Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Examining Faith

I've never liked that word,
it always meant to me,
following someone else's
And with no proof,
believing it.

To me that is just 

Faith was like putting your 
towards something
that's not even real,
just some professed idea of Real,
without any proof.

Then I reflect upon a time,
in Tibet,
and earlier in this Life,
where I was given 
that required Visualizations,
certain breaths
or movements that
were not part of my Description..
Yet I put my Intention behind them,
to Find that they were keys,
like Reflections of ...
like pieces of the Pattern,
that built something that hitherto
had existed beyond my
Like the Microcosmic analogy's,
of some Macrocosmic Reality.

So was it Faith that drove me to
follow instructions..
where I had no.....
of what the outcome would be,
beyond the thought that
it was part of a Path to Enlightenment.?

I was Driven,
and I wielded my Intention
very strongly,
but was it Faith that
led me running headlong into 
a Reality beyond..
...so far beyond
my Description.

But I do not have Faith in
the Easter Bunny,
or Santa,
or some Super Hero God Character
that ...
has stories far less believable than
 Santa or the Easter Bunny.

I'm not easily led by 


I would have never had Faith in
my Teachers,
or techniques..
If first I hadn't 
Had that experience of
that one day on the mountain in 1970.
You go into the Light once...
Everything Changes..

You sit on the outer edge of Creation,
looking back in at the Web of IT ALL..
You change,
and you can't ever go back.

You never forget
the Possibilities.

You can hide from em,
but you never forget. 

For me Faith is
built upon Experience.

When we Know something
in our core,
we have Faith in that.

Blind Faith

Does NOT serve Evolution.

I think if a Teacher
requires a student
to have Faith in them,
without First
coaxing the Experience
that would guarantee the Faith
 of the student...

Then that Teacher has 
a lot to Learn.

he he


  1. Ringing my bell Jeff! You are the proverbial breath of fresh air!

  2. I believe in life, with all its warts and all its joys. That includes you and your family, the joy. The warts, I have dealt with as they come, but the joys always outweigh. Religion is a wart.



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