Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Solution and a Secret the Puppetmasters want to remain Hidden

Today we will talk about the Solution..

For many lifetimes I've been a Crusader.
I have fought against those who were in Control of the Governments and Churches, and whose primary directive has always been to Enslave the masses and prosper off of them.
I've spent Lifetimes Fighting what I saw as Evil and Ignorance.

My fighting has accomplished only one thing, it has deprived me of Peace.

The masses are still Enslaved, and as usual, most still don't realize it. And they don't realize that they are totally under control by forces they don't even recognize.
The Puppetmasters remains hidden behind the curtain and use Frightened and Greedy Minions to do their work.
They own your Government, they have Created the "Churches" and the masses live in a world of smoke and mirrors where the clear light of day, is lost to them.
The "masses" are made up of individuals, and every one of them has their own ideas about good and evil, right and wrong. The problem is that they have constructed these ideas based upon the smoke and mirrors of the Puppetmasters, and the thoughts and emotions that the dancing Illusion incites within them.
So all "good" people strive for what they perceive as "good" and Fear and possibly fight what they perceive as "Bad".  The problem is, they are all simply being manipulated by the puppetmasters because none truly see the clear light of day, and the dust of all their battles further obscures it. And within all this the Puppettmasters continue to thrive far beyond all others.

So what is the solution?
The clear light of day, long obscured.....is the solution.
But how do we find that amidst the smoke and mirrors and the dust of all our battles?

Well let me tell you about this Magical Land I know of, where the air is clear, the water sweet and all that live there are living in Peace and with the realization that they are ALL TOGETHER ONE THING.  There is no Harm there because the Truth of their realization informs them that any harm, is to Self. 
And there is a very simple technique to finding that land, but that path is cleverly obscured by the Puppetmasters. 
The Puppetmasters have an Agenda, short and not so sweet.
1. Be rich
2. Control the populace to make themselves richer.
3. Control/power

The population is controlled via the smoke and mirrors... via Fear, Emotion and Mentality.

It comes as no surprise that the very first rules of White Magic..... and of Raja Yoga and most meditation practices are.
1. Quiet the mind
2. Control and subdue the Emotions.

There is Truly only one path to Peace, to the World we all want to live in.....

And that is Via Peace.

So you stood all day on a corner and took a long walk with a hat on that made you look like a Vagina with legs.....
Did anything change?
Did you become Peaceful from it?

We have One Task my Loved ones, and that is to Find Peace within us, amidst the whirling smoke and mirrors and all the chaos it creates.
There will be no Peace for Humanity until we find it within ourselves.
We can not change the world until we can see the Truth beyond the created chaos, and Live there. 
"There is no political solution to our troubled evolution,"  thank you Sting..... and as long as we believe in our ideas of right and wrong, as we came to judge them via the smoke and mirrors, we will be part of the problem.
Do not focus on the Division .....focus on the Unity.   Break the controllers spell that tells you there is "us and them".  It's all Us, now focus on Peace and stop Fighting.
Silence your mind, quell your emotions, and this will allow your Heart to open, and this will allow your eyes to see.
There is no "Good Fight". That should be obvious because the only thing that might be worth fighting for is Peace.....and the fight is what denies us that. 
Be at Peace.
Turn off and throw away your TV, Quit listening to the....... Insanity on Facebook and the Radio.... Disconnect from the Illusion and there is hope for us. 
As long as we remain connected to the Lie, Peace will allude us.
Put your Intention, all that Power you've wasted fighting what you perceive as evil, Towards finding Peace Internally, because only when the masses find Peace internally, will it Manifest externally.

And here is a very powerful Truth that has been kept Secret.

Our Natural State is Peace.
And the only reason we have not attained it is,
We've been Distracted.

Stop Being Distracted and we will Find our Way.

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