Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Question Everything you "Know"...Knowledge vs. Wisdom....Mind Control

They say a Little bit of Knowledge is a dangerous thing, 
well the truth is a lot of knowledge can be even more dangerous, 
especially these days.

Wisdom on the other hand has few drawbacks, 
aside from making those that have gained some,
 feel very isolated.
The difference between knowledge and wisdom 
is that knowledge is an accumulation of facts, 
gained through "education".
Wisdom is not gained by an accumulation of facts,
 but rather through experience.

A major difference is in how they are "stored" within us.

Think of records that you play on a record player, 
or magnetic tapes that record sound....
 Our knowledge is stored something like this.
Ideas are like certain frequencies....
they resonate a certain way in our brains, 
our thoughts and our conclusions from these thoughts
 are literally like recorded symphonies on magnetic tape
 or in the tiny bumps on a record..... 
Our thoughts are like songs that have been recorded from our "learning" and mapped in frequencies recorded in our brains.
Wisdom on the other hand is "stored" in our entire bodies although as soon as we think about it something like a reflection is also stored in our brains as well.   What's that term?....oh yeah, "muscle memory" is a good example of wisdom gained through experience.... 
But Wisdom is also what we gain through meditation and contemplation.....
When we come to understandings through contemplation, in order to translate what we learn (which is beyond words), into words for the purpose of explanation..... we create a mental reflection that is half knowledge and half wisdom.   It is not possible, well it is in very special circumstances, to impart Wisdom to another.  We can just make the best attempt not to embellish too much upon wisdom we gain, in our attempts to communicate it.
I have made a lifelong habit of not recording in my memory, what I gain in wisdom via contemplation and meditation.   I don't want it to be stored as factoids in my brain, I know (or have faith that) that if the situation arises, and a question is posed, I will simply access that via contemplation, anew.  It seems everything I store in memory....becomes distorted, and loses any power or in my estimation, validity.

Our Knowledge can be easily manipulated...our Wisdom can not.
This is because the knowledge stored as frequencies in our brain, is very shallow....it's roots are in mere blips of frequency so to speak. These "Blips" can be manipulated..... But Wisdom is stored beyond those frequencies in our brain, and even though ideas and concepts based in our Wisdom can be manipulated externally, the roots can not be touched. 
They are a holistic experience, 
not mere ideas and concepts
stored energetically with distinct frequencies. 
Wisdom that we gain is very hard to manipulate or destroy.

In earlier posts I talked about Mind Control 
and the various ways it can be accomplished, 
from merely making suggestions
 that interact with our knowledge
 to guide it in whatever direction the controllers desire, 
to actually manipulating it on an energetic level
 via frequency and resonance.

Our knowledge can be manipulated, our wisdom can not.

So, don't take what you know too seriously...

Those that are doing the "Controlling" don't want everyone thinking alike.....
 they want them divided, 
but pretty clearly divided.... 
so that the "Energetic Expressions" created by different groups,
 are fairly defined. 
 This makes the manipulation much easier. 
Places like Facebook let them know which "camps" you are part of...so they can more tightly 
"Tune you in".
This last election was such a hideous example.
  Evil vs. Ignorant.
No number of facts, no amount of proof could sway the supporters of these two choices that were rammed down our throats by the elite. 
Everyone was so deeply "Tuned In"
 and had lost control of their own ability to Discriminate.
 This I admit scared the crap out of me and for many months I have no longer spent any time on Facebook, but post remotely....I don't want to be "tuned in" and I can't bear to see those I care about losing their ..... connection with their Souls. 
The Manipulators were very successful and we now have a population that has become disconnected from their Souls, has lost their Integrity and has fallen in line with Camp A or Camp B, both being hazardous outcomes for the planet and human and animal life, and quality of life for the masses.  

So seek Wisdom,
 don't take what you "know" too seriously,
 it can be a trap.

The biggest impediment to Wisdom.....
is Knowledge,

 unless that knowledge has it's roots in Truth....
but unless you are in a Monastery in Tibet 
or some similar place, it doesn't.

The Description of Reality
 where the masses live 
has been defined for them to keep them enslaved. 
And even those who desperately seek the Truth, 
sadly do it via the Description
 because it's all they know,
 it's what their worlds are built upon.

The Description that enslaves us is built upon "knowledge" that has just enough truth to keep us sucked in. 
 We're all part of a huge cult.
 The Controllers have used the "Church" and "Governing Bodies" to keep us all tuned in to a Description based in lies which disconnects us from our very Souls and keeps us enslaved in a paradigm where no matter how hard we work, we never become Free and we willingly Pay to support them every step of the way.....
 you know, our "Civic duty" and all. 
 We can't even imagine any other option....
and when given a choice between Ignorant or Evil....
we get in line behind one or the other
convinced by the manipulation that
the Evil One is not Evil and
the Ignorant One is not Ignorant. 
So our task is to Free ourselves of the Description we have dwelled upon and called "Reality" for ages .
   This is done through Silence, 
through meditation and contemplation 
and through a Quiet True Discrimination. 

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