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"Seeing" and The Cords of Man and the Cord of "God"

"Seeing" and the Cords of Man and the Cord of "God"

So I've kept this hidden my whole life, 
not just from others, but also from Myself.
I am what you call a "Seer".
It's a curse that I've had for a few Lifetimes.
It's only been a cause for misery for me so far,
though it has served  a very few other people.
The 5th Ray is the Ray of Seer's,
I operate on the fifth, and 4th rays mostly.
The 4th Ray is kind of a pain because 
you are pretty much, by the very Nature of it...
(named the Ray of Harmony through Conflict)..
always at battle with Imbalance.

The Fifth Ray is called the Ray of Science and Knowledge, 
however it operates differently depending upon
which direction we are going 
on the wheel of evolution.
So the name is kind of mis-leading
in regards to how it works for me, 
because when we think about Science and Knowledge,
we think of coming to conclusions
based upon adding one thing to another, to another to another...
And I've written about this before with a tad of judgment, 
calling it "idiot science"...
Because on the flip side,
where I works in the opposite fashion.
Instead of adding factoid to factoid to factoid to come to a conclusion.... (that is Never Truth)
you go from the conclusion,
backwards through it's evolution,
until you get to the Intent
that started it....
Is that clear as mud.
Everything we perceive and know,
has a pattern....
an evolution....
Created step by step, 
with our perception at the end result of it.

Now I'm going to talk about what I call the "cords of man".

All us humans have these cords
coming out of our belly region.
We normally can't see them.
They are created of astral/mental energy.
They are our connection to our perception
of things in the world.
Everything we know,
we have a cord connected to.
Not just physical things, 
but ideas.
Each cord has a specific frequency...
Cords with similar frequencies are bundled close together.
When we "perceive" something,
we are aligning ourselves with it's cord.
AND our cords are like these snakes,
whipping around out in the world
until they find something to attach to,
the object of our perception,
something that resonates with a harmonious frequency to it.

When you can feel you are being watched,
it's because you are feeling someones cord
attaching to you.
"Butterflies in your stomach",
occur when the cords get frazzled
by non harmonious vibes...

People become enamored,
and "love at first sight"
is a harmonious resonance between cords.

OH, so I have to talk briefly about "Seeing".
There are basically 2 types.
The first type is seeing via the third eye.
This is more of an etheric nature I'd say,
at least when focused outward...
This is how we see when we see Auras,
my Teachers limited me to the 
"Rule of Three" 
when it came to this type of seeing...
"a minor power one can easily be trapped by,
you can come back to it later
when you have mastered them all."
The Rule of Three was given to me for certain 
Magical processes, 
certain "Yogas" that conferred
 some pretty amazing Powers.
I was told we humans are creatures of habit,
and if we do something,
especially something very powerful,
more than three times,
we can become Hooked to it,
and not be able to pass beyond.
Clairvoyants stuck at being clairvoyants.
Healers stuck doing healing
in specific and narrow ways,
Mediums, stuck being mediums.
My Teachers were always grooming me to Teach.
But they wanted me to understand
the 7 basic Paths,
and many of the sub-paths...
so I'd be useful not to just one group of people.
And so that I could eventually teach
the truth of the 7 paths,
so that people might come to see that,
there isn't just one way to Enlightenment.
Or for that matter, 
one way to Living.
But I avoided that responsibility,
and tried to appear like a normal person.

That's not working for me anymore.

Now if this third eye "seeing"
is cast inward....
That's where Yoga of the death State comes in,
where a lot of the other "energetic" yoga's come in.
Yoga of the psychic heat....
things like that...
Very powerful stuff.....
Important to keep the Rule of Three here...

So the first type of Seeing is via the third eye.
The Second,
the kind my Teachers....
pushed me stealthily into,
is seeing, "via the cords".

I mean I have been doing this for at least 3 lifetimes that I remember...
But in our lives, the first few years of a life,
like maybe into our late 20's,
(at least for me).
We're getting caught up to where we left off in our last life.

It probably was just me taking so long.
My previous lifetime in Nepal or Tibet,
we pushed the boundaries...
Then I'm born to a military family,
who once I can talk and tell them about my past lives,
they Freak out and convince me
that it was just my imagination...
So it took me some time getting caught back up,
and my Teachers finally got involved
and pushed me along,
into the "Seeing" again.

Seeing via the Cords,
This is basically Contemplation,
in the True Meaning of the Word....
Which you could describe as,
letting oneself go,
into the ISness of something else, 
and then becoming that thing momentarily.
So these astral/mental cords,
coming out of our bellies,
help maintain us within our 
definition of the World.
They are like tentacles that seek Like.
They also keep us at a distance from what does not resonate.
The Art of Seeing this way:
Someone Plucks a cord,
or a few resonating cords,
with a Question..
This Seer is compelled
to See the Answer.
And how it is Seen is,
the consciousness is sent down the cord or cords to their Source.
This takes us through the evolution 
of that thing we are questioning,
and we come to the Intent at it's beginning.
The answer is not in words, but moving shapes maybe,
or with me now there is fairly instant
attempt to bring the impression into Language,
as simply as possible.
We get to Wisdom,
by removing Knowledge.
But if we want to share that Wisdom,
we must use Language,
which turns the Wisdom
into Knowledge...
But one thing I learned from the Tibetan Way was
how ...
a pure seed of Truth,
can elicit in others
the experience of that Truth.

So the Seer must keep his words
 as close to the Seed as possible.

"Sorcerers" can become very Adept at using these cords,
manipulating the world around them.
I've always felt that it was OK for the Sorcerers
on the first turn of the evolutionary wheel,
just part of the Collection Game there.

But for us on the flip side....
I never felt right about using them beyond an emergency..

Each cord has a unique frequency to itself.
A specific pattern to it's creation.
Our Double feeds off of our cords.. WOW
(future topic, the Double).

In the world now there are those mastered in
the manipulation of cords...
On all sorts of levels..
They are literally clutching the consciousness of the masses.
I suppose this is why you don't hear much about the cords,
other than the Don Juan books....
Because once folks get in tune,
they can see what is being done to them.


So the way I was taught to see,
has become automatic...
and hard to escape once a question is posed...

The Way a 5th Ray person is Enlightened is that,
every time they "See."...
it opens a hole in their causual body.
Like opening a window that was painted dark.
You get enough holes and your veil becomes pierced,
and instead of living within a Description of things,
you live in the Truth at the Heart of Things...
and that's basically Enlightenment.

So I get a question...
Then Silence....Total
Then there I am,
on the other end of the cord or cords
 that made the question..
trying to figure out how to put  in words what I "See"
Because what I "See",
 is the answer to the Question.

Now there is a problem with seeing,
and my Teachers were really good about addressing it.
You see a lot of times folks will just travel part way down a cord...
and truth be told 
on a level the new perspective, freaks em out... 
and they stop on that spot....
It's like the shifting of the assemblage point 
that Don Juan talks about. 
I thought was kind of jive, 
like the only purpose being to show
an alternative view....
or maybe just that an alternative view was possible..
but really just another perspective,
that uncomfortably doesn't fit in with
the Norm.
So if you get stuck there,
life can be a challenge .
I mean if you don't go all the way to the other side,
to the Beginning,
all you have is an alternate view
somewhere along the way
and maybe only slightly less defined
 than the Description we are unveiling. 

So basically if we don't go all the way
in our seeing,
then we can become
in the eyes of the Norm,
pretty messed up in our alternative view.

A lot of "Mental problems" that folks have,
occur because for one reason or another they move
their assemblage point 
(the junction of their cord bundle)
from the commonly accepted position,
and set up camp there.

So we have to be careful,
and go all the way to the Beginning...
Wow! Yeah

When "spiritual" people talk about,
they are talking about shielding the cords...

Our Emotions are tied to our cords,
our Mentality is tied to our cords,
and our reality is held in place
by our cords.

The "Cord of God" as I call it,
I used to call the Cords of God (plural),
because they (it) are what make up the 
Golden Web of Life.
That Giant Golden Spider Web
that holds us all in Creation.

Then I saw it was a single cord...

The Cord of God binds us all together into One thing.
The Cord of God runs through us individually, 
top to bottom.
It maintains our position in the Web.
It is what feeds the cords of man.
The Cords of Man are like a Rainbow
that originates with The Cord of God,
and creates itself 
as it passes through our Souls.

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