Sunday, February 5, 2017

Love What you Fear

A little buddy sittin with me by the pond I built in the front yard.

We are as Big as our Breath

We withhold our Breath
from those things we Fear,
Trauma's physical and mental
that we have received
lifetime after lifetime..

We didn't like the way they felt,
and we found that if we
withheld our breath from them
they would quietly retreat...

They took up residence
in the dark corners
of our Forgetting.

Breathe is Life
Breath is Prana..
Health is the proper
Circulation of Prana.

When we withhold our Breath,
from all those things
we judge
and have judged as
contrary to our ideas of
This disrupts the proper circulation of Prana.

The Prana is that which Drives our Chakras

And also
in those lifetimes
we Desired Passionately
to gain certain things.
We became obsessed with seeking
certain things that
Gave us Pleasure.

This activity overstimulates our
Etheric body
which will reflect in the Physical Body.

Here's a tip,
It might seem that the world we perceive,
But the Reality is, 
the world as we Know
and have known it,
is within us...
It is reflected within our being.
It holds a place in our astral bodies,
or maybe you could say,
our astral bodies hold it in place,
and upon the matrix of the astral body,
the etheric body also carries a 
"reflection" within it...

And eventually the physical body
will also "reflect" it.

We "Know" the world
based upon 
where we have been,
what we have collected
and what we have shunned.
And that world that we know,
lives within us....
and reflects out into the world
around us.

Each of us has a Unique
And this is because each of us are Unique,
and inhabit a unique
"Cell" in the Body of the All.
No two PERCEPTIONS alike.

And none "Wrong"
and none "Right".

I generally have just breathed enough,
to keep myself alive..
With the amount of time
I've hung around this Creation.
There's been and is
a lot of stuff,
I don't want to see.
I relate it to Pain,
don't want any of that,
thank you very much.
All those Repressions
where the breath has been withheld,
don't go away from
"lack of attention"
as I once liked to pretend.

Breathe is Life
it is also 
Which is Pure Love.
Don't deny that to Anything,
and give it to 

The key to perfect health,
is Perfect Circulation of prana.
The Breath drives the prana...
or vice versa..

So to gain perfect health,
we must breath into 
all of it,
the Light/Breath
feeds the cells.
But when we deny the Breath
to those things we
and we breathe too much,
into things we Passionately Desire.

Circulation is hampered
The feed lines to the Chakras
or over fed.

we must learn to use the Breath
to uncover and 
set free the
Experiences we have
locked away in the darkness,
that actually define us,
and Confine us.

And we must strive in the Moment
For Peace.

Today's dis ease, 
is tomorrows disease.

And we're all still dealing with yesterdays,
so it's best not to keep that going.

First Rules of Yoga/ Finding Health

Quiet the Mind

Quiet the Emotions


Cease Judging

Open your Third Eye
Look within

Open your Heart
and Look at
It All.

Connect with your Intention
Flex it

Learn to "Contemplate"
(let go into things).

Seek the Light


Breathe it Into It All.

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