Monday, August 21, 2017

The FLOW , Where is it?

There is this most Magical State....
Sometimes referred to as "The Flow".
And being,
" On the Flow" 
means living a blessed life,
a life where all needs fall
in your lap at the perfect time,
where it seems like the Universe is
a wide open coffer.
"On the Flow" you will meet those you need to meet,
and you will experience what you need to experience,
This is a place we should all strive for..
It's Real, 
in fact 
it's "Everything Else"...
that is a Dream of Man.....
A fantasy.

The Flow

is the Dream of our Soul.

Where can we find this Flow...

Why do we not see this?

Well here's a funny thing:
The Dream of Man
Sprang from the Past,
and is Vaulting into the Future.....
it does not exist
in the Present.

The "Flow",
is Simply the 
Being in the Present.

People don't get it when you say this...
Well, I guess you can't, 
"Get it",
unless you've been there....
Everyone Has of course...

We just don't remember. 

We are too much embroiled in our
of the World.
And that Description is Built upon the past,
and projects into an imagined future...

And that is where we live.
Inside a Description that comes from the Past
and projects into an imagined future.......
and there we live in the,"Dream of Man".

To be on The Flow
 requires that we
Give up the Description...

It's taken us lifetimes to Paint this Picture...
and most folk seem little inclined to
Give it Up.

Gotta stop "Doing".
Gotta let it Be what it is,
without our description attached....

That is the Heart of all Magic......
Letting the Description Go.
Sometimes referred to as "Contemplation".

So, how do we do that?

How can we let go of the very thing that defines us,
 that tells us who we are 
and what the world is, 
and our relationship in all that?

Well, once you've "Culminated" 
(refer to previous posts)
Letting it go,
becomes a Full-Time Job.

But take heart,
it's also now your path of least resistance....
if only you stop resisting it, he he. 

OH Yeah,  when you are "On the Flow"
you will have energy without bound,
you'll feel like a super - hero....
The deal is that to uphold and maintain our Description,
requires a great deal of energy. 

Once we stop literally,
Maintaining our Reality......

The Flow will sustain us. 

You know our "description" was built upon Duality.
Fear= Bad....
We sought out what felt good to us,
and shunned that which did not.
EVERYTHING has a judgment attached,
not one thing that a Man perceives,
within the Dream of Man,
is free of Duality......

That was all part of the Process of Culminating.

But hey, you and I, 
we culminated......
we must cease judging within duality,
now our journey is to release all those Judgments,
all the Dualistic Notions that
we built our description upon. 
Duality....the Realm of the Dream of Man,
is in our Past.
Our "Future" is 
On the Flow.
is a Hallmark of the Flow.

This Magical Flow I speak of,
 might seem an impossible goal,
but here's some encouraging words.....

We are now travelling down the 
Lives Past Trail,
where we are going over the same ground
that we traveled to our Culmination,
and it is populated by every judgment we ever made...
But now we see them through Love,
and not the mind and emotion that created 
these Demons of judgment, 
that have manipulated us,
 some for many lifetimes.

Our dualistic judgments, 
made along the Path to Culmination,
are the demons that manipulate us from the dark corners,
where we imprisoned them.
But now when we see them through 
the Eyes of our Hearts,
 and in Silence....
They Vanish.

All those zillions of dualistic judgments
that we had defined our world with,
are now surrounding us at every step,
"Remember me, Remember me"....
But we are wise, and simply Love them.....
and set them Free.

In the Dream of Man,
on the road to Culmination,
our minds and emotions
painted the Picture..

On the Flow, 
on the road to Unity,
our Souls 
erase the Canvas......

And out shines a bright Light.
Of beauty beyond Comprehension....

Bliss is that feeling when we have released the Description...

Oh Yeah, the encouraging words...
Even though that Path we travel back down seems......
so long......
And the Demons we must battle with our
sword of Love, 
seem endless between us and our Goal.
In any moment,
a simple decision to be there,
can make It so...

In any moment,
we can decide
to let the description go.....
If even just for a moment..

And we can



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