Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Everything we Know

Everything we know
Every part of this world we live in
Every part of this Universe
this thing we call reality..
Each and every part of that
Began as
A Joyful silent explosion of Loving Intention.
And each of those thing grew
expanded outward
interacted with all the other 
silent joyful exploding loving intentions
that surrounded it,
and it became more and more

They all kept growing and becoming more defined
in relation to each other.

This "evolution" did not increase the power
of the Joyful Silent Loving Intentions,
but rather 
diluted it beyond recognition
into a Definition
very far removed from
the Truth of It.

Humans live within the Definition.

But now is the time for many,
to seek out the Raw Truth at the Center of it.

There are many paths
to this 
(and Periphery)
of Joy .

One of these is
The Breath.
I've written a lot about this before, you can
search "breath" and "Breathe"
and find those....mostly related to 
healing and 
reconciling Karma.

Because here's the thing:
Our Breath binds us to Duality..
and can free us from it.
And Duality is part of the Description,
not the Truth.
The Inhale
and the Exhale...
I was given a key a long time ago,
to transcending the duality
via the blending of the Inhale
and Exhale...
One Thing.
You see, the Truth is it's all happening at once..
It would seem that the Inhale
brings the energy up into us
and the exhale clears it out...
And this is True,
it's all one thing...
When the Inspiration
is balanced
with the expiration
we are no longer bound by the 
I wrote about the "Key" here:

This is one method of so many,
that can help us find
That Silent Joyful loving exploding Intention,
that is at the heart of each and every thing,
and lead us to find Wisdom,
instead of simply 

It is important to understand that
Knowledge is not the goal,
but rather a tool to gain the goal,
which is Absolute Wisdom,
in other words,

You could in fact say that Enlightenment
is eventually gained through
the subjugation of all Knowledge.

At the heart of most of the "methods"
to finding the Truth
is Contemplation,
Extreme Silent Total Focus...
The fact is through Contemplation
upon any thing in Creation,
we can find our way back,
to it's silent loving Source.

At the heart of all things
is Joy...
Well actually Joy is an inadequate word...
Bliss, ecstasy come closer.
And when we learn True Contemplation
we literally can find this Bliss,

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