Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Most Important thing we need to Understand...And the Well Hidden Secret Human Evolution...the Truth

What people call Truth,
is mostly just opinion.
There are however immutable Laws
that Govern this Creation we are in.
And most of these Laws have been subverted...
Have been buried or distorted.
Most humans on the planet now,
have during the course of their Incarnations,
taken abuse, sometimes very harsh,
at the hands of Religions and Ideologies
which wish to control the
definition of Truth, 
for their own Motives.
The amount of suffering and downright terror
inflicted upon millions upon millions
in order to get them to....
subscribe to a Lie....
has actually embedded itself in the DNA
of the masses.
It has become very difficult for folks to face the Truth,
or even consider it,
because the embedded pain
keeps them in check.
When I first finally "Saw" what i am about to tell you,
it was beyond difficult...
Convulsions were a bi-product of the Light
exposing the Darkness that wanted to maintain itself.
We have been programmed on very deep levels,
by ideologies that actually have 
due to all the energy of emotion and thought
that went into and goes into maintaining them,
 Created what you can call Ideological Entities...
These are manifestations, 
Constructs, that resonate at very defined frequencies.
We are raised a certain way, 
we have evolved through time to come to our beliefs.
And these beliefs almost always sync with
certain ideologies that have now,
 become something like energetic shadows....
These shadows are like a tuning fork...
a huge freakin tuning fork,
and they are drawn to
 and people are drawn to them
when their resonance is in common....
thereby strengthening the resolve,
the perceived reality of every person
and their connections to specific ideologies.
What I am saying is that our Programming 
is very hard to escape.
And around these "constructs" of ideologies,
Minions take on the task of
supporting them.
These minions rule Governments and Religions...

So what I am about to tell you will be difficult
for you to accept....
But nevertheless it is Law...
It is an immutable Law in this Creation where we exist.

This is The Law of Human Evolution

OK, so we've been led to believe that
Human Evolution is
a linear ascension.
That it is a staircase we climb,
becoming more spiritual with each step.

This comes in handy for Duality where we can look down on those
below us on the staircase,
and look up to those above us.

But it's a Lie

Now here is the Truth,
Mystics have known this for Ages...
and we know what happens to the Mystics....
Awareness is not allowed...
They suffer and die at the hands of the Minions.

The Truth is,
The evolution of the human soul
is circular..

You know, there are not a lot of straight lines in Nature..
Lots of circles and spirals though.

Evolution is Circular,
The Mystics describe it as a wheel turning one way,
then back upon itself...

Here's how it works:
We come into creation with a Prime Directive...
Our souls job at that point is to,
Find it's
Unique Separate Expression.
Looking to fill it's unique position in the Web
of It All.
It does this through the tool it has been given to accomplish it...
That tool is DUALITY.

Good/Bad, Pleasure/Pain.

It seeks what it believes is good and pleasurable,
and shuns that which it believes is Bad/ Painful.

This is the process of ALL SOULS 
heading towards, "Culmination in Form".
No soul has ever escaped this,
not Jesus, or Mohammed, or Buddha...
It's an immutable Law.

This is where we gather our definitions of ourselves..
And it's pretty freakin self centered,
in fact "spiritual folks" have renamed the soul
at this stage, "Ego".
(This is another Lie)
The Soul and the Ego are 
the very same thing,
only going in different directions on the Wheel.
Both pushing us forward in our evolution.
First towards a Unique Separation,
then back to Unity...
Greed, Lust, avarice, hatred, fear, desire....
these guide us to our unique separate expression.

But a time comes where we,
(seen esoterically),
fill our position in the Web...
where we reach Maximum density.
Where we are done finding our Unique Separate Expression.

The wheel halts.
People temporarily lose direction..

Chasing desire and running from fear was easy...
but they are done with that,
Now What?

Now comes the Undoing,
the Wheel reversing back upon itself.
The Direction has changed.
The collection is now seen,
beyond the duality that collected it... 
Judgments that defined us,
no longer bind us...
as now our direction is one of facing them
with love,
not fear or desire....

I define "True Compassion" as
"the Heartfelt Realization that We Are All One Thing".
True Compassion is not possible within Duality,
where we judge this and that...
And unless we understand the true nature of Human evolution,
I don't believe True Compassion is possible.

Those folks still collecting via Desire and Fear,
still self-centered as they MUST be to complete their task...

We were them, or are them.....
we can't judge Trump and Killary 
for their evil and stupidity.
They are doing what they must 
to fill their unique positions in the Web...

Who knows what we did in past lives,
or even this one,
seeking that Unique SEPARATE expression,
that was our souls purpose.

The Wheel of evolution turns first
into greater separation,
then reverses back into 
Greater Unity.

That's the Plan Stan,
pointless to get upset about it,
there's no changing it..

For those still culminating in form,
the best they can be expected to do is,
cause as little harm as possible.

For those on the flip side,
letting go of the dualistic judgments that once defined you,
is your current task...

If we get too emotional about what,
"they are doing"..
we've lost...

I know how it is, you feel like,
someone has got to do it...
Like what you are aware of makes you responsible for it....
Yes, this is true,
Responsibility does not mean
jumping in the Shit Soup
to try and save the folks there...
Cause, hey, you are there now
in the poop with em.

This is where we need to learn the difference between 
True Discrimination.... and Judgement.

True Discrimination is simply awareness,
devoid of emotion,
and where the mentality comes in
after the fact....
to plot a constructive course...

Judgment is simply a dualistic notion
based upon our own unique programming...
And it isn't really constructive
except in aiding the
"Culmination in Form". 

Human Evolution is Circular,
not A linear Ascension..

We are All One Thing...

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