Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The World needs YOU NOW, but do you know who you are?

When I was a kid,
and growing up. 
I had memories, 
from day 1...

Not in this Life.

When I was old enough to talk,
and tell them to my parents
I was told they were not real.

I saw things, 
and felt things.....
But they "were not real" either.

I was overfilled with ideas....
But they were "wrong" ideas.

Everywhere I wanted to go,
I wasn't allowed to go.

I was taught very clearly,
who to be,
what to want,
and what was "real".

We live in societies, cultures and religions
that all seek to define us,
in very narrow terms.
Seeking to validate themselves,
through our beliefs in them.
And chastising us,
when we step out of their box.
So we learn to conform....
and Hide who we are...
And in so doing we deny
the whole of Creation,
of our very reason for Being.

Each and every one of us is a genius,
in one particular thing.
Our part in the overall scheme of things,
is to be that genius.
And what we are genius's about,
is being uniquely ourselves.

But I'd bet it's a small % that are.

 because those narrow systems 
that seek to validate themselves via us,
won't allow it.

Our parents want us to be like them,
our schools want us to serve the System.
Our Church's want us to Believe
that their little personal version of Truth,
is the ultimate Truth.
And to be good people,
we must believe...
Even if our every cell screams,"Bullshit".
We must conform.

But I think a lot of the Worlds problems,
and individual peoples problems
come from the fact that ,
most people don't fit in the Box.

And most people
Deny their Truth....
And conform as best they can.

Now that's an energy and action 
at the heart of disease.

You are a unique person,
within you is a unique vision....
Within you is the Gift
you were meant to Bring to

But do you even know you.
You've been "fitting in"
to what wasn't you,
since the day you were born,
and even before that.

In fact most of us come into a life 
already Programmed in many ways. 
Our DNA carries Definitions
created in past lives.

(Graphic language coming up!!)

You know if you have your hand cut off,
for not accepting somebody else's God...
And then you have the other one cut off,
because you still haven't accepted it...
And then your feet.....
You know, that imprints upon your soul,
and that imprints upon your future DNA.
And through the Ages we've been travelling,
Religions, Cultures, etc.,
have been very harsh
in training us to accept,
their little tiny boxes of beliefs in
what is.

And it's all just a fabrication,
just one opinion,
forced upon masses of people.
People who have been trained to 
deny their own Truth,
in exchange for 
the allowable one.

Each person that suppresses their Truth.
Fails in their Mission here.
And the the Whole loses,
and "God's" evolution is impeded.

There is a portion of Humanity
where Duality is no longer useful.
And yet the religions, societies and cultures,
were all defined via duality..
and seek at all cost,
to maintain it
and force it upon those
who have evolved beyond it.

The world is enslaved by ideologies,
people fight and die 
over their personal and group ideology.
And each of those,
every single ideology....
is a fabrication...
A collection of ideas,
(hence the word "IDEOLOGY").
And ALL ideas,
are just opinions....
And opinions are not Truth.

Yet the masses are imprisoned by
whatever Ideology they happened to land in.

Because here's the thing,
it's sort of Magical....
Remember the Law that states,

Energy follows thought
sustained Thought and Emotional energy,
will eventually manifest something.

The magical/Scary thing is that
over time these Ideologies
get a life of their own.

Massive numbers of people believing
in the same thing,
will manifest something from it

And then,
through continued focused astral/mental energy,
what is manifested can actually break free,
from it's creators,
and have a life of it's own.

I think that's the 10th rule of White Magic...
Releasing the Creation,
once it can compel itself.

This is freaky scary shit.

So we have these virtual entities/
these ideological entities,
that are magnetized in a very specific way..
And are EXTREMELY POWERFUL energetically
And our training from day one 
in our particular group ideology
magnetizes us in a very specific way.
There is a pretty specific frequency
that we resonate at....
And, because of the Law of Resonance
we are drawn close to our Ideological Entity
of our Group Creation...
And this greatly amplifies that frequency within us.

Muslim Suicide Bombers,
Fundamentalist Christians,
and other religions....
North Korea.
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump....

These are
Pustules erupting from fermenting ideologies.

We are a Divided Humanity
because we are not True to ourselves.

Instead we conform to the ideologies
thrust upon us,

or that we sought because living in our own truth,
was just too damn lonely.


It's time folks to find out who we are,
and if we do by some miracle know,
...to express it.
(then Duck).

But it's freakin hard,
everything thrust upon us in our DNA,
defining ourselves and the world for us.
Then from day 1 in this life,
our Parents/Cultures/religions/Educational Systems,
have all conspired to force us
to accept and help feed,
their Ideology.
Their Narrow definition of 
What is.

WHAT Isn't.

...and we figured out a long time ago,
we were in the 
What isn't category.

You know stuff,
uniquely to you...
Not based on a damn thing from anyone else.
You know it from Experiencing it...
And what you know,
is your Purpose....
your Gift.

But you were forced to Forget....

It's time to Remember,


We need You.!.!

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