Thursday, December 7, 2017

Having a Hard time in the World...

This is the Quickening
Hyper evolution is tough,
you got those folks hyper driving into 
Culmination in Form.
The first half of all our Evolution..
But it's built deeply upon Duality....
On the Seeking of Pleasure,
and shunning and Fearing that which is not..
Folks frantically trying to define themselves
in Duality.
Then you got the folks on the flip side,
Hyperdriving towards Unity,
towards discarding the dualistic collection
that had once defined them...

Literally falling apart at the seams...

A large part of the population
seeking Division, Separateness...
Motivated by Greed and desire
and Fear......
and that's their job, 
they gotta do it,
it's all part of the Plan...
They will get past it,
we all do eventually..

Then theirs those flip side folks,
those of us on the return trip,
those seeking Unity, Peace, Oneness.
Motivated by Love...

But these two different directions of evolution
(although upon the very same Wheel)
have very different and opposing views,
on how the world where we keep our bodies,
should be run. 

are being Manipulated,
by a very few. 

The have Greedily aquired
most of the "Physical" assets in the world.
They control the media, 
"the educational institutions"
The Governments....
and us.
And most of us don't even know it.

And right now 
they have turned up the juice.
They want us fighting between ourselves,
so we don't really see 
where all our suffering comes from.
(namely them).
So they rig our "elections" to divide us,
they poison our water, food, air, 
and medicines...
They make us unhealthy
so we might become enslaved
into the Big Pharma/Big Medical/Big Insurance
Robbery Scam. 

They fill the air with Frequencies
that make people angry,
they can specifically target individuals,
and get them to do most anything,
while thinking it's their own idea..

They have perfected long distance 
EMF and Radio Frequency
mind control.

They steal peoples Integrity
by giving them impossible choices
where whatever they choose,
will be Harmful to  the Whole.
(the last presidential election being a perfect example).

It's gotten to the point where they are outright
stealing from the Masses...
much more openly and blatantly...
And nobody's doing a damn thing about it.

Here's the deal,
Let's every single one of us:

Quit paying Taxes
Quit eating Fake Food
Quit letting them Inject us with Toxins
Get Grounded
Get EMF Protection
Take cannabis supplements.
Get the toxic products out of your homes,
Detox them from your bodies
Eat Organic
Don't vote from FEAR.
Don't buy the Mainstream Narrative
Avoid doctors
Vanquish Fear
Point to the Chemtrails and 
hassle your Congressmen and Senators
to quit taking bribes and
work for you.

As I said, 
The Quickening is tough,
just look around
folks are suffering
Going Freakin Nuts.
And here's the thing
that makes it so hard for me.
When things get crazy,
like they are now...
when things seem to get ,
out of control,
and people can't find the answers 
to help alleviate their suffering...
Rather than looking out of their
own personal Paradigmn's
They dig in Deeper.

Peoples ideas, 
their fears,
become more rigid,
It's like the masses are 
digging in.....
And pretending that
"It's All Good".

And this,
 this digging into our separate little fox holes,
Divides us.

This is hard for me with

It isn't 
"All Good"
This is Duality Folks
Some is really good
and some is really Bad.

If you wanna say,
"It's all Good"
and be in your Integrity,
you just better transcend Duality,
and be in Unity.

Otherwise it's time to 

You are being Used
you have been enslaved
Your Muslim, or Christian, or Jewish,
or Black, or Gay neighbor..
But the folks that try to make you think so,
And you've probably never seen them...
They are in a different strata of reality,
pulling the strings
and to them you are just a cash cow,
milked until you are dry,
you are like a stain on their shoe....

But this is The Quickening.
They are swiftly heading towards
the deepest of the Darkness...
And we are heading
to the Bliss of Unity.

So we got em beat all to Heaven.

In the meantime
Be Aware
and maybe do some things on that list above
to protect yourselves and your families.

And look beyond your Fears
And your old Security
for answers.
Because that Old Security
was an illusion
they created for you...

The Answer
Outside the Box
or Book.