Monday, January 30, 2017

Not to be Distracted from "The Light"

I have a couple lifetimes,
the last 2,
that weigh very heavily on my soul.
Within those two 
and what those deaths were the culmination of...
lie the chinks in my armor,
the weaknesses in my Aura
that allow for difficulties on an energetic
and physical level.
When we carry an astral Trauma,
within our etheric (energy) bodies,
it's just a matter of time..
before some generally unwanted
manifestation appears
in our physical bodies.
Taryn say's I should write this out,
the whole story...
bring it into the Light.
SO, Well...

I was Red Rock Lakota
We were at war,
well we'd like to pretend..
No, we were being Hunted
like animals.
There was a "battle"
I was with the old folks, 
the women and children.
I was a man of Peace.
Been a fighter
far too long.
We were in this "draw",
Like a wide arroyo
brush here and there.
To our right, over the edge of the draw,
a bit down and ahead of us...
The People were fighting the Blue Coats.
We were running parallel,
but we thought unseen.
Then from up behind our group came a bunch of soldiers.
They were just killing everyone.
Women, children, old folks..
I didn't understand..
Everyone was scattering..
getting mowed down.
I went off to the right and down a bit.
There was a soldier down there,
I was Feeling the whole thing
It was like I was the nexus upon which 
it all congealed.
And the feeling was all wrong...
And it was the lack of integrity,
Blew me away,
I can't pull up what that soldier was doing.
Part of me tells me he was killing 
one of my Group, 
and I'm not so sure that is a correct memory, because I have a "feeling"
that he was 
maybe throwing up...
maybe sick of it.

Sometimes our minds will distort History,
to make us feel better.

But I became part of the
of the lack of integrity...
I had a knife, 
jumped on the guy,
yelling a derogatory word for "White Man",
and I pulled his head to the side,
and slit his throat.
And in that moment...
I felt our...
I saw his family
in his dying eyes...
And I pitied 
and feared
his lack of integrity.
There was a word for that in our language.
Seemed like it starts with an H..
like Hosani ...nope....hmmm
I think it's 2 or three syllables...
I loved that word, I made it central to my "Purpose".
I lived for that.
My overriding intention
was to remain in
a state of Peace..
and UNITY.
But in this Craziness
it did not exist...
Then, in the middle of my Back,
and through to the front
was a searing hot 
My whole life , this time, 
I've had problems...
continually with that exact spot on my back..
then inside my body a long life of....
that centered
right inside my body where 
where I was shot..
or lanced.
Considering the timing of
my acute ....Anger
and Confusion,
at the moment my "Life: ended,
I'll bet I spent quite a little eternity in a Hell Realm.
Whenever I have re experienced
this memory,
my anguish seems centered around,
my killing that guy.
He didn't have Anger
or hate of us...
He had Fear.....
And for that fear 
gave up his integrity,
and did that which was horrific to him.
I used to always cry when I even started to think about this,
but not tonight...
And right now
in the middle of my chest,
the size of 3 quarters
stacked upon themselves
is a perfectly round
very hard like a rock
some weird kind of
Squamish Cell Carcinoma..

That's how it works folks.
Gettin it removed ASAP.

And right now it hurts there on my chest,
inside of me, directly behind it
in my esophagus
is a discomfort
and directly behind that
is that spot in my spine
that has given me fits since I was maybe 22.
A direct line
through my body....
the same line that lance
or from the looks of that
growth on my chest
a Bullet flew.

Next thing I know
I'm living in Tibet
a lowly monk in a huge amazing Monastery. 
And now it is all about Integrity with our Souls.
Continual communion
with our Souls.
Learned Contemplation
and meditation.
Learned to better be with the Silence.
Learned about Limitlessness.
But the Chinese were coming.
The Master told us
that it was time for us to 
spread upon the wind
to the corners of the Earth.
And we were not to flee the Chinese..
And basically choose death.
Then they came,
and lined us up 
on like these steps...
but a wide one.
And they told us something like,
if we gave up our religion,
and bowed to them..
we would be spared.

I was pretty near the end of the line.

Oh yeah, we were not to look them in the eyes.
we were supposed to look down
when they were in front of us.
So these few soldiers and a Big Wig
walk down the line,
and all my Brothers,
look em straight in the eye...
then get shot in the head.
They get down to me,
I gotta say, I didn't agree with the Master
about this course of action..
but there I was...
So they come to me,
and I look the guy in the face,
and in that instant see,
who he really is and that
he is not in integrity...
I feel sad, and bow my head in sadness.
Then in that moment,
felt a great Shame
a Guilt,
because I believed that
the monks in line behind me would believe I bowed to them.
I even felt shame in front of
the ones who had been shot.
Afraid my sadness would be mistaken to be
compliance with Tyranny.
Then I was shot in the head.....
You know I met a guy,
maybe in 1977.
His name was Bud,
He was there that day,
in my previous life.....
acutely observing....
Running into him was interesting.
He was a very magical dude,
and he told me things
about myself that day,
that I had hidden,
because they were so Painful.

So now I am finishing writing this a month or so later,
The cancer was removed,
"they got it all",
6 inch scar

But it's back...

We can not remove our Karma,
with a blade.

I have so much to let go..

I know what I need to do..

I need to get back to the Light.

And if I shine that Light,
upon those two Deaths...

I can let them be what they are,

without my
attached to them,

and so 

Let them Go.

You know what saddens me,
and hurts me,
about so many folks these days,
giving up their Integrity,
Is that..
My Trauma from those lives,
and others,
that still expresses
through my 3 bodies
(astral, etheric and physical)
is built upon,
my giving up my Integrity.

I have not forgiven myself for
Killing that soldier,
and the ...
Intense anger I felt in that moment.
And I have not forgiven myself for 
Bowing my head to
the Chinese soldier.
my Shame is sooo deep.

I want to Scream out,
to my Brothers there,
"I am not bowing to them"...
Wherever you are in this life,
Know that I was not bowing to them."
I had spent years,
becoming Open...
and quietly aware...
and yet the 
deep sadness I felt when I 
saw that soldier,
who would kill me.
But not a sadness of my death,
but rather a sadness for him,
for his 

In that life and the previous one,
my whole being was devoted to,
And I realize that those words,
"Be at Peace"
can not be understood by you,
my dear reader, 
if there is one...
unless you have known it.

In Peace... We are One
and this is the real Truth.

Yet we are not at Peace,
and we do not,
love our brother as our self..
we become distracted.

And there are forces upon the planet 
that do all they can to keep us
from that Peace 
that Oneness,
and keep us separated....
and Distracted...
Fighting our silly battles,
battles that they orchestrate.

I've been practicing,
maintaining my Peace...

I've been through a few 
Surgical procedures recently.
Having my body sliced 
and scooped
and stitched,
while I sat there awake.
At one time just the thought of it,
would Freak me out.
But I kept my Peace...

And what helped were some old tricks..
Der Dape Mashtra/
Abu Nabe Shim Shom.
A magical technique I learned
when I was young.
"Light of Lights,
penetrate the Created Darkness,
and Free the Lost Sun/
Sound forth the Note
that kindles the Fire."

and even
I am Light,
I am air,
I'm the wind
without a Care.

Time to Find that Peace

Time to Find the Light.

(well it's not a matter of finding it, it's a matter of not being distracted from it.)

I guess it's time to stop being Distracted.

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