Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Meditating" with my boy

I wrote this a while back, the family is on vacation now in Wyoming .....hence the sudden surge in writing.  But I found this that I had neglected to publish...so here it is. :

There are times when what my soul, and body need the most.... 
is for me to sit on the Earth with bare feet,
 and to Feel that Earth,
 and to simply listen in Silence.....

That's just what happened tonight, 
after a long hot day of working..
My Precious Boy is a lot like I was as a kid;
 always thinking, always figuring things out, experimenting, Creating..... mind on Fire.
And he likes to come with me when I go to meditate.... 
And he did tonight.
We're going out the back door, he's putting on his boots,
 "I'm just going to wear them until we get past the wood chips",
he say's. 
I'm barefoot.
We get to the grass and he takes off his boots.
 The ground is dry and slightly cool...it feels good... 
he runs into the front yard and I follow to find him sitting on the stump chairs that I made.
He say's he's looking at his new friend.... 
I come and sit down and there's a cat sitting on a stump a little ways below, it may be a neighbors cat, but it seems to be here all the time these days, keeps a little distance, but is quite relaxed with it all.
We talk about the cat a bit, then I say, OK let's meditate now.
Let's just be really quiet in our heads and bodies and listen to the birds, and the river. 
 Let's listen to the River all the way down to the Ocean.

"I'll just make my mind blank,
 just a black wall," he say's. 
 I say, "yeah, or how about a white one......". 
Then we sit quietly for a minute and he say's, 
" How about Golden"..... 
and I say, yeah.....Golden.
It's hard for him to be quiet for very long,
 his mind is just so ALIVE, 
so Energized..... 
He lives in constant wonder. 
That's my boy.... 
So we talk quietly about the birds, and bugs and cat etc.
Down below a dog is barking, and off in the distance, in 2 directions, other dogs are barking....and I say to him, you know if you get really really quiet and listen really hard to that one loud dog barking, you can hear who he's talking to, and further away you can hear another dog joining in......and you can just follow it on and on.... and you can do the same with crickets, listen to one close by, then  listen to the ones responding to it, and then further out more responding....and it just goes on and on.....

I want him so badly to become acquainted with Silence, 

with the Magic that is Contemplation

 and the Peace that is Meditation,

 and the Bliss....that is Union.

The thing is, the Mind is a great tool, 
when it is motivated in the Silence. 
 Our minds so often are kind of like those barking dogs and crickets....they go on and on... 
And we humans get to a point where our minds are constantly creating the fodder for our future minds to digest. 
And as we digest 
we define and refine
 our descriptions of the world. 
We don't even question the validity of our descriptions...
of our whole conception of ourselves and the world we live in, 
we don't think twice about it because it's a given....it's all we know, literally.
  And all this Building of our conception, 
our description is actually our souls duty,
 at least for the first part of it's evolution, 
therefore it is Sacred.
  Each of us,
 each unique Description based upon our unique vantage point, 
is Sacred.....
our souls first destiny. 

  But once achieved the destiny no longer has roots in the mind, 
but rather....
in Silence....
in Peace.

A souls evolution is circular,
 first we "Do" ourselves into the World.....

 and then we must Undo it.....

The mind is a great tool my son,
 and all knowledge springs from it. 

 But finding Wisdom, 
or in other words, "the knowing of Truth" 
is not possible via knowledge. 

Knowledge just gives us another vantage point.... 

Wisdom is only Gained in the Silence.

Our souls know the Truth, 
that our minds can never know....

Silence is the key to Magic.

Silence of the Mind..... and body.

Let's all try and take some time, 


Be Silent. 

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  1. Lovely soothing moment to share Jeff