Monday, February 6, 2017

The True Cause of Disease and the Cure

First of all I am going to talk about 
This is a very misunderstood word,
Like the word,"God", 
a lot of older souls have
deep ties to the word,
much deeper than their superficial understanding,
which generally is
a very small and most likely quite distorted

As I explained in the previous post,
the evolution of the human soul,
is first..
a dividing off,
with the prime directive being,
Finding it's Unique Separate Expression,
in the Web,
in the Living Thing,
It does this with the tool of Duality,
Pleasure and Pain,
"Good, and Bad".
Seeking One
Shunning the Other..
And a human is built upon the groundwork's 
of this expanding ,searching, and collecting Defining Soul.
We all collect what appeals to us,
and repel that which 
threatens our "Idea"
of security within our
Created self.

We become,
over Lifetimes,
the sum total of
A Gazillion Dualistic Judgments,
built upon experiences,
and learning.
Built upon a whole Mountain of
other dualistic Judgments.

We literally are defined
by lifetimes of choices,
made through dualistic Judgments,
until now,
Everything we perceive,
in "ordinary reality",
is a fabrication
created by us.

And we each subscribe to totally different Fabrications, 
as we all evolved different paths.
And we Believe in our "View"
we believe it is correct,
as everything that has built us to today,
has defined it.
And we don't question
that person we know ourselves to be.

Until a Point,
and that point is what I call,
When the seeming limitlessness of that 
Unique Separate Expression's Expansion,

And our souls path reverses back upon itself.

Everyone after a certain point
Namely Culmination
 has Karma,
because Karma is simply built upon
everything we have judged within duality.

You see those judgments that led us to that
Unique Separate Expression,
which was our souls destiny
within the body of US ALL,
no longer serve our Soul,
as our path has changed,
and now we tread back through all the battlefields
and demons we created in our past,
via our judgments...
And we must allow them to be,
without those judgments.
Karma is simply the Law which say's that,
Once past the halfway point of evolution,
we will just by the Nature of the Path now,
be confronted with
Everything we have judged,
and if we attempt to deny what we face now,
we will have problems.

Now the souls that are still,
They don't have Karma to worry about,
(not yet anyway)
Their job is Creating it...
That's how they define and find themselves
in their place.

Karma is created when we attach our mentality,
and emotions,
to something very strongly.

Since we are living in duality, 
and are the end result of our
unique personal experiences,
everything we attach to in this strong way,
is entirely defined by our
description and experience.

It is built upon bricks
that have no Real substance,
beyond our imagining.

And the path back is not one of Imagining,
it is one of 
relinquishing everything we have Judged,
through our imagining,
and Lovingly setting it Free.

And our "Karma"
is pretty much what litters the Path,
what blocks us on our path to

All disease is Karmic
either personal or group.

At the hearty of all disease
is a dualistic judgment 
or a conglomerate of related judgments.
(all judgments are dualistic).

I spoke before of Resonance,
Group Karma is a result of
shared qualities within Judgment Based
 Dualistic Descriptions.
A Mass Race Hatred,
a Group Fear,
A group Obsession,
A group Trauma...
All these things are fed with much Intent
and Emotion.

There is a very basic Law of Creation 
that states,
that any sustained intent
coupled with emotion, 
will eventually manifest outwardly.

Want to know where those pesky,
"disease germs" come from,
well I just told you.

Most Communicable diseases
are the result of Mass Karma 
working itself out.

And here's the thing ladies and gentlemen,
any of this we partake in today,
the mass hysteria that has come from the election
in this country,
and similar events worldwide,
Will bring us some nasty Disease,
and the sooner folks disconnect from that astral/mental Shitstorm,
the sooner the strength of that future Problem,
will be reduced.

Medical Science in the world today,
has nothing to do with Curing Anything,
it has been built upon
"Idiot Science", not "Real Science".

It deals with symptoms,
and sadly most of what it does to
subdue symptoms,
is in the long run more harmful.

OK, now let me define Disease,
as differing from Dis Ease.

All disease is Karma based.

If one is poisoned,
this is not a disease,
it is dis ease.

Many of the things we might think of as disease,
Autism Spectrum disorders,
Autoimmune Disease....,
are actually dis ease created via poisoning.

Our Karma can define the disease manifestation,
where it appears,
but it does not create it.

And the sad thing is,
a parent can be poisoned,
and possibly not manifest dis ease,
but their offspring can.

Thank you "Epigenetics",
for finally proving what the Mystics have know for Ages.

We live in a Toxic Soup..
We are surrounded,
our "food",
our water, our air,
our "health Care" 
and "body care products"...
Cleaning supplies....
and the worst of all,
our Medicines.

Our bodies do not recognize ANY of this Crap,
as beneficial.
Our bodies have,
or once had excellent defense mechanisms to deal
with stuff it recognized as 
"Not Belonging Here".

And it did what it could,
but has been overwhelmed,
for generations now. 

Now the Bi Products
of our defense mechanisms 
attempts to save us from
ourselves basically,
are a cause of Much dis ease, 
That coupled with
the toxins that got past it.

We can keep the crap out of our lives
as much as humanly possible,
but our parents passed their crap down to us,
in our DNA.

They try to tell you that a lot of these,
dis eases are 
"just Genetic"...
as an excuse for not knowing the cause,
which is all the Toxic Crap that our
Civilization has been built upon..

Genes are not the cause,
what damaged the genes are.

The solution to dis ease is
and not further toxifying.

You wanna eat that tasty Dorito,
it's just so damn good...
Well your Great Grandkid might get 
a third arm out of the deal..
but damn it's tasty.
Laying a little guilt on ya, he he

(if you can't clean up your act for yourself,
do it for your Progeny)

So the cure for dis ease I just told you,

Now what about the cure for disease?

Well first,
if you are past the halfway point on the wheel,
and anyone who has read this far must be,

Quit Creating Karma...
which means,
Quit Judging.
That will save you dealing with it later.

Look Within
Find Peace,
and Face your Demons,
face your strongly held opinions,
face your fears built in Duality.
Face all the Judgments that had defined you..

Face these things in 

Silent Love.

Well that's about it.

Pretty Simple Huh?

he he he

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