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The Truth about Communicable Disease, Virus's and Bacteria etc. (Part 1)

just for fun

This is a Huge Subject,
 I'm not sure where it will begin ...

If you have ever done any study of Virus's, 
just what is currently known,
 your mind is already blown.
 Do you know they don't know if Virus's are a living thing or not?
 Do you know virus's pick up little bits of DNA from every person they pass through, and drop off some..
the implications of this, begging deeper contemplation...
Virus's are basically tying mankind together. 
  This is mind boggling in itself, but the Truth is much greater. 

First I'll lay some groundwork.

To be Concise,
Virus's and Bacteria are 
Mass Karmic Manifestations.
We Created them. 

Now you could say that the first Law of Magic/ Creation is that
Manifestation Springs from an intense focus of
Intention (Will), Emotion, and Thought. 
Once again,
"Manifestation Springs from an intense focus of
Intention(Will), Emotion, and Thought. "

Keep this in mind...

Karma is basically the Law that states,
That which we create
via our 
Intention(Will), Emotion, and Thought
must eventually be undone.



There is no 
"Good or Bad Karma"
there is simply Karma,
the results of our Creating.
After all it is through this Creating
that we have defined ourselves
in the world of our Description.

All Karma must eventually be reconciled.

While we evolve towards "Culmination in Form",
that first part of all of our many lifetimes of evolution,
we virtually make ourselves with Karma.
And when we reach that Culmination,
We begin the "Return"process of removal
of all we have built ourselves upon.

Our Karma is Built within Duality,
it is Astral (emotional)
Etheric (vibrationally)
and Mental in Nature.
It is All self serving.

What folks might mistakenly refer to as 
"creating Good Karma"
is simply reconciling Karma.

But while we create Karma within Duality,
there is that which we consider,
Good and Bad...
That's the Nature of that duality.
That which is "Good" we seek..
And that which we define as "Bad"
We Reject,
we run from it, we hide, we bury we 
stuff it.

Now in a previous post
I talked about how some of our Cords are energetically similar.
Our perceptions are shared,
 we have made Agreements as a Race, 
as Nations, as Cultural Groups, Religions etc.
Every cord has a particular Resonance...
and it is via our cords that we have Defined
our Perception of the World. 
We literally Create the World via our Cords and Agreements.

Our cords are Astral, Etheric and Mental 
in Nature.

Ringing any bells? 

"Our Karma is Built within Duality,
it is Astral (emotional)
Etheric (vibrationally)
and Mental in Nature.
It is All self serving."

How we perceive the world
The world of our Perception
 is Projected via our cords,
and built upon our Karma.

The Cords of Man
define us individually and in Groups.

The Cords of God, 
or the cord of God
Unite us in One thing.

That which divides
is contrary to "The Web,"
That Creation of the Cord of God
which is our Unity,
our Truest Truth.
Where Perfect Balance Exists.
Yet the Web builds itself upon them.

The World of our Perception and Creation,
the One we have built upon via the Cords of Man,
is not balanced, is not Unified, is not a cohesive unit.

The world of a Christian,
is literally not the same as the world of a Muslim.
Both are simply Karmic Agreements.
Neither more "Right or Wrong".


There is something I feel I should interject here.

It has to do with "Groups"
and Evolution.
We are all bound to a "Group"
a certain lineage of allied souls.
This isn't exactly by choice ...
Think for a moment of a human Body.
It begins very simply,
very simple cells dividing.
But then some of those cells form arms, 
or legs,
 or organs or a brain. etc.
Very different things with different purposes and functions.
You could say there is a specific cell lineage for a brain, 
and one for an arm, etc.
Well all of Creation is like this,
you can call that quality of differentiation
"free will".
But here is the thing,
a leg is not and arm,
a brain is not a spleen.
They are all connected within the body,
none are "wrong",
they have simply split off in their own unique ways
and have their own expressions to make.

We don't choose if we are an arm or a leg, 
it's just how it is,
this is what makes the Whole...


Now as I mentioned we make Agreements.
These agreements have a certain Resonance,
a certain  Mental/Etheric/Astral Colour.

Now the Cord of God is unlike the cords of Man,
it is Unity,
 and not built of astral/etheric/mental matter.
It is not Dualistic and you could say it's qualities are
Love and Unity.

Everything we have Created via Duality is by it's nature
based in Desire and Fear
our perceptions of "Good and Bad"
and the children of these things like,
hatred, greed, lust, avarice etc.

Now remember where I said,
"Virus's and Bacteria are 
Mass Karmic Manifestations.
We Created them. "


"Manifestation Springs from an intense focus of
Intention(Will), Emotion, and Thought. "

Now what do you suppose manifests when masses 
of souls come to an Common Agreement
that is based in Hatred or Fear ?

Poof !!!

A little seed forms in matter....

A Virus is born..

A product of mass Karma forms..

And begins a life of it's own.

This is the "Magical Process"

All creations must evolve
and all that evolution is Circular.

We grow towards culmination by Collection that definition of ourselves from the world around us,
so does a collects it from everything it passes through,
while dropping off little pieces of the self it has collected.

Those nasty buggers that are trying to Create Virus's for nefarious purposes, have had a lot of difficulty with this because those pesky things rapidly change form...they evolve very quickly.

We literally create the Diseases that plague us,
through our Divisive Agreements.

Those divisive agreements are fed by some
for their own ends.

We Create and "Catch" viruses because of Resonance.
Agreements are very defined Resonances;
cords that have a unique vibration all to themselves.

The Law of Magnetism,
a major Law "here" 
and also in other realms (the "death" state"),
brings to us that which we resonate at
 or have cords that resonate with.

Our long evolution has built within us many 
cords of different Colours (vibration/resonances).
And many Agreements.

Some of these agreements are at the heart of
the diseases that plague us.

The first step to eliminating our reactions to these virus's,
is to root out that which within us is Divisive,
is not based in Love, 
but rather Fear, hatred, etc.

There is no vaccination for the cause any Virus,
in fact vaccinations are of like kind to our
never ending process of trying to
hide that which is painful in our lives,
and seek only that which is not.
That which we stuff,
only festers
and creates greater problems later on.

Vaccinations might hide a symptom, 
but they allow for a festering
that will eventually create much greater problems.

Vaccinations are putting a sock over a leg with Gangrene,
and pretending it's not there.

Top of one side of a door I carved

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