Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Threshold

The Love of my Lives
I have been avoiding
like the plague.

It means Health,Clarity
and Peace.

Yet I shun it,
Fear it.

It has isolated me,
it has brought me
in it's absence
a vast aloneness.

I was meant to Share it.

But rather
felt shunned,

There is no human experience
knowing the Light.

If I can't share it,
I deny it to myself...

There is this
I call it the 
Threshold of Eternity.

It's that point,
right before you 
Let Go
Into the Light...

If one is to stand there Alone...
there is no Greater

"I thought it was all supposed to be all
Butterflies, Joy and Oneness?"

Yeah well, that is beyond the Threshold.

But for so Long I have
restricted myself.
By one means or another I'd reach the Threshold.
(There are so many yogic methods
which are very different,
yet all lead to the same place.)
So I'd get to the Threshold, then jump over to another method,
get to the Threshold,
then jump over to another method.
That pretty much consisted of my
Method after method,
right up to the Threshold,
then Switch. 

You know after the Humpty Dumpty thing,
it took me years to,
"reorder my island",
as Don Juan might say.
What a ride Man...

I'm ready to get off that ride...

Re Aquaint myself with
The Light.

I've just been afraid of
Jumping Off
Afraid of what would happen
to my relationships in 
"The World",
when suddenly
I am not who I was...
am ever changing..

The Mask of the World,
crumbling off my face.

"If I stay hidden,
I won't be hurt".

Man, that's been a big part of my life.

The Threshold

Time to Step Across

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