Saturday, February 4, 2017

Understanding the Soul's Evolution, a key to Finding Real Compassion/ Fear Not the Insanity. Part 2

Understanding the Soul's Evolution,
 a key to Finding Real Compassion/ 
Fear Not the Insanity. 
 Part 2

So in part 1 we saw how the Soul Evolves,
first via duality
and collecting a Description of Itself,
built upon dualistic judgments.
Then how that soul finally fills it's Self up,
until it becomes so dense and dark 
in Astral, etheric and physical "matter"
that it can no longer take any more,
it's definition is complete,
It "Culminates".

And then it turns back upon it's
internal path into Creation,
processes it's collection of Judgment Conglomerate
that have hitherto been know as ,
"Description in the Word."
And allows them to exist without
the judgments that created them,
relegating them 
into the Light.

Now I'm going to tell you something that,
a lot of parts of you,
will run from,
hide from.

Sorry, gotta be said,

You know how the cells all expand within themselves...
then hit the wall,....

All of Creation,
that we are the Cells within
Does the same thing.
Hit's the Wall...

A point comes where 
Creation / God
Ceases expansion in this Incarnation.
All the Cells began merging in the Center of "God"
The Light of that "Spiritual Sun"
Expanding outward,
and there is a compression of this Light now,
in the body of Creation...
God is reaching Critical Mass...

So things are getting Interesting
and weird.

We have the "Quickening"
and the "Darkening",.

You see all those souls,
that have not culminated,
have been gypped...

they are feeling this 
Pressure from the Light..
they are being denied that long
wild and crazy free for all,
 that is the Hallmark of life on the road to culmination.
Their souls feel pressured...
But they gotta do what they gotta do,
grab stuff...
money, power, security, love...
and shun anything that might deny these to them...
and they are on METH right now,
these souls are freaking in a feeding frenzy,
trying to get
their Definition....
And those that have already Culminated,
are being propelled at Breakneck speed,
into the Light..
And that too can be scary.

So we should understand that
this Astral Shitstorm
whirling about our world right now,
And what appears to be 
an amplified mass free for all....

Can't really be avoided...

Us attempting to impose our
"good" ,
upon the,

Will Serve no positive outcome
as we might imagine it.

Our Wills, our ideas and opinions...
will not sway the souls still Culminating.

And the fact is, the only thing we can do,
to aid them on their path,
and therefore their path of Return,
is if we free them of our Judgments.

"They" have to be what they are, 
If what they are,
sucks for the rest of us,
suck it up Monty,
because that is what they must be. 

But if we free ourselves of 
judgments of them,
and actually Love them for
the fact that they are doing their part,
to complete the Total Picture
of this particular Incarnation
of Creation.
Then we will also be freeing them to move more swiftly
about their task at hand.

he he he,
now if I would have said this to me a year ago,
OH, Man, I'd have a fight on my hands...

"No freakin way I'd ever quit my 
Battle against Evil..."

There is no such thing as a 
Battle against Evil.

I have one definition of Evil,
"that which hampers evolution".

The thing is that we have been sort of trained,
to believe that the Darkness of a culminating soul,
was evil...
and the opposite,
was good.

Not True.
A souls Darkness can bring many
destructive  outcomes...
but it was all part of that souls evolution,
whether we Like it or not.
And so when you get right down to it,
our attempts to define them,
to save them
into our ideas of 
goodness and light....
are against their evolution,
and hence actually fit my definition
of Evil.

The most effective thing we can do,
to help others evolve....
Is to allow ourselves to do that.

If you are still defining yourself...
and don't worry about pleasing others as much as
you please your own soul...

And if you have Culminated,
seek Silence,
Seek the Light
Face the demons in your path,
that once were placed there by you.

And Love the Oneness
that is All of US.

Love each and every Cell in this
Humongous Creation...

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