Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The "Fence Sitters" and the "Integrity" problem.

The "Fence Sitters"

The "Fence Sitters" is a term I coined
for a certain stage of a Souls Evolution.
It is that Nadir Point
That point of Culminated Evolution
on the first turn of the Wheel.
It is that point where the persons soul
has Culminated.
Through the Duality
of searching out desires and shunning pains,
the soul has collected all that is required
for it to Fill it's specific
Unique Position
in the Web of All Life.
You are a done deal as far as chasing
dreams built in Fear and Desire.
Those things that used to enthrall you
you no longer have any interest in.
Your Intellect
is slowly being replaced by
Your Desire being replaced by 


You are totally Lost.

You have been going in one direction
literally for thousands of years.
And suddenly the movement stops
and direction Changes.

What Now?

Because of certain Unique Conditions
in Creation today...
You could call the
"Culmination of Creation"..
 we have what you could call
a compression of the Light.
This is at the Heart of what Mystics have called,
"The Quickening"
This is a very special time,
in Life and "Death".

That Amplification of Light
in the "Living" world
 has repercussions.
Those who have not 
"culminated in Form",
have not made it to that Fence the Fence Sitters are sitting on...
Have sort of been robbed of their leisurely
walk through Duality. 
They are literally being pushed towards Maximum Density.
They are ruled by Fear and Desire,
and all the children of fear and desire.

AND it matters not the suffering caused
in them obtaining it.

And that process of collecting to satisfy the Ego/Souls 
compulsion to make a unique separate expression through Duality...

Is at a fevered pace.

The Elite,
those who are destroying lives,
human and animal and plant and planetary health
are simply seeking that culmination that
all the Fence Sitters have already found.

But let's get back to the fence sitters
 because that's what I titled this piece.

Now as I believe I mentioned in my previous post
on Integrity that
I've known since I was 20 years old
that my responsibility in this life
was to the "Fence Sitters"
and those whose direction had changed
and were Navigating the new and uncharted path
back to Unity.
And if you haven't read that post on Integrity,
please do so before reading the rest of this
because my definition of Integrity
is not what it has devolved in meaning to be,
which seems to be a commonly accepted meaning
 in younger folks. 

I have done a very excellent job of Avoiding this responsibility
to the Fence Sitters.

And I suppose this is partially because
the place where my responsibility lies

So I'm hanging out on the Fence with the Fence Sitters.
Throwing stones at those coming up the road,
because like  reformed alcoholics or smokers,
or recently converted religious zealots,
I am disgusted by those forces
that made me what I once was
at that point where I
Culminated in Form.
But here's the thing:
EVERY soul from Jesus to Buddha to Mohammed 
first had to culminate in Form
before they could begin that return path to Unity.
And any attempt to Hinder that Culmination
into the darkest night of the soul
only lengthens the period of time
until the Wheel Reverses back upon itself.
I have been a 
"Warrior for the Light"
Fighting all those "Ego" driven qualities
that lead folks into that greater Darkness.
And you know what,
that is like trying to reverse the course of a mighty river,
or change the direction of the Earths rotation.
Yes, Greed and Fear are destroying the planet.
Souls motivated by these things are running the Governments,
the Big Corporations,
the Religions.
And they are wreaking Havoc in their
search for their own Unique SEPARATE Expression.
But this is how it is,
the only way it can be,
this is the PLAN.
There is not a thing anyone anywhere can do to 
reverse any other souls direction upon the wheel of evolution.
That can not and will not happen until that soul culminates,
in maximum density of "form".
So I've been wasting a lot of lifetimes 
trying to reverse the path the sun travels in the sky.
Kind of Pointless.

Because in actual fact it's the Fence Sitters
and their difficulty with Integrity,
that potentiate the problems,
and these are the ONLY ones
that we can hope to aid.
Because here is the deal:
Integrity can be very very difficult for the fence sitters.
Their Direction has changed,
their souls motivation is totally geared towards Unity,
towards dissolving the dualistic judgments
 that brought them to the fence.
But their History
is within Duality, within all those separative judgments,
within the Fear and Desire.
They are at that stage where they do not yet recognize the difference between
Desire....and Aspiration.
Which like the "Ego" and "Soul"
are the very same thing...
only going in different directions upon the wheel.

And this election I see as a big test,
a big opportunity for folks on the Fence to see
just where they are, and the task at hand for them.

So getting back to Hillary and Trump:
For the most part changing a Trump supporters direction
is a waste of time.
For the most part they are still evolving towards maximum density
and the gas in their engines is Fear, and Desire 
and all of Fear and Desires Children.
And that can not be changed 
until those souls culminate.
Those souls are in Integrity with their direction of travel.
You see Trump is about Separation and Division,
he's the epitome of that which drives souls
through the first half of their Evolution.
Hillary is the same, BUT
she is playing to a different crowd.
She's playing the "Unity" card
as a means to get elected,
and do the evil bidding of the Elite.
And the poor fence sitters
those whose path is now geared towards Unity,
Buy into it.
I mean what choice do they have.
They will grab at any straw offered to them
 because they are fairly totally lost.
..yet know in their Souls
 that Unity,is the Goal...
they just have no clue how to get to it.
This is new Territory.
I mean thousands of years seeking a unique separate expression 
motivated by Ego's Children..
Now suddenly they are DONE with that,
and their gas tank is on Empty...
and they don't know what to fill it with,
because it won't run on the old gas any more.
So they will grab at anything that looks remotely
like what they feel they need.
They know War for profit is wrong..
they know destroying the planet and human health is Wrong...
They know selling out peoples Livelihoods
for the profit of the Elite is wrong... 
And even though Hillary is the choice of the Elite
that does all these destructive things...
The Fence Sitters Integrity,
with their new founded ideals
is lacking.
OK, I'm going to give you the absolute most concise
definition of Integrity.
Integrity is acting in line with our Souls Intention.

Now a Fence sitters Soul is suddenly on totally new ground..
it's Intention, it's Direction
 is totally going in the opposite direction now.
That which motivated it towards maximum density..
the Fear, the dualistic Judgments...
are no longer the gas in the engine...
But that is the History.
That is still even what the person feels
(with much guilt and disgust)
on one level,
themselves to be. 
Because they have little experience or history
in their souls new direction to describe
"who they are"
And though they know that War and Destruction
 on so many fronts 
is not a direction towards Unity..
They have no firm footing there,
not lifetimes of History there.
And when they hear the cleverly devised words
that Hillary's Owners have scripted for her;
Words like "Unity" and "Together"...
it strikes a very strong chord with them.
It is after all their New Direction.
So they conveniently avoid the Facts
that show how Hillary is leading the masses 
into greater darkness,
greater density in form...
because she's playing to their Starving Hungry Souls.
And they see no other option,
because Trump, who is in his Integrity,
makes no bones about the fact that he's
heading the masses into greater separation,
greater density in form.
That blatantly glaring admission
that it is a platform built upon Exclusion...
Is more than the "good" Fence Sitter can bear...
So they will buy the Lie of "Unity" and "Together"
that Hillary is selling them. 

So this Election to me is an opportunity
for the Fence Sitters to find Integrity
with their New Direction.
To Sever ties to the Fear
and all of the other "Ego's Children"
that once led them on their merry chase.
And to claim their new path as their own.
To have Integrity within their desire for Union.
To support that which will drive Humanity and the planet
towards the Healing that it so desperately needs.

And I will do my best to quit trying to
change the Suns direction.

But I make no promises to the Fence Sitters ...

That I won't try and push them off the fence.

EVERYTHING you once were,
everything that defined you...
will no longer Bind you...
Once you find Integrity
in your New Direction. 

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