Thursday, February 9, 2017

Find Peace

Door I carved

We create Karma whenever we 
seek to Impose our Description,
upon what is.
We have built our Description,
upon Judgments, 
built on judgments,
built upon Judgments.

All Judgments Must eventually
be faced,
and the Duality of their existence,
There is no Wisdom in our Description.
Only knowledge,
and knowledge my friends is one of the Primary
impediments to Wisdom.

When everything we know,
is a mere description
of the Truth,
only by removing the Description
can we 
know Truth.

Yet we make and fight wars,
to defend our little Groups Description.

We murder and are killed defending,

Nothing Real.

Fools Fighting,
"for Peace".

Ha ha ha ha

sob sob sob.

We have battled against
what we Fear;
whatever does not fit comfortably into our
Personal or Group Description.

If only we could see ourselves,
in the Clear White Light of

Maybe then we could finally know
True Compassion,
Real Love,
and finally

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