Saturday, February 18, 2017

Talking to YOU, on the Road Back,Light and Darkness are The SAME THING, just going in a different direction..

These are Precarious Times

I talked about that Astral Shitstorm
here: Astral Shitstorm
Well you can see it all around you
People are afraid,
coming from Fear,
looking for and choosing sides..
Defining their....
place in it all...

"I like this,
I don't like
(I fear)


 we are attempting to

Drop that definition....

But the Shitstorm Swirls.

We might fall back into our old patterns

Pick a Side...
Carry some Banner....

That's not our job Bubbah.

That shitstorm is Built upon Fear..

We are in the midst of the Quickening,
and to a lot of folks that means,
get as much material collected
into your definition of self
and Creation....
...Grab it fast
as the Quickening
is Biting at your heels.

You just gotta Culminate...
and it's happening fast.

And those of us that have culminated,
our Job is a little different.
and it's Prime Directive,
with folk's path to Culmination.
Hey it's hard,
you can see them spiraling towards
some destructive purpose or ending.
Into a greater density of matter.

But here's the thing,
the quicker they reach the end of that Spiral Down,
the sooner
they begin the spiral up.
Kinda like Kundalini.
or DNA..
It is all One Thing.

You don't want to interfere with the flow.

You gotta remember as long as you choose to partake
of this..... Life within Duality.
That with every Inspiration....
There will be an expiration.

Light and Darkness
just going in a different direction..

Just like the Ego,
and the

gonna say it again,

"Light and Darkness

just going in a different Direction.

So once we come to Understand this..
and True Compassion Dawns..

the Battle can Cease,

and we can seek Peace.

After all,
and I'm talkin to you...

That is what we are

returning to.

We seek It

so we can Share It.

I'm afraid to Be Myself..

I wear a mask for the world,

and wearing it
and Drains me....

I Feel all of Humanity
in the Depth of my Soul,
I feel the Unity...
and yet I feel
and very very lonely.
Even with my wonderful,
beautiful Family..

What's the deal with that???

I have experienced some...

Powerful things,
things that nothing in the world of
phenomena can Rival...
A million times more powerful
than anything in the world of Matter.

Talking about it is...Pointless
"So what", it's just words to anyone that
hasn't had the same experience...

And those words...
and the Conceptions that they propagate,
actually Steal some of the Glory.

How do you describe what is beyond thought?

And once Thought is applied to any
of that which is beyond thought.

The Truth Dies.

Where are all the Magicians,
where are those that know
beyond thought.??

I need to Drop the Mask,
but better just keep my mouth shut...

I feel like I'm not....
Carrying my Spiritual weight

The problem with dropping the Mask is,
you are never the same...
always new and in the Moment.

That Freaks people out.
And when we cease holding up a mask,
we tend to become very clear Mirrors.
And That freaks people out.

Their Judgments about themselves
come to the foreground of their consciousness.

And they feel Judged,
and believe it is you doing the judging,
when it is them,
judging themselves.

And would they feel judged,
if there wasn't within me,
something that resonates with
particles that built that judgment
in them?

I'm just rambling,
need to go to bed.

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