Thursday, February 9, 2017

To those on the Battlefield, and The Painter was Time

That was the Short Version,
The longer version is:

"If you feel the need
to Fight Battles
to secure your Descriptions
Conception of, "Right",
in the World today,
By all means Do,
this is an expression of your 
Sacred Uniqueness.
And just remember that,
Everyone's Description
and Conception of, "Right",
is equally Sacred and Unique..
If you must fight these battles,
to uphold your perception,
 do it from a place of Peace.

Otherwise you will have lost,
before you began.

You see, here is the thing:
We are each Unique,
We come from different religions, 
and cultures,
and belief systems.
Most of us have been collecting our 
of the world for a very long time.
And we have evolved through our Description.

This is the first part of all of our Evolution.
So we all see the world through different eyes.
Rarely doubting the Truth of our "View".
Why would we?

But here is the Thing again:
Our souls purpose in the All,
is to create our own unique Description.
Every one is necessary for the Integrity of the Whole.
NONE is more valid or sacred 
than any other.
You know even that weirdo jerk over
 there that does all those wild and crazy
 and sometimes hurtful things...

That's his freakin job Jake,
and it's not our job to try and define his.

Even though we of course know better.
he he

He's lookin at you wondering 
what the Heck is wrong with you.

You see during the course of our Evolution,
We've all done Harm,
we've all been motivated by Greed,
We've all been assholes.
Flat out Truth...
And during all that time,
we always thought we were the 
"good guys".

Still do..

It's all about Perception.

You know barely a single human,
lives in REALITY.
We live in descriptions of Reality,
our ideas about this and that in Reality.
And if we ever got even a little glimpse of reality,
we usually freaked out and clamped down
tighter on our Description.

You know what I'm talking about ?

Back in 1970 I wrote a story about this I called,
The Painter was Time...
I'll see if I can find it.

What do you know,
here it is:

Just re read it, what a trip

The Painter Was Time
The painter of the picture was quite insane 
when he painted you into a very strange place.
 It was insane, but you didn't know what sane was,
 so you believed you fit perfectly.
 The painter was of course very careful 
that he didn't paint the picture so fast
 that you might remember being painted.
 You worked through time into truly believing
 in the reality of everything else in the painting you were in. 
One day you had taken in and accepted 
everything in the painting as far as you could have
 mis- accepted it,
(Editors Note: Culmination)
 when a glimpse outside of the painting came.
 You became very frightened and threw yourself back,
 deep into the painting. 
Then you decided that everything outside 
of your perfectly painted reality 
was insane, or not be feared.
 Of course you refused to accept any little particle of truth 
that came to you and tried to meet with you 
from out of the "insane" realm.
(Editors note: This is the stage I call, the Fence Sitters)
 One day a passer by in the Great Hall of paintings
 saw you and your predicament,
 and when you went to sleep that night he came to you
 and told you about the real world,
outside of your painting.
 Because you were asleep
 and not indulging in the false pleasures and pains
 of your old world,
 you heard a piece of what he was saying.
 He came to you every night for many years.
 One day you woke up and saw outside of the painting
 you had been locked inside.
 Time passed and you came to look out and understand. 
And time came when fear vanished,
 and you loved again.
 And finally you completely forgot about the painting
 you had once been held prisoner in, 
and you rested outside,
 in bliss.
One day along your way you passed by a painting in that Hall,
 and you saw people painted into a predicament.
 And so that night when they went to sleep
 you went to them and showed them a piece of the real world.
 Then you walked down the Hall 
and saw the painting you were once painted into,
 and you laughed. 

To you the Hall was a sad place,

 a zoo of lifes.

So here's the Thing:

It is perfectly valid for us to 
"Fight for what is Right"
in our eyes.
But in the eyes of Reality,
Not one of us is 
More Right..

That's a hard pill to swallow,
we'd rather much Wallow,
our description so Deep,
drowning in just another Illusion...

This is the task for all souls,
during the first half of their Evolution.
To Continue that Process,
once we have Culminated,
is Pointless..
We just do it out of Habit...

So Stay Vigilant
Seek the Roots of your Thoughts
and Actions.

Contemplation is a wonderful practice,
it allows us to 
travel back through the patterns
of thoughts and concepts....
and find what came before them.

We are all puppets of our Past
We dismantle the Description..

Here's a funny story I probably mentioned before.
Maybe funny isn't the best word.
But back in the day,
I was doing a lot of hard core meditation
and contemplation.
My teachers were there 
until the Humpty Dumpty Episode,
and things were progressing at an unreal rate.
Well actually I was a Maniac,
I usual,
did not listen to my Teachers
unless they were teaching me how to do something...
If they were imposing any limits,

So I spent way too much time,
"In the Light".

You might think this isn't possible.
or how could it be problematic?

Well, think of it like this.
We all have that description I was talking about,
and it Defines..
and confines us.
Going into the Light,
Burns little pieces of that description up.
They dissolve.

So long periods spent in the Light,
burn up a lot of the description.
It changes us.

So for me,
when I wasn't in the Light,
I tended to be very 
cognizant of my behaviors and words
in the world.
Things I had just said or done before that days 
episode in the Light.
I looked at, and saw...
WOW, what an Idiot!!
How could I have been so LAME.
And this got to a point where I couldn't bear to
"see myself".
To see the actions and words I had
said or done just the day, or hours before...
without being disgusted with myself

It was a very hard few days,
my anxiety and self hatred became so intense,
that : I remember this so clearly:

I was in my new Souped up VW bug, 
in Milpitis California, 
having commuted from Redwood City where I worked, 
going to my girlfriends parents house where I was staying.
My Mom had kicked me out for my opinions on War.
I had just ditched a cop that was chasing me,
felt good for a brief second,
then everything came crashing down,
things I had said earlier,
the Intentions behind words and actions...
I was the Ultimate Idiot,
I couldn't stand to see myself,
and I said, 
to my Teacher 
who just happened to be sitting beside me at that point,
" I don't want to Go Into the Light any more"
I don't want to meditate any more if I just end up Hating myself."

Then he said something that Flicked a switch,
that changed my whole perception...
And I want any readers I might have to think about this,
when you are beating yourself up
over something Lame you did...

So the Words for what he showed me,
translate generally as this:

"When you look in the mirror at yourself.
(when you reflect on yourself).
Remember that you are not what you see in the reflection,
you are the one looking at it."

You see, what we are judging is
ALWAYS who we were,
after all,
we are now,
looking back at it,
judging it.

So he said basically to
 switch my perception of myself
 to the one who is looking.
 I'm not the one I am seeing. 
That is the Past.

So if you have yet to Culminate,
Battle On..
If you have Culminated but are,
"Still on the Fence"
Battle on, 
but from a place of Peace.

If you are no longer sitting on the Fence,


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