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Coming out of the Scary Closet. Part 6 Section B A Powerful place of Fairies and Strange things…

Coming out of the Scary Closet. Part 6 Section B     A Powerful place of Fairies and Strange things…

So Jill and I traveled. We did art work by day, and drank a little too much Southern Comfort by night. She cooked amazing meals and I played the guitar like never before.  Finally I was getting low on money so we went into a town called King City and I called Janine. I asked her to drive down on the weekend and bring me some money and pick up stock I’d been making to put in some stores we were in back in the Bay Area, and one down in Hollywood. She said she’d see if she could make it, maybe if she could find somebody to come with. (little did I know she was shacking up with my “best friend”, that’s what she had ,”needed space” for he he). So I told her we’d meet her back at Plaskett Creek. Jill and I headed up over the mountains, through a military reserve called Hunter Liggitt Military Reserve. I’m not sure what they were doing there on that reserve but it was disturbing to see some of the results. On the way through we came across a lot of cows that were blind, in fact one had gotten all tangled up in some lines that were hanging down from a pole, and had walked around the pole until it was almost hanging itself. It was a calf, and as it’s “family” watched I struggled to get it free.  We also saw an eagle flapping around on the ground that looked like it was blind as well.  We headed over the mountain making a note of a place we’d like to camp in the future.  Well Janine showed up with very little money and my good friend Steve, and a dog named Liebe.  She didn’t have much money for me, said our stores weren’t selling much and that she had used it all to pay bills. ( As it turned out the stores were doing quite well and the Bills were not getting paid…but my “best friend” (By)  her boyfriend, un be knownst to me it seems had a speed habit).  Well I guess Janine got jealous that Jill was travelling with me, even though it was totally platonic….and even though Janine was sleeping with my best friend back home….it was too much for her ego and that night she slept with me and we had sex for the first time in a couple of years…. WHOOPIE !!! I liked that. She said she wanted me to come home… two weeks.  What ! why two weeks?  Well, “she just needed a little more time”. Well I guess having that rare episode of sex kind of like hypnotized me and I said YEAH, I couldn’t wait. Well  she and Steve left. Steve seemed to be falling in love with Jill, and said he wanted to come back next weekend. We told him we saw a camp over the mountain where we wanted to go and gave him directions. Then we headed over there.
Well this place we saw was in the Los Padres National Park, on the edge of that military reserve. It was on a beautiful little river (full of trout), and was hot and had a lot of edible plants growing there so we took this 27 foot motorhome down over a sand bank and parked it right next to the river and set up our camp. Liebe was with us now and she and I took off exploring.  The area was kind of like high desert, with lots of sagebrush and small oak trees and Manzanita.  Well just when we …..OMG, I just remembered something that I never figured out before…Woah…… well we’ll get to that. So right when were getting ready to leave camp this huge buzzard flies down and sits in a tree just maybe 10 feet from me….then it kind of hops/flys a few feet to the next one. It seemed like we should follow it, and we did. We followed it for about a mile, then it went down into this little draw….and I was getting this intense scary vibe and the dog was Barking like it was seeing a ghost or something.  I wanted to follow the buzzard..(oh, there was something about that buzzard, it had the “speed” feather on one wing broken at a 90 degree angle). Well I was standing there trying to decide if I was going to follow, with the dog barking and this negative vibe) when I heard Jill screaming way back at the camp.  I took off running, crossed the river and found her inside the motorhome…. What’s wrong!?  “We’re out of flour” she said….. What! Quiet mild mannered Jill screaming like she was being murdered, because we were out of Flour… Whatever. Now what I just remembered was this. An old guy who was fishing showed up in our camp…he was carrying a big gun on his hip so we questioned him about it.  Well it seems that there had been a bunch of murders in the area, some mass murderer was on the loose and killing folks in that general vicinity….AND the area was crawling with rattlesnakes. He had on knee high boots and was totally blown away by the fact that we were running around barefooted.  Well it seems he owned a Truck Towing business….after we fed him a good lunch of Poached trout (not poached as in a style of cooking, but poached as in no fishing license and out of season trout). ( I’d wondered why folks were honking and yelling out the window at me something about the long strand of fish I was proudly carrying as I walked back to camp that morning down the road…they seemed angry and weren’t yelling praises about my fishing ability) Well anyway he looks at where I had the motothome parked and determined that there was no way in hell I’d ever get it out of the sand pit I’d pulled it down in to, he gave us his card and said when we decided to leave, he’d pull us out for free.  Cool.
Well later that day a Ranger comes into our camp. The fishing poles were leaning against the motorhome and the fridge was full of fish.  He tells us that it isn’t fishing season…..ignores the fishing poles and says if we happen to see anyone fishing to let them know it isn’t season and that they’d need a license if it was… Cool dude. He asked if he could haul away our garbage, took it, and left.   Well we ate lunch and I decided to go explore in another direction, leaving Liebe with Jill for a watch dog.  There was some old mining road or something that went back into the hills in the blazing heat. I started walking.  Now, ever since I was a kid I’d seen Fairies…and this little troll like dude that followed me everywhere we had moved to until I was in the fifth grade and I chased him through the house one day, shooting at him with my bee bee gun as he ran through a closed sliding glass door.  He was on one side one second, and the other side the next second….. too bad I can’t say the same thing about the bee bee I attempted to shoot him with, that left a nice little hole in the sliding glass door. (that’s the true story Mom, not whatever I told you at the time). That was the last time I ever saw that little dude, or heard the music that always accompanied him.
Anyway I had always seen fairies, but as I grew up they no longer had human characteristics. They were now like….hmmm….like a bunch of little stars…like a mini solar system.  Now here is an interesting thing about my experiences with Fairies. If you want to attract them….take a pee in the woods. I don’t know what it is, I think it’s the sound….but it always draws them.  Anyway I came to this place that overlooked this valley…maybe I took a pee, but I suddenly realized I was surrounded by Fairies. It was insane, in the middle of the day ( I usually only saw them at night since I’d grown up, since I saw them as these little galaxies of light, I think daytime sort of made them hard to see….but not now, the whole valley was full of them, and aside from that there was this gridwork of light (as best as I can describe it) It was like some kind of …web/blueprint of the same kind of light that the fairies were made of… Very interesting.  Well I kept walking and came down into a little draw…..and was instantly freezing cold….even though it was at least 100 degrees outside. I remembered what Don Juan said about, ”the spirit of the water hole” and figured that was what I was feeling…I imagined a little creek would be here in the winter.  Anyway I looked up out of this draw and quite a distance away on top of a hill I saw something glowing.  It was a bright golden light, so I headed in that direction. By this point I had walked a long time in the blazing sun without water and I was tired and very hot. Well I got up to the top of the hill and saw what was glowing.  It was strange, it was the stalk of an agave flower, long dead and silver gray in color….but there was no mistake that it was glowing. It was about 8 feet tall and 2 ½ inches in diameter. I got out my knife and cut it off and decided I’d better get heading back to camp, as I was totally exhausted and thirsty, I felt like I was going to faint, but really wanted that glowing stalk. So I cut it off and put it on my shoulder like someone carrying a spear…. Then something amazing happened. It was as though the stem was carrying me back to camp, like it was pulling me along….like I was weightless and I felt like my feet were barely touching the ground( and that’s not just an expression here, it really felt as though I was flying along being pulled by this agave stalk).  Well it carried me back towards home base and at one point we came to the top of a hill and I decided to meditate for a moment. Then I saw this “wind” , it was like a little cyclone that was moving around in the valley below…it felt like it was looking for something…. I yelled out and it made a bee line for me from way across the valley. It’s direction totally changed and it headed straight for me.  I remembered something Don Juan said (though can’t remember it now, but just before it got to me I yelled,:”change my direction”….  When it hit me I spun around a few times…… it took off and I headed back to camp all excited to tell Jill about my magical little trip and show her the Agave stem.
We stayed in this camp for a while, took  a shower under a little waterfall, Jill showed me how to wash clothes on rocks, and I did a lot of jamming with some birds and my 12 string… At some point, probably the next weekend, Steve shows up at our camp. I guess my time to be going home to my philandering wife was getting near.   There is something I’m not remembering….. I think it has to do with me being an asshole, and hurting Jill.  Anyway Steve shows up…. I can tell he likes her, I’m thinking, Good, hope you guys have a wonderful life….I’m going home to my wife…… But one last night here and Steve was going to take Jill back to Palo Alto and put her on a bus back to Canada.  ( Oh, Steve was a cool dude. Came from a long line of ….I guess you’d call them psychics…. Plus I’m not so sure he was human. He didn’t dress like anybody else, or talk like anybody else except Fede his wife he picked up in Germany, and Ayla and Michael…. These four traveled all over. Steve was stationed in Germany and spent a little time there in a prison for smuggling hashish….. Anyway after he got out these four traveled all over, they knew where you could go with Jeans, a make a bunch of money, then get stuff in that country that someone somewhere else would pay a high price for…and they just traveled around to some of the most incredible places on the planet, islands over near Greece in that Sea that Spell Check can’t even figure out what I’m trying to spell….starts with an M and is long…. Well anyway these folks who were wonderful people had their own accent that I guess was a blend of all the places they went, they walked different than anybody I ever knew….kind of floated along, flowing movements…. Well, I digress….
So Steve shows up and brought some Magic Mushrooms for Jills last night. She never had any…..and I didn’t need any… both of them took some, and we decided to go see where I had seen the “Fairy City”.  Which was the way I thought of that place where they all were, because of the gridwork reminds me of a city layout.  Now there is one weird thing when you see Fairies the way I do, like I said sort of like little universes of Lights like stars…well you can’t really tell distance with them….so the size thing is out the window.. (that’s just a little side note). So I told em a few rules that you kinda need to keep in a situation such as this… The first thing is … keep your head and mouth and belly Quiet. The second thing was…Listen intently (we’re in rattlesnake heaven at night walkin right through em, so you want to be maximally aware.)  Now I kind of enjoyed being around these guys when they took the mushrooms because their intention was….not to just get stupid, but rather to expand the range of their perception.   So in the dark we take off walking. Oh yeah, the third rule….”walk silently”. I think back then I liked to use the term, ”don’t indulge” …a term I picked up from Don Juan….  So right off I noticed something interesting.  Bats….. You know bats are ….hmmm, messengers. They can be messengers from our souls, to keep our intention focussed upon our Paths.. So Right off I notice we have an Honour Guard of Bats…   OK, so now the first rule of “Quiet”, is the key to seeing Fairies.  When we are lost in the Fairy Tale of our “Description” of the world…we can’t see real Fairies. So we’re out there quietly, very slowly walking along the trail….and every time Jill or Steve or I would start to “indulge” one of the bats would fly right by our ears….and we’d move on.  I observed this a bunch of times with Jill and Steve and noticed that they rarely noticed the bats at all…. But every time it happened, they Shut Up, and we started moving again..
Well we finally got to the Valley of the Fairy City and since they knew the rules, and followed pretty well (I suppose the mushrooms helped)…they were able to see it.   It was incredible at night.. It was like looking down on Silicon Valley at night….millions of little lights, in a grid like pattern….with all these Fairies flying around.  (found out later each of us saw the Fairies a bit different from the others).  Anyway it was ….incredible, Beautiful…awe inspiring….. And it seems it was almost impossible for those guys not to get all excited and start thinking about it….. UH OH ! So, the bats are flying fast and furious about our heads and they still are standing there “indulging”…until it begins to sound as though every single rattlesnake within miles, was converging upon us. We could hear the movement all around us. Well that got us moving…. I repeated the rules and we headed on. Pretty soon we were coming to that draw where it was soo cold. We walked down into it…. But not Liebe. She was barking like we were being attacked by monsters…. We went down in as she just stood there and wouldn’t go further…. It was freezing cold down there… Jill and Steve got kind of freaked out. I wanted them to stay and really check it out with me, but about that time they noticed the agave on the hill….it was glowing (there was more than one stalk) and they were lighting up the night like golden torches.  Well that was a good excuse for them to get out of there… I stayed and looked up the draw….  I was looking with my Third Eye trying to see if I could “see” what was making it so cold….. what I saw was just this big totally black area…. And then CLACK,CLACK,CLACK.  It sounded like someone was hitting two hardwood two by fours together right in front of my nose….  Woah, dang guys, you gotta check this out.  I went up the hill and they were all ramblin on about the glowing Agave stems, and I’m tellin them about the clacking.  Well about now I’m picking up this vibe that say’s…”They are scared shitless” (sorry Mom).  But there’s only one way back, and I’m thinking, “I hope I don’t have to carry them out of there like I did Bill that one time in the valley of Ticks. Grown man maybe 50 pounds heavier than me….. refusing to go another step, so I had to carry him out…,,,I digress again).  Ok, Liebe is still on the other side of the draw barking… we go down in it and I say, stay, check it out. Well there’s that extremely loud Clacking Sound right in front of our noses….. Jill lights up a cigarette. (she wasn’t really a smoker, but hot gotten it from Steve) and at the moment the lighter flicked… was as if everything around us just pulled back from us….like the whole desert recoiled. Steve and I looked at each other in the flame light, and each grabbed one of Jills arms, and ran towards Liebe, still up on the edge of the draw barking.  We moved like the wind, which is good because when we got up on the edge of the draw….and looked down, it was as if the whole desert that had pulled back, rushed back in. We could see it coming in from all directions…and when it all met there was a huge explosion sound…….. Holy crap.  We were pretty sure if we had been down in there…we’d of been squashed into nothingness…..  Well the next day They left, and I headed down into the valley …..I spent the night in a trailer park, possibly in the Military Reserve.

Well the next day I have a very strange experience with a large Indian….A dream I had this night, comes true….and I meet Bud, an old dude in a rock shop near Santa Barbara, who saw me die in my last life in Tibet ( a vivid memory I've had since I was old enough to think....but he remembered things I had repressed) and told me some things that I’m just beginning to understand, and the bent feather from the buzzard I had followed, ends up in my hands, handed to me by a soldier who was driving along and it just fell out if the sky into the Jeep that he and three other guys were riding in.

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