Monday, March 6, 2017

The "Quickening" and our Job within It.

Painting I did in 1974

Eternity is Finite.
This can seem difficult to comprehend,
but it is True.
It's like the Heaven and Hell Realms which seem ,when we occupy them, to go on forever.....and yet they are mere Blips in the overall scheme.
Where one Eternity ends
another begins.
And here's the big news:
We're coming to the end of an Eternity.
That might sound scary .
But the end of a many many million year eternity can last,
a pretty long time.
But the Hallmark of the ending is what Mystics call,
"The Quickening".
It is called this because of the apparent compression of time,
or in other words,
the amplification of Evolution.
To understand what is taking place right now,
what appears to be mass Insanity,
we must understand Evolution,
and sadly this is one of the least understood things.
We have been led to believe evolution is a linear ascension.
That we begin as these undeveloped things, and over time,
(many lifetimes actually), we slowly climb this ladder where we become better and better, more and more spiritual.....


And this mistake in understanding is at the heart of much of the suffering of those that have culminated, those we might say are on the "spiritual" path.
And a Maximum amount of suffering for those who have not yet Culminated, (wrought upon them by those that have.)

The Truth about evolution is that it is not linear,
it is Circular.

once again:
The Truth about evolution is that it is not linear,
it is Circular.

We evolve into greater density, we collect our description of ourselves and become denser and denser in "matter"....until we reach "our deepest darkness".
Then we evolve in the opposite direction, back towards our Source.

This is important to understand, especially in this time of the Quickening when the whole of Eternity is reaching maximum .....
Density (the cause of the Quickening)
The effect of this Quickening is very different for souls that are still culminating, than it is for those that have.

If you are reading this Blog, you have Culminated, and for most of you it is very difficult to understand what appears to be a Mass Insanity, a mass "ego centered" Cluster Frig of epic proportions.

This is why I keep harping on the Nature of Evolution.
Because if we try to comprehend it in the old can make us Crazy, and Angry and Frightened and totally destroy our Peace and ability to Evolve.

But the fact is, everything that is happening now is Natural, part of the process.

Right now it is Very Important that we shift from Judgment which is based in Duality, to Discrimination (in the true sense of the word.)
When we learn to Discriminate we are looking at a thing or situation and perceiving if it is Harmful or Inert or Useful. We are simply perceiving things as they exist in relationship to other things, without attaching a Dualistic Judgment of Good or Bad to them.
 All Judgement is based in Duality and because of this contains no Truth....judgments are basically opinions based upon our experience and "learning" in the world of duality.... which is different through every souls eyes.
 True discrimination can guide our action or inaction in relation to things without adding our own Dualistic interpretation; without perpetuating that very thing we are escaping from. (Duality).

Remember those who are still culminating are in a process of finding a SEPARATE and Unique Expression via duality. Once  we have Culminated our souls direction is no longer towards Separation but rather towards UNITY.
So right now as always we have a world where many are seeking a Unique Separation....where others are seeking Unity....but unlike ever before all this is at an amplified rate.

  To dualistic eyes this becomes a battle between "Good" and "Bad".
As long as we are falling for this, we are not evolving ourselves.

A man may be doing something that our discrimination shows us is harmful.  If we act with Love to negate the harm we are in Integrity with our souls, if however we act with Judgement, and out of fear and anger...first of all we might be wrong about our judgment, and secondly we will not be in Integrity with our souls and will be creating Karma rather than dispelling it.

Our task is to Evolve with as little impediment as possible, and in this time of the Quickening, this is especially difficult.

Our Culmination was literally built upon building Karma...
The path of Return is the path of dealing with that Karma.
That path is amplified more every day because of the Quickening.
Our Karma is slapping us up side the head.
Karma is demanding reconciliation.
Dis ease and disease are two ways that Karma makes this demand.
Read about that here:The-true-cause-of-disease-and-cure.

So right now you could say that Duality is Amplified.
But also the Return to Unity is Amplified.

That "Battle of Darkness and Light" prophesied in so many different renditions of the "end of times"...was in some ways, (if perceived through duality), Correct..

But a "Battle" is pointless, the "Darkness" is simply the density of those culminating and the "Light" is the removal of those things that have created that density within those that have culminated.

Those that are still culminating....MUST. 
 To deprive them of that has zero merit or positive purpose.

We need to concern ourselves with our own evolution.

And the first step in this is Dispelling Judgment which binds us to the Duality our souls are attempting to replace with Unity.

Our Job is Evolving towards Unity, this can not be done while holding on to Dualistic Judgments.


  1. I fell in love with your art in '68! That beautiful VW bus was otherworldly, a dream.

    1. It sure was, we were just looking at pics of it



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