Sunday, February 5, 2017

Free of the "Description"

You know, once you reach that midway point 
on the evolutionary wheel,
it is no longer a matter of 
It is no longer a striving for something
up ahead.

But rather it becomes about,
What came before all the

We are no longer Adding
to who we think we are.
We are removing who we thought we were,
so that we can remember 
who we were before
the Definition.

Almost Nobody lives in Reality,
Almost Everybody
lives in a Description,
they have created
to Define Reality
 over Millennia.

But eventually the Description,
that which we created to bring us to
our souls Destiny,
our Unique Separate Expression,
no longer serves
the evolution of our Souls.
(that is the midway point upon the Wheel)

To dismantle the Description
and see 
beyond Duality,
beyond judgment,
we must dismantle everything that
made us who we were.

You know what we see through the eyes 
of our description of it...
any thing
is totally different
when the description is Removed.

The only "Magic"
that takes place within the Description,
you could call Black Magic.
Good Old Don Juan did.

White Magic
Requires that one
 be Free
of the Description.

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