Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Question of "New Souls" within the "Quickening" and Some Very Good News

Just as we as individual souls have a Limit to the space we fill within Creation, a limit to that Unique Separate Expression that Defines the Cell that we are within the body of "It All", so does "It All" have a limit in each turn of it's multi million year life.
Once that limit is reached what had been a virtually unlimited expansion, suddenly hits the wall, and the expansion is all internal. This, within "It All" is what I call, "God Reaching Critical Mass" and one of the main symptoms is "The Quickening".
And as I have seen this Mystically, the souls within "It All" that are nearest the Center (the oldest) and the ones that have culminated then return to Source, Merge in the Center as One in what I call the "Spiritual Sun". And as more souls come to merge that Spiritual Sun Expands, creating the pressure, the power behind the Quickening.  This I have "seen" very clearly.
But what I assumed was that the new souls, on the periphery would be forced to expand back within the matrix of the Web, causing a pressure from the outside.  This was an assumption that I realize needs further contemplation.
As above so below....always, so let us contemplate the Below.
In human evolution as I have "seen" it a cell is projected in the matrix of the Web and this cell begins to fill, to actually darken, to become denser in matter, once that cell is filled (culmination), the expansion within ceases, and the matter begins to dissipate into "Light" (as our judgments based in duality are reconciled). So this tells me that my assumption that new souls continue to be born and that this created a pressure from the outside, I believe has no merit. I mean what would it be like...the new soul would come in under pressure, and limited. We'd be in for some kind of Zombie apocalypse, with mutants coming into existence at an exponential rate. I no longer see this to be the case. (although we will see many "mutants" coming in due to all the CRAP that has been put into our energetic fields via vaccinations, chemical pollutants, most modern medicine, etc, ets, etc.) It seems that the generation of new souls has ceased, and this makes total sense. So what we are experiencing in this Quickening is the pressure of the Spiritual Sun Expanding. On one level this is very good news.
We here, you reading this blog and me and so many others "out there" are heading towards Unity, towards merging with the Spiritual Sun, the Oneness that will be the root seed of the New Creation, the New Incarnation of God so to speak. So we can at least stop worrying about a bunch of new self seeking duality based souls coming in and adding fuel to the crazy ass astral shitstorm that we are in the midst of due to all the souls culminating at hyper speed. Good news, once they fill their spots, they will begin to Lighten Up.
In the mean time we have to do our best not to try and add and fuel to the astral shitstorm.
They gotta do what they gotta do so they can finish with themselves, and we have to disconnect from the Astral Nature of it all and lovingly attempt to minimize the damage done.
Not all that easy really....but in this particular time VERY VERY IMPORTANT. The only way we can keep from being manipulated is if we cease participating in the astral nature of removing our emotion from it and replacing that with Love. 

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