights'' that were seen in 1997. they found me somehow. maybe the ones you saw followed you and around and followed me too. you never know. are they ''magicians'' in another light frequency? maybe, but they don't seem to be machines. forms and imagery. real forms that loo0k like dense light. a ufo ''disc'' is actually a form to fool people into thinking ''people from outer space'' the aliens like to fool with humans. don't blame them. americans are so out of zombies .the government is a strictly a Jonestown affair. check ''phoenix lights 1997 you tube''.those are who is here now.BTW, they built one of those bigger new house where your cottage was near that crrek bridge, and put a bike bridge alongside it. mc mansions crush idyllic palo alto. bring on the aliens!

    1. Hey there Mr. N Think about you often...Is the Laning Chateau still there downtown. Good to hear from you. I seem to remember you had a brother living in Eugene years ago, but not sure....Those were the days huh. We're living the Life here...working all the time....but, trying to keep it real...and not working for anybody else. Only eat Organic...quote you often..."Clean Burning Fuel" I think you called it...but my memory might get things mixed up. Really good to hear from you.

  2. Yeah, I think a lot of those UFO's are lie inter-dimensional beings. I've had some pretty intense memories...actually pretty cool of being in a "craft"... Bunch of other folks there...humans and a few non humans...tall, grey...don't say much. The humans were all "asleep"...but I was looking around, looked out the window and they were bringing us to this Pristine planet.... Beautiful, also had a bunch of memories surface from the time my family saw the one in the desert in front of our Dad and Mom got belly scars then..... but these memories, and there are a bunch..... took place over a period of time, I think ..... Trippy stuff. My sister told me she has ZERO memory from before that night and most of mine are..... where I have pictures....otherwise not a lot of memory before that. But now stuff is coming together. Found out my folks were both Black Government Lifers and I'm pretty sure they volunteered me for some experiments in the desert . (I know they did later).... but this place in the desert keeps coming back in pieces.... lots of em, and they all fit together. I could draw a map of the Facility (that appears like it was abandoned)..but was not. How about these Crazy Humans HUH??? OMG...the mind control has reached epic proportions. They are spraying hard core over Eugene and all over around here, constantly. We have fighter jets buzzing over our house all the time WTF??? Airport and Congressman claim ignorance. Man we had some awesome talks and did a lot of Laughing, I remember my sides aching.



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