Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Wonderful Little Magical Secret

I'm going to tell you a very Magical little Secret.
How you can know
about the Nature of Life

It's totally possible...

And here is the Simple Truth:

The answer to these
"deep questions"
just before the Intention
of the Question.

"Say What!!!?"

Everything we perceive in the world around us,
is the end result of a long pattern
of evolution into the existence
that we perceive.

That existence has been defined
by endless agreements,
endless conceptions
piled all atop one another,
and we are simply perceiving the
end result at the current time
of all these conceptions.

The world that we perceive is simply
a mask of our mutual agreements
superimposed upon

Our whole world that we live in
is simply a description that
was cultivated and grown
upon something that actually 
had some very real reality.

We live in a description
with Reality
buried beneath it,
yet at it's roots.

When we question the Nature of Reality,
the answer to those questions,
actually is at the heart of them, 
buried beneath all our descriptions
 and conceptions.

So how do we uncover the Truth
at the heart of our Questions?

In a word:


As I've said many times before,
this word, like so very many in the English language,
has devolved,
and no longer means what it really is meant to.

We have come to believe that to contemplate something
we must mull it over in our minds,
work on it, chew it up, digest it,
and bring forth some conclusion based upon how we 
have applied our almighty intellect to it.


It really means pretty much the total opposite.
In True contemplation,
the thinking principal is totally removed,
beyond the initial posing of the question.
In Contemplation we do not think.
We set our intention upon the question....
and Let Go.

We simply perceive.

What happens in true contemplation is
we basically become One 
with that which we contemplate.

This can be done with objects,
but also with Questions...

And what happens is we sort of travel back
through the evolution of our perception
of whatever it is we are contemplating,
until we reach it's core....
And eventually go to it's Source.
(which turns out to be the same in all things).
But the Simplest Truth of things
lies right after it's original
creating Intention
at it's core.

Contemplation is travelling from

And right before our Intention
of a Question,
at the roots of that question,
lies it's answer.

Pretty cool Huh.

So how do we achieve this?

Well the best written source I've seen,
is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjili.
I like Alice Baileys and the Tibetans translation,
but the language might be 
uncomfortable for some.

"This is Reality"
out of print probably for 30 years,
is ....
simpler to understand 
and probably available on Amazon or something...

kind of wish I still had a copy......


That's it for now.

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