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Understanding the Soul's Evolution, a key to Finding Real Compassion/ Fear Not the Insanity..Part 1

Understanding the Soul's Evolution,
 a key to Finding Real Compassion /
Fear not the Insanity 
Part 1.

I'm sure I've written about this a lot before,
 but it bears repeating .

First I must reiterate here 
what I mean by Compassion.

It is not that Wimpy
tangling of emotional cords,
blending and sharing of Miseries...
But it's currently the only word I have...
But rather

 Compassion is
The Heartfelt Realization

THAT, is Compassion.

Understanding how EVERY soul evolves,
can help bring us to
that Compassion..

So here we go round 
the evolutionary Wheel Again.

You could say that each Soul
is born as a spark,
off of all the souls that came before it.
Envision a spark 
out of the Darkness
just seems to suddenly appear.
(it isn't sudden but for explanatory reasons,
we need a "starting" point.)
So this spark appears,
then it forms into this "Cell"
then briefly "shudders",
and out from it, 
sparks fly out,
and become cells
and they remain connected to the
"first one"
via a filimant of Light.
Then Each one of them shudders
and divide into more,
all connected
and seemingly ever expanding Thing.
Looks like a Giant Spider Web
of Light,

And what made the sparks/souls 
was the fact that they are born
with a singular Obsession,
and that is to

They are compelled to actually
fill up the space in their cell
 in the web
in the position that
was allotted them
simply by who they were sparked from,
and who they spark to.
But keep in mind,
it's all one thing...

So they are compelled to Fill their
Unique Separate Expression.
That is the First Prime Directive 
of EVERY soul
And while they are expanding to fill this 
So are all the others around them
in the Web.
And the way these Souls
define "themselves"
is via "Duality".
Through Seeking Pleasure
and hiding/running from / 
and fighting Pain.
It's all about finding what brings one 
Comfort, happiness, security.
And pretty much at all cost the soul begins collecting,
and discarding things,
by which it will define itself.
This person is motivated by the soul,
(that at this stage some mistakenly call ego,
as if it is separate from the Soul, it is the same thing, just going on a different direction of the Wheel).
So "Seek the feel good,
shun the feel bad"..
And gather Judgments as you go,
and base future judgments on the ones
previously gathered
this is good, I want that,
this is "Bad",
Don't go there.
And every soul ....


I gotta tell you something that  is Key,
something I actually forgot for most of my Life,
then I read the Original.....
notes from My Vision.
Backing up to the beginning,
Let me change the whole visualization...
When the spark.... sparks off,
and a new one is formed,
that is very very similar
but just a wee different from the one it sparked from,
(free will, that's what they mean by that).
But it looks like an Empty Cell
full of Light..
I mean really imagine like plant cells multiplying,
bubbling outward.
Still connected by the cord of Light,
the cell wall...
and held in position by that.
And as the soul collects it's judgments
of good and bad...
and as it becomes defined by these things,
it fills up it's allotted space....
It was like this free for all,
grabbing stuff,
and kicking stuff away,
all to Find
Our Unique Separate Expression ...

But then a day comes that we ,
"Hit the wall".
You know what,
 that free for all
had a limit,
it's end point.

That soul has,
It is done playing Duality ..

It's interior is so full
that it is Dark.
It can't find a single thing to
further define itself.

But it doesn't seem to know it yet,
so it just keeps trying to do
what it has always done...

But it can't go any further....

then it realizes
it has to go back from where it came.

It was a Wheel..

That's why They call it,
the Wheel of Evolution.

So now it turns back
 upon the path it has Created...

The Barriers that block it's Return,
are the very things it once defined itself as.
So now it's compulsion,
is towards the Light.
And an interesting thing is happening in the Web.
All the other cells around it,
are doing the same thing...
They get darker, 
then they start getting Lighter.

So the Barriers that were a real big deal,
when we sought and fought so hard for them,
or ran and hid so hard from them...
Now we must see them without the Duality,
without the Judgments 
we used to define them in their placement in us.
Then they just seem to dissolve 
into Light.

And meanwhile, back to the Web,
those Spark/Cells we sprang from....
they have totally filled with Light,
and their "cell wall"
has been obliterated,
and they have all blended with all the others before them,
into this Huge Light at the Center,
that I call the
Spiritual Sun.
And this is pressing up against us,
and it is sparking that
primal light within us again,
and helping propel us,
back to....
Our Source.

As we become more full of Light,
and simultaneously those around us in the Web,
are becoming more full of Light...

We will Blend,
it's just a matter of time.

So, back to the original title point,
so how can we gain True Compassion from
understanding the souls evolution?

Well, once you "See" that we ALL,
have been through or are going through
that process of Collecting our
Unique Separate Expression,
(that some call Personality.)
That which was our Souls 
Destiny within Creation.
And in that process, 
we all
were or are still,
 Self Centered
obsessed, destructive
Grabbing and pushing, 
pushing and Grabbing.
Judging, judging, judging...

It's a fact.

And that's just the way it was set up,
Not everyone gets to culminate as Buddha, 
or Christ.

You see it's not these Stairs of Evolution
as we have been led to believe,
where we're always ascending to greater heights,
becoming more spiritual by the day....
Until you are on the home trip Baby,
you are becoming less spiritual day by day,
that is just the way it is.
No Judgment....

Everybody has their Unique Position to fill,
and only can their souls determine what that is,
and we may not like it,
they might be So freakin Horrible...
None of our business..
it's their business, 
let em complete it so they can literally,
start Lightening Up.

End of Part 1.

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