Saturday, February 4, 2017

An Astral Shit Storm, The Secret of Resonance

Right Now our Planet
Our Reality
Is Experiencing 
and Astral Shit Storm,
of Epic and never before
in this turn of Creation
The Astral Body
of the whole Planet,
(the Emotional/Mental body)
is whirling and twirling
at a frantic pace.
This reflects in the Etheric body
of the Whole planet,
disrupting the Natural Flow of Energies.
And this reflects in the 
Physical Body
of the Whole Planet,
and Manifests myriad Difficulties there.

And even in our Individual
physical bodies this process
is the basis of most Disease.

And the problem,
but also great opportunity
of this Global Astral Shit Storm 
has to do with ...

The Secret of Resonance.

Damn, now that subject could be a book
all of itself,
But suffice to say,
we are energetic beings,
we have coloured our energetic being,
through our experiences
dealing with and functioning through
We are each a very unique orchestra,
We have many notes and  Stanzas
in common with each "other"..

Well, this is not an easy topic to speak of in a few words.

So, this Astral Shit Storm I'm talking about,
it's been created upon the sum total
of all the individual 
astral shitstorms,
and it's like a whirling Tornado
of all these unique Resonances...

Within each of us is a collection.
A collection of our major
Lifetimes worth.
And they tend to pile up upon each other,
as they are not resolved,
and because of the energy expended
to keep them at bay and from 
creating further Pain,
our Astral Body stores these 
karmic memories,
out of sight temporarilly
until we can view them
beyond the Duality
where they were created.
And set them free to
become what they really are.

And it tends to store them in very specific locations,
ones generally somehow related to the
original Trauma (or Obsession).

So humans, especially older souls
but everyone,
carries around a plethora of these
repressed and denied traumas,
from Lifetimes..
And each holds a specific position in the body,
and this Astral Energy
which is either Repressed,
or Over Amplified....
reflect in the energetic (etheric) body.
And then eventually the physical.
They become the seeds of our
future dis ease.

But the reason I bring this up,
has to do with the Law of Resonance.

This is a key Law
that governs us
in the Life
and the Death State.
(more evidently so there).

So we become sick,
first because of manifestations
in the physical body
of past Traumas
or current obsessions, 
because of Resonance,
where something in the whirling cacophony
of the Global Shit Storm
resonates at a similar frequency,
with one of our own 
past traumas or obsessions...
And it Sparks it,
it fires it up. 
Then it grows within us.

Viruses are a Group Karmic thing.
An agreement in some 
Intense Dualistic Notion.

This is at the heart of all "Contagious" Disease.

Now I'm going to say those words one more time,
please contemplate them:

Viruses are a Group Karmic thing.
An agreement in some 
Intense Dualistic Notion.

And it is all about resonance,
a Group Song sung by Many,
out of key,
out of tune,
thoroughly imbued with Dualistic Judgments.

And right now,
wow, what a Mass Mess,
What a Shit Storm of future disease
is being planted.

Millions upon millions gave up their Integrity
and put their Intention
towards things they
did not believe in.

The People Divided up,
some waving the Banner of Evil and Corruption,
and others waving the banner of
Bigoted stupidity.
And they Yelled and Fought
for what they don't really believe in.
They are Angry at 
"the Other".
Divided and
with their Emotional Energy,
they have created this 
Astral Shit Storm,
that is very difficult to extricate oneself from.

But understanding how it works,
how we are pulled into the Fray,
because something within us,
something created with Dualistic Judgments
within us,
with  something in 
that mass astral shit storm.

What do we do?

You can't hide,
you can avoid the stimulation,
and certainly that helps,
you are still affected,
still in the Soup of
Us All...
So you might get some disease out of "no where"
or act totally
"out of character",
but it's simply that resonance within you,
matching something in the Shit Storm.

The solution....

We Learn to Be totally Quiet.

We learn to listen Deeply

Dualistic Judgments
attached to intense life experiences,
hang all over us,
resonating away at their different
calling to themselves,
that which is 
of like kind.

This is another Law that governs our Reality,
the Law of Magnetism.

So, not to be hooked
into the Mass Hysteria/ Fear/Hatred
or whatever the current shitstorm is built upon,
we must remove those dualistic astral elements
from our own being.

Now there's  almost countless ways to do this,
that's what psychotherapy is trying to do on one level,
(working the astral)
and freakin shock and Drug therapy 
(working the etheric)
on another.

But most of the methods deal with 
the manifestation and dismantling
of it 
one way or another,

but the best method I've ever come across,
is meditation upon
the Light.

Let me put it like this,
our bodies 
in their most primal natural state
are like a beautiful symphony
of notes in perfect Harmony,
creating one perfect Sound.

Our Stored Trauma
and our obsessions
are like folks in the orchestra,
playing and maintaining
Bad Notes.
And those "bad notes"
were built upon judgments
of mental and emotional matter.
These "bad notes"
are the seeds of Disease.

The Light
is like the Perfect Note,
like the one note 
that comes from the perfect symphony.

And when we immerse ourselves
in that one perfect note
that is the culmination of 
Everything singing it's perfect song
in perfect Harmony,
becoming One Perfect Sound

This drowns out those pesky
Bad Notes,

It fades them out,
and tunes them in.

Fades them Out
And Tunes them In.


  1. Yep. The Master said we should keep our minds steady focused in the Light. It becomes the beacon which slowly guides us out of this Astral and lower mental mess, and lifts the quality of our vibration so that we are less and less impacted by the garbage vibes.



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