Sunday, June 6, 2010

Earthsong Waldorf Farm School

I spent last week carving this sign for the Decks. Taryn did her magical organic and playful, earthy and sweet and fun script for it.  And that was perfect because it was for a Waldorf School at the Deck’s Farm.  If I was a kid that lived near them, that’s where I’d like to spend as much time as possible. The Decks are wonderful folk with the right ideas about taking care of animals…..and the Earth.  So I really like the name of their Waldorf Farm School.…. Earthsong, that’s a beautiful name.  You know I just thought about something.  I’ve seen quite a few farms of folks raising animals to make a living….. and you could tell just how greedy some people were by the way they treated their animals, and land. I mean once you put too many animals on a piece of land you exceed what I learned in Biology is called ,”Carrying Capacity”.  Once you exceed Carrying Capacity everything suffers…the land and the animals that live on it…… and you can tell the greedy folks have exceeded the carrying capacity of their land because if its winter it’s a mud pit, and if it’s summer it’s a dust bowl, and the animals are not healthy, or happy.  Not so at the Decks, it beautiful there, and the animals are happy. I’m pretty sure in an old post I mentioned the smiling cow I saw there….. Anyway so I carved this sign in Myrtlewood, ( I forgot how hard that wood is), I just happened to have this rare large piece that our friend Shorty cut from a tree that fell not too far from here. You don’t see pieces that size very often.  It’s going in trade for some of their wonderful meat.
So if you are in that Area and you do have a child that you’d like to experience a REAL learning experience, call Christine at (541) 998-4697.

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  1. Beautiful sign! I wish so deeply to be able to offer a similar experience to our children on our land. Since I can't right yet, it would be wonderful to have a school like that close to us.

    Great job!



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